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Dec 1, 2007 Sat
This morning I talked to the broker that was going to go with me to get all of the items Carol needed for her new boat. I was told that his wife worked there and gets a great discount and will have all the items waiting for us to pick up and pay for. I met him there and found out that there was nothing waiting so I started to walk around the store with one of the sales persons. I had no idea what Tom looked like so I asked a few people and after finishing half the list called him on his phone using the store phone. We met up and spent the next 2 hours finishing up the list. It seemed to go much slower as the list progressed. He told me that he wants to get the line from someone else and I asked where because I have a party to attend at 2pm. He told me around the corner. We checked out and I could not believe the bill when I saw it. It was so little compared to what I imagined it to be. His wife must get a huge discount. He was super nice and helped me put it all in the car and I was to follow him to this other guys place to pick up the line. Well it was definitely not around the corner it was 6 exits down approximately. The man and his girlfriend were super nice and the line was top of the line chain and we sat in the family room having a water while we waited for the employee who does the splicing arrives. Of course, he is late and it is 1:45 before he shows up. No problem I got the address from Nat as to where the party is located and I will just show up late. He finished the splicing by 2pm and it was a very well done job. I thanked both men for all their efforts to save us money and helping us with all these errands on a Saturday no less!!

I started to have a panic attack in the car since I was so late. But, I still managed to arrive before most people. It was nice to get to chat with Natalia's family and friends. The food was fantastic, Elsa made yummy empanadas. They had spinach dip, artichoke dip, veggies, and little sandwiches. My whole family was there as well and it was fun to watch all the cousins playing together. We went back to the house and gave the kids a bath and then put them down bed. After they were asleep we sat up chatting. It was a nice party. I miss my brother and his family.

Dec 2, 2007 Sun
I was exhausted on Sunday and I had to try to fit all the things we bought yesterday into 2 suitcases and still have room for my cloths and sundries. I packed everything up and was over by a lot. I took a break and went to church with Paul and Ema. When we arrived home my mom and dad were there and they had brought another bag to try again too heavy. I moved most of the heavy stuff to my carry on and spent the rest of the day shuffling stuff around until I found a suitcase that was light and they were weighed in at less than 50lbs. I was so exhausted after all of this I could not go to their Lebanese friend’s house for dinner which I would have loved to go. They are super fun couple and she cooks amazing!! I tried to stay up and chat with them until late but I ended up falling asleep on the couch at 10pm and of course woke up at 1 not being able to sleep. Se la Vie!

Dec 3, 2007 Mon
Elsa drove me to the airport today at 4am. I could not sleep last night so I was up at 2am watching "Tin Man" the first of the series. I was worried that when my bags were weighted they would be over. My carry on bags were already about 40lbs and I could not fit anything else in them. Elsa came into the airport with me to make sure that I was able to check the bags. Panama has an embargo in place that say you can only bring 2 suitcases and they must be 50lbs each or they cannot go. I was very lucky I had a mew girls since the suitcase with the line for the boat was over the 50lb limit and she just charged me a fee. I felt really relieved. Elsa walked me down to the security gate and then left. As I was going through, I thought I was home free but of course that was not the case. During my time yesterday spent changing out things in bags and moving everything around somehow Jason's leather man managed to get in my carryon bag. This was the worse case possible since it was the only thing he wanted for him. Life is tough sometimes and now the US Government has our brand new leather man! I was going to get a coffee but all the shops were closed at this hour. We finally boarded around 6:30am and luckily I boarded a little early. As per usual in Latin style they bring the biggest carry on possible and if I would not have boarded early I would not have been able to put one of my bags in the overhead compartment since nearly everyone was putting their bags as forward as possible in order to pick them up on the way out. Some airlines do not permit this but unfortunately Copa is not one of them. The flight went smoothly as did customs. I had quite a bit of trouble carrying around all that weight and lifting my bags off the baggage claim and then putting it on the scanner to be scanned. Of course, I was stopped since the lines are a very high dollar items but I managed with my Spanish to tell him that we were leaving the country for America soon and we are outfitting the boat for the sail since we purchased it in Panama. He was gracious about it and helped me get a porter for my bags. Off I went to catch my cab to the hotel. I arrived at the hotel and my reservation was not in their system. I called Natalia who in turn called Carol and Jason who in turn called the hotel and made sure I had a room. I was checked in after only an hour of waiting and at the pool by noon. I ordered a margarita from TGIF which was absolutely the worst one I have ever forced myself to choke down so I stuck with water the rest of the day. It was beautiful in Panama and I had a wonderful view of the Americas bridge. I could watch the tankers heading towards the canal. Jason and his mom returned around 5pm with news that Margie was not arriving today. We decided to go and catch some dinner at a restaurant we visited last time we were here. I had the same gnocchi with seafood and it was outstanding. I wish I could have eaten it all and tried to take it home but our waiter forgot to bring it out to us packaged to go and we forgot to ask for it until we were in the cab. . We took a cab half way home and walked the other half. It was a nice evening. It reminded me of how much I loved Panama City. Our view from the restaurant was of the sky line over the water. Just gorgeous.

Dec 4, 2007 Tues
We went shopping all day today for items for the new boat. Margie will arrive on Wed so we will spend one more night in this hotel. We were lucky to get the room again. We went to the nice mall and bought lots of stuff including sheets, glasses, blankets, foam and featherbeds for the beds and wine glasses. We filled up the taxi full of items and had some in the back seat with us. It was a very successful day. We were exhausted though and when we got back to the room we relaxed and then went to a stress free dinner at TGIF. It was ok but we just did not feel like walking all the way or cabbing it to the other places. We all went up to bed and watched the rest of the movie "Firefly" which Jason and I had seen before and love. We have more shopping in the morning before we pick up Margie.

Dec 5, 2007 Wed
We had breakfast and then Jason and I walked to Abernathy to get a snorkel mask for me and new flippers for him. We were so lucky that the store was having a sail of 25% off for sailers!! We could not walk back since I had blisters from the hour walk there. When we arrived back to the room we finished packing showered and packed up a large cab. The Cab driver took us to the other mall which was much better for what we needed than the one yesterday. We bought a few things we needed but we did not have much time so we hurried to get Dairy Queen before driving up to the airport. We went in to meet Margie. She had a lot of stuff as well. The taxi driver took us to a pharmacy next and we bought all of the items we had left to purchase besides food. It took us an hour to get to Colon to the boat. We were all exhausted and just had dinner at the yacht club. Unfortunately they were out of everything except pasta and salad. We had salad and a huge sunday for dessert. Off to bed to continue our preparations.

Dec 6, 2007 Thurs
Jason and I got up early to take the bus into town. We wanted to get a few things to eat for the next few days. When we got back we uppacked all the food and the rest of our clothing. I spend a good amount of time organizing our room and bathroom. After we were finished unpacking and organizing .Jason went over all the boat stuff to all of us to get us ready for our sail tomorrow. We are doing a shake down of the boat and a sail to get us used to how this cat sails. After we were finished we made up some grilled chicken and had some bubbly to celebrate Carol's new boat. It was nice. We watched a movie but I fell asleep during it. It was nice to eat outside and have nice wine all together.

Dec 7, 2007 Fri
We took the boat out today for it's first sail with all of us on it. It was blowing about 15-20 knots of wind and the seas were pretty good. Margie and Jason did get sea sick though so they had to take meds. We successfully tacked and jibbed the boat. It is definitely a lot different to sailing the Biz. All of the lines come into the cockpit and there is one continuous line for the mainsail. It just took a little getting used to. I love the electric winch for pulling up the mainsail or pulling in the jib. Life should be easier on Siren Song. It has been luxurious with air conditioning on all the time and as much power as you would like. Of course, we are at a dock now so unlimited power is available. Everyone seems comfortable with the boat and are ready to get going on our trip.

Dec 8, 2007 Sat
We are spending all day working on the boat.

Dec 9, 2007 Sun
It is our birthday and we forgot to buy a cake or any bubbly to celebrate the occassion!!! We suck. We are stuck in Colon way out in the boon docks with nothing to do!! We decided to go on a bike ride since they have 2 bikes for rent here. By the time we made it into the office someone had already rented them. We decided to go make pina coladas. They were good. We then went to meet some new friends at the yacht club to watch some football. There is also a party at 3pm for a little girl whose birthday is today. It is a pot luck. We are so cool we are bringing chips and salsa!! The cake was good and Jason and I tried some of the cheap bubbly while we watched football. AFter the game we came back to the boat and were going to hang out but we had some work to figure out on the boat. We ended up 3 hours later watching a super funny movie. I never laughed so hard.

Dec 10, 2007 Mon
We all got up very early to catch the 8am bus to head into town to the grocery store. We realized that we would not be taking it back since we are doing the major provisioning of the boat today. We spent 3 hours in the grocery store and had 3 carts full of stuff. Before we were even done I had to take meds! It was grueling. It is also exciting to know you have all this fun stuff to eat!! While Margie and mom checked out Jason ran to the hardware store and I ran to get some Christmas lights. When I got back they were still checking out. I found Jason so that he could call the cabbie to pick us up and went back into the grocery store and they were still checking out. We had 11 boxes full of food and we have not even bought any liquor, beer or wine yet!! Tomorrow we will go to buy those items. When we arrived back at the boat we spent the rest of the afternoon labling everything and putting it away. I am making a spread sheet of where everything is so we can find it later!! We were all exhausted from the day but I ended up making tacos for us all and we watched "Sisters and Brothers". Then we crashed early.

Dec 11, 2007 Tues
I way over did it yesterday and woke up in the middle of the night and had to take meds and lay on my heating pad. It was a rough night. I ended up sleeping through the shopping today and did not get up until someone woke me up at noon. I still did not feel well but the guy from the grocery store screwed up and did not package or freeze the meat we bought. I had to repackage it all to seal them well so that air does not cause freezer burn. It took a long time and then I put away a bunch of wine and rum. It was a long afternoon and I finally stopped at 5pm when Jason came back and laid on my heating pad working on the website. Jason put the chicken on the grill and mom threw the potatos in the microwave and I finished the salad and set the table. We ate and watched episode 2 of "sisters and brothers" so far Jason does not like the show but he is over ruled by 3 girls. I almost feel sorry for him. Maybe it gets more guylike in later episodes!

Dec 12, 2007 wed
We decided not to leave today but to leave tomorrow. I worked on the website all day and tried to get it relatively caught up. The photo albums are too hard to upload and take too much space up so I will most likely abandon working on those. I was ablet to chat with Elizabeth tonight which was nice. I was able to see all her wedding stuff online. It was good to call my mom, dad, brother and sister too. It will be a while before I get to speak to them again. We took the boat over to the fuel dock to fuel up. We had a successful trip over and docking was great. We took a guy back to shore with us as well; he was off work. ON the way back we had decided that Margie and mom should try their best at manning the dock lines. Unfortunately, we did not reiterate that no one leaves the boat as long as their are guys to help on shore because Margie jumped off valiantly, but it confused the guys on shore as how to help. That is what we call a learning experience. Do not jump off the boat with the lines unless there is absolutely no one to help or it is an emergency.

Dec 13, 2007 Thurs
We pulled away from the dock at around 10 am. I was able to call my sister and parents one last time this morning which was amazing. We were waiting on the marina to have our paperwork ready. It was surprising that it was not completed given that we told them we were leaving early in the morning last night! We had one last ice cream last night too. We tried to sail down to Portabella but alas, there was no wind to be found and we put on the motor. We arrived by 2pm. Jason and I went immediately to shore to try to get in a hike of the ruins and walk around town before happy hour. We hiked through some of the ruins and took a walk up to see the view. The town is a little dilapidated since we were here 2 years ago. There was more garbage all around in the alley ways and on the streets. We went to check out our favorite pizza place that was also a boat store. They were closed until 4pm. We went back to the boat because we told mom we would be back in about 2 hours so that we could all go in and get some pizza and beers at the pizza place we told them about. When we arrived back to the boat both of the women were passed out asleep. Mom was on the tramp in the sun out like a light and Margie was inside. We tipped toed around so as not to wake them up. Jason and I made a snack until they woke up and had a beer. They decided to skip the pizza in town today. They are going to try and go in to check it out tomorrow. We went in to get some happy hour draft beers. When we arrived there was no boat store there anymore and when we asked for happy hour beers we found out they do not have a keg anymore everything is by the can. By the looks of the place now we decided to skip the pizza and just work on the internet. I called my brother and Jason called Dmitry. Apparently, they must have changed owners since there was no keg anymore and no happy hour specials. It is quite sad because it was such a charming little place to hang out. It was very lively back then when the owner’s daughter and son worked the tables and bar. I guess that is progress. They apparently do not live here any more as we came to find out. Portabella is still a cute town with lots of ruins to hike though. While we were in town we broke down and bought our first mola. We left Panama without one after being here for almost 3 months last time but this time we did buy one a pot holder. It is very nice. We also stopped by the church to see the Black Jesus. He is famous here since he performs miracles. It was a great site to see.

Dec 14, 2007 Friday
We woke up this morning to a grey and drizzly day. Mom and Margie decided to skip seeing Portabella and head straight away to Isla Grande. I was hoping to go in to see the Black Jesus again since yesterday we did not have much time there, but I am also excited to get to Isla Grande. We sailed and motored to Isla Grande and made it there by 2:30pm. J and I took the dingy to try and find the company that made the screens for the boat. We tried on the VHF and he never answered even though they were supposed to deliver it to us today. Margie called them but understood that we were to try the VHF again but when we tried it they did not answer. Jason and I went in the dingy to the bay in which the store is located to see if the VHF is not working but when we motored over there we could hear Siren’s Song loud and clear. We went to shore to call him again from land. I talked with him and found out he had a bad head cold and he could not make the screen or deliver it today or tomorrow that it would have to be in 3-4 days. Unfortunately, we are on a schedule so we can not wait for him. We told him no thanks. We went back to the boat and told mom the bad news. We immediately made some Pina Coladas to cheer us up. We all jumped off the sugar scoops into the water. Jason tossed us a line which was a good thing the current was super strong!! After our frolic in the water we showered and changed to go to the island for some ice cream. I was very excited to have these coconut popsicles that I had here 2 years ago. They are made and sold by a French woman who lives here with her husband. She makes a few items out of her kitchen and you can eat them in her garden. It is all very nice. She remembered Jason and me from 2 years ago. Maybe it was that we ate there every day!!! Of course everyone loved the popsicles. The French owner sat with us and chatted about life here on Isla Grande. She spoke in broken English/Spanish and a few French words thrown in as well. Between Jason and me we could communicate quite nicely. Everyone loved the coconut popsicles and the owner. We walked to the beach afterwards and then back to the dingy. We were going to eat at the restaurant where we parked the dingy but mom and I were not feeling well so Jason and Margie ordered dinner to go and we all watched a movie.

Dec 15, 2007 Sat
We left early this morning for the San Blas Islands. It is a half day sail and we want to arrive before dark. It was not much of a sail because of the lack of wind so we motored the whole way. We arrived in Chichi Cay by 1pm and immediately we all jumped in with our gear after anchoring. We snorkeled all around. The coral was not that great but just as I was starting to despair we saw a spotted eagle ray. It was magnificent. I swam with it for some time. Then we swam to the deserted island and walked around until we found a dead shark on the beach. After that disgusting and smelly sight we decided to start snorkeling back. There was a dingy by the island and we swam just a little past it before we decided to head back. The current was so strong we were having a hard time getting to the dingy. We went closer into shore and swam that way. About half way back to the boat Jason’s fins were killing him and he had to take them off. I carried them while he struggled to swim against the current. It took us forever to get back and we were exhausted when we arrived. We were all starved by the time we put our gear away and made some chicken on the grill with mixed vegetables accompanied with some nice Chilean white wine. Not a bad first day in the San Blas Islands.

Dec 16, 2007 Sun
We woke up to Kuna’s coming buy canoe to our boat. Lisa was in one of the canoes the infamous he she that is known for her Molas. They are works of art. She has been written up in several magazines for her work. Mom bought one that was called Siren’s Song. It was very nice. She also bought a couple more. Both the ones she purchased were traditional Molas incorporating the Kuna history. After breakfast we pulled up anchor and sailed to Wichuv Wala which is next to Port Vanir. The three of them went by dingy to both islands. The first they went in order to see how Margie would fly out when she heads home and the other to make calls and buy groceries. I stayed behind to have some me time. It was very nice. I spent the time dancing around jamming to some hip hop. We do not get to listen to that usually on the boat since mom and Margie do not like it. I guess I do not know many parents that do. But, I was having fun shaking my white butt around. Some locals came by the boat with some fish they were tiny but I bought 3 for $1 anyway we can use them as bait. When they returned there was a local selling red snapper and I told them to make sure they get some!! It was yummy we had it for dinner with basmati rice. I also made cookies and bread as well.

Dec 17, 2007
We left Port Venir today for the area called the “Swimming Pool” or East Hollanders Cays which are right behind Barbeque Island. We arrived early in the afternoon. Jason and I went on a kayak. There is a double kayak on board so I do not have to paddle which is good for my back. We explored around the bays and had some fun surfing down some waves. I was not feeling good though when we arrived back to the boat so I made a quick dinner and off to the heating pad for me

Dec 18, 2007
I started my day with some Pilates and then I made some beer bread. After baking I was thoroughly hot so we went snorkeling. It was pretty good snorkeling; we saw some big fish which is always exciting. When we arrived back at the boat there were Kuna’s at the boat already trying to sell more molas and bracelets. I bought an anklet which had a typical Kuna design on it. All the Kuna women wear them all up their legs and arms. Jason bought a nice white Kuna shirt with the Kuna symbols on it or rather molas decorating it. It was very nice and looks great on him. We bought some crabs which they call king crabs and they look like Alaskan king crabs as well. I can tell you, having some experience with both, that these taste every bit as delicious as Alaskan king crab only they have huge claws too!! Jason is going to go diving for them with the Kuna tomorrow. I made garlic and herb bread to go along with the crab and a nice white wine to accompany it; sheer perfection.

Dec 21, 2007 Friday
We left today for Rio Diablo, which is the island that Margie is flying out of to go home for Christmas. She leaves at 6am tomorrow morning. We had to anchor three times before we found the best spot. It was a very crowded anchorage with not a very good holding. Once we were securely anchored we had a beer and went into check out the little town. Before we left for town we were greeted by Freddy. He was a very nice local and we invited him on board. I did not talk too much with him today but we planned to tour up the river to a swimming hole and a nice waterfall tomorrow at 11am. Margie bought a little gift for her niece from his friends. Freddy gave us a suggestion on where to eat in town as well as where to buy groceries. We showered up and left for town. We stopped for dinner first. They really had not menu you could order pollo or pescado. I changed my mind to pollo at the last minute and when all the food came out Margie and Mom received these enormous chicken breasts and I received a little chicken wing. It was funny. The beans and rice were the most popular part of all of the meals though. Jason really liked his corvine and said he will get it next time too. I mentioned maybe we should head to the store to get helado and the table next to us heard and asked the waitress if they had any. We were pleasantly surprised to find they had it and it was delicious. It was a good day.

Dec 22, 2007 Sat
Margie left this morning before I even woke up. She had to be at the airport by 5am. It was pouring rain out from 8am on. It was a torrential downpour. Mom, Jason and I stayed in bed until 10am. My body felt so heavy it was like I could not lift myself out of bed so I forced myself. Mom was feeling the same way. It must be the rain. We ran the AC all night and turned it off at 6 am, which is probably why we felt that way it was getting hot and humid in the boat! I had to put some lidocaine patches on my ankles to stop the damaged ligaments and tendons from hurting. We decided to make this rainy day a movie day and we put down the bed in the main room and piled all the pillows onto the bed and put in “Fracture”. Around 1pm Freddy arrived at the boat. The belt on the engine blew so we need a new one before we can run the starboard engine again. Freddy was going to take Jason to look at some belts to see if they fit. We are just crossing our fingers that the belt on the port engine does not have a problem until we find some belts that fit. Apparently, the extra belts that came with the boat do not fit!!! So off Jason and I went into town. We checked out several belts but they were all way too big, more for commercial fishing boats. Jason went back to pick up his mom so we could go shopping (she wanted to come along) and I stayed back with Freddy and we spoke Spanish. My Spanish seems to be coming a long nicely. I can at least understand almost everything he says and I can communicate pretty well. He was complementing me on my Spanish when Jason and mom arrived. Freddy takes care of everyone on the island. He has helped the cruisers throughout the years and they just pay him what they think is fair which can be a lot or sometimes not much. He spends every Sunday walking around to all the families on the island and asking what they need and then he finds a way to get it for them. He is a really great guy. He took us to several stores where we tried to provision as best we could. A few items that we could not find he said he could order for us and would be here in a week when we came back to pick up Margie. We’ll see how that goes I translated everything into Spanish!! They did not have much of what we needed but we have enough to get by. Jason worked on a few things on the boat while mom and I watched a chick flick. It was raining the rest of the afternoon and evening and super muggy out. After our fun chick flick, I made some fish and crab cakes. They turned out pretty good and we watched another Christmas movie. It is hard to get into the spirit when it is hot and rainy out so we decided to remind ourselves by watching a Christmas movie.

Dec 23, 2007 Sun
We left today to go back to the Swimming Pool area. It was not an ideal day for sailing in that we had flat light which makes it hard to see obstacles. As we were pulling down our sails and starting our motor to go through the cut we saw Casey and Jamie’s boat sailing up behind us! We let them pass since we were under motor power. We took a bunch of pictures of their boat with full sails. I, of course, took a ton of pictures. They turned out very good and they were very pleased to have them. After we anchored, we had them over for drinks. They stayed until they were hungry for dinner. I was unfortunately unable to eat, I was to busy throwing up.

Dec 24, 2007 Mon
I made nut bread this morning and some cake for Christmas. It is a family tradition to have nut bread on Christmas. This anchorage is getting more crowded. I usually hate places with so many boats but it is Christmas. After I finished baking and working out my core muscles Jason and I went snorkeling with Casey and his sister that is visiting. We saw a huge spotted eagle ray. It was magnificent. You could hear it when it came close to you which I never noticed before. I think the ray was enjoying swimming with us then it would swim ahead and turn around to see if I was there. It was very cool. After snorkeling we went to a happy hour with finger foods on the beach. There were tons of cruisers there and a few locals. The locals were sitting by themselves so I went over and chatted with them for a while. It is interesting how they live without their wives and children on the island to make money and then head home a couple of times a year. After everyone left the beach, we decided to head back. We dragged Casey, Jamie and Casey’s sister behind us in their dingy. They have a sailing dingy and it was too dark to sail it. We were all singing Christmas Carols all the way back to the boats. When we arrived home I made some peanut soup and we watched my favorite Christmas movie Elf.

Dec 25, 2007 Tues
I gave Jason his stocking full of Christmas surprises when he first woke up. He was very excited about it. Then I gave him the Aerosmith shirt I bought him for Christmas while I was at Disney. I wrote an email to all my friends and family wishing them a Merry Christmas. Casey, Jamie and Casey’s sister are coming over for dinner tonight. They are bringing a ham and some corn bread stuffing and green bean salad. They originally wanted us to come over but we decided to do it here since there is more room. I made some hummus which turned out incredible. Mom made some pasta with crab and garlic. We had so much food. I also made a cake for desert. All of the food was delicious and we had red wine with dinner. They left around 6pm and we decided to watch one last Christmas movie. Mom gave me a beautiful necklace for Christmas. What a lovely Christmas.

Dec 26, 2007 Wed
We moved the boat today to another anchorage. It was also very crowded but we wanted to snorkel here. We slept in late so did not arrive until the late afternoon.

Dec 27, 2007 Thurs
Jason and mom went snorkeling. We also went over to a friends boat to have some drinks.

Dec 28, 2007 Fri
Jason and I went for a snorkel today. There were lots of fish. It was nice. After we finshed snorkeling we showered and started copying a tv series that mom wanted that we borrowed from our friends on santa magdelena.

Dec 29, 2007 Sat
We left this afternoon from Coco Banderas. We snorkeled in the morning after my Pilates. It was beautiful. We saw a huge snapper that I tried to get Jason to spear but he did not get it in time. I left earlier to start snorkeling at an area around the boat and then Jason and mom picked me up in the dingy and we went to another spot. It was fun to free dive and swim with all the purple fish. There were huge schools of them. We went to another reef and it was even better than the last. I saw a huge snapper that I tried to point out to Jason. He could not get it though. It is quite difficult. I went exploring on the shallow reef. I found a way inside inbetween breaking seas. There were two big fish trapped in there. I tried to get Jason to shoot them but it was too difficult to get in close to them. As it is I scratched my leg on coral and it was burning. We decided to abandon that idea. We were getting tired of snorkeling and it was time to leave to go to another anchorage. We pulled up anchor right away after we rinsed off from our snorkel. Jason was at the helm and I was with mom up front. They have a nice windlass so we pulled up the anchor. I was watching to make sure the chain did not jam. Every once in a while it piles on top of itself and does not fall over and jams. No problems today though. We were back to pick up Margie. We just motored over. Freddy came over and unfortunately he did not have much on our list. That is life. The three of us went in to eat at the same restaurant again. The food was good. We came back and turned on the ac and shut up the boat. There are tons of mosquitoes and no no’s here. We watched a movie since the generator was on.

Dec 30, 2007 Sun
Margie’s plane was 2 hours late in the morning. Freddy arrived at our boat just as she arrived. Margie was like Santa in that she had 3 dark chocolate bars for me as well as the copy of the book I left behind!! She even remembered the leave in conditioner. Jason got his leather man and lots of m&m’s. We went to get the last few items on our list and it was not much, Just coke, diet coke, and a few m&m’s. All they had was margarine. Margie brought some veggies too which was awesome. We are leaving to head over to East Lamen Cay. It took us all day to get there. We had Casey and Jamie over for some drinks tonight. After drinks we made dinner and watched one of their movies we barrowed. I made cookies with the margarine but they turned out terrible compared to butter. Margie loved the cookie dough though! We had a wonderful sail over today! It was a great first day back for Margie.

Dec 31, 2007 Mon
We went snorkeling this morning in East Lemon Cay. It was very nice. The coral was beautiful. Jason speared a fish and so did Casey. Casey is bringing sushi over tonight to our boat for our New Years party. We were going to go ashore but we heard that the Germans are here and are having a private party on the island as if there is such a thing. We decided to just have the party on Siren’s song and invited 3 other boater’s to come over. We had crab plus hummus and crab dip. Casey and Jamie brought the sushi and the other boat from winter park brought a cheese tray. Jamie also brought a yummy cheese dip. We drank lots of wine and made merry until 2am! It was a fun New Year’s Eve and a great way to spend the first couple of hours of the New Year.