We, Laurel & Jason Walsh, are from Denver, Colorado. We took the leap and got married August 25, 2003 in St. John, US Virgin Islands with 30 of our closest friends and family. We chartered a bareboat Beneteau sailboat for 2 weeks in the Brittish Virgin Islands. We spent the first 5 days with a Captain who instucted us on all the particulars of sailing. Jason had to read textbooks and take exams to get his certification. ( there were 3 exams). After his passing with honors, (Captain Dennis told me that Jason was his best student he ever had and that he has an aptitude for sailing) we sailed the rest of the 9 days by ourselves around the islands. We had a fantastic time. It has always been our dream to travel the world and after our honeymoon we decided to take steps toward our circumnavigation dream.

As of December 2006, we have sailed Monkey's Business over 11,000 miles starting in Ft. Lauderdale through the carribean sea, the pamana canal and across the pacific via galapagos, Easter Island, French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji and on to New Zealand. Captain Jason is a competent sailor, who enjoys fishing, spear fishing, diving, hiking, and is a beginner surfer. He has learned to overcome many types of adverse situations and has flawlessly navigated Monkey's Business to all destinations desired, usually providing meals from the sea! First Mate Laurel prides herself in learning to cook using local fare and preparation methods everywhere we travel, and Fiji is no exception. From great curries, to breadfruit chips you will be wowed by her talents in the galley. Most amazing, is laurels ability to cook great food while under way, regardless of swell or weather, which must be attributed to her profficiency in Palates. Both of us are easy going people who enjoy meeting locals, hiking, doing water activities and eating good food.

Laurel and Jason helmsing Monkey's Business in Boca del Toro, Panama

Enjoying the Galapagos Islands

Mighty hunter having fun with a parrot fish

Laurel "Monkey" and her Island in Suvorov