December 2, 2005
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DMITRY!! SO VERY HAPPY YOU WERE BORN! We decided that we were going to go out tonight to celebrate Dmitry's birthday!! We went into town today to go looking for a part we needed and to get some supplies. We brought the goped. We were a little nervous because there were a lot of cars on the road today. But we had fun. stopped at a few stores and we finally found the store that sold the parts we needed! On the way home we stopped at this area that had alot of bars and had a guiness. There were alot of resturants here as well. We continued heading back since we were supposed to meet Kristin at the grocery store to make some phone calls and then go get some drinks for happy hour. We were half way back when we ran out of gas!! We had to walk about 1.5 miles the rest of the way back. Good thing we had that guiness for energy!! We met Kristin and made a few phone calls. We left her at the bar where Dennis and a few other cruisers were having some drinks. We still had to go to the post office. It was right next to the police station and was tiny. Finally we were finished with our administrative loose ends. We met Kristin at the bar and had a car bomb It was soo yummy. It was getting dark so we thought we should head back and get a light for the dingy. Kristen saw the woman that worked at the hardware store and asked her if we could buy a flashlight for our boat. She was nice enough to open the store for us so we didn't have to interupt our night out! Great job Kristin! We also met the owner of the chat N chill there. We left there and headed over to Eddies. Jason wanted to try there ribs. They were always cooking out at night. Kristin and I danced around while Jason ate. We met a local that wanted to hang with us this evening. We met a group of people from Geneva Illinois as well. They drove us to the fish fry place which ended up being the place we stopped to get a guiness earlier. We had a blast dancing and hanging out. We ended up staying out until 4am. Dmitry I think we celebrated your birthday to your approval!!

December 3, 2005
Needless to say, we slept in today pretty late. We just lazed around all day. We went to the chat N chill for a while.

December 4, 2005 Sunday
Today I went to church by myself. I took the dingy all by myself to Georgetown. In our pathetic dingy it took me over a half hour. The waters were pretty rough. This was my first time ever driving the dingy by myself!! I was nervous. I almost flipped over a few times. There wasn't any weight in the boat to hold it down when it was trying to plane (not that our dingy really even planes). I made it though. I was a little shakey when I arrived but felt pretty good that I did it. When I arrived I looked behind me and Kristin, Wade, and Dennis were pulling in. Kristin had decided to come to church with me so I didn't have to go by myself. Church was nice. I got in the dingy to return home and forgot to put on my slicker so I wouldn't get drenched. Another endearing quality of our dingy. I quickly put it on as I approached the bridge. It is tricky going under the bridge. First, it may fall if a truck goes over it so you need to be aware of what is up there. Second, the current is pretty strong going out so it is rough. I was going through and my dingy tried to climb the side of the bridge, I thought I was going to flip over or turn around. It is very hard to control your dingy in that kind of condition especially our dingy. It was very stressful. I went slow the whole way back and made it without problems. When I arrived I noticed that Dennis, Wade and Kristin were behind me. They are so nice they followed me back to make sure I didn't sink!! Jason was preparing the boat. The people from Geneva were coming aboard for a sail. we went to pick them up at the chat N Chill and had a nice time sailing around the harbor. I put on some reggae and made some drinks. They had never been on a sailboat before. When we got back we changed and decided to go back to the fish fry for some drinks. Our new friends from Geneva rented a power boat and they gave us a ride. I put on my jeans and a teeshirt. When I was climbing into our boat from the dingy I slipped and fell in the ocean. I guess I didn't really want to wear that outfit anyway!!! We had a blast that night. Kristin and Wade came out as well. They had a dj spinning some great tunes and we just danced all night. We dropped everyone off and took the power boat back to our boat for the night.

December 6, 2005 Tuesday
Jason woke up early and took the power boat back to the Geneva crew. We went into town with Dennis and finsihed up the last of the items we needed to get done and provisioned for our next journey. We have decided to leave tomorrow for Mathews town. I made some dinner and we got the boat ready for departure. Kristin, Wade, Dennis, karma, and Rob all came over for a movie night at our boat. We made lots of popcorn and watched "Captain Ron". It was fun. I am really going to miss everyone when we leave tomorrow.

December 7, 2005 Wed
We left this morning early for the cut. We needed to arrive there before 11am, high tide. Our boat will only make it through the cut at high tide. We arrived right on time and started through the cut. We decided to follow the suggested route. We we ended up grounding ourselves. Jason got out in the dingy and dropped the anchor then we used the windless to pull ourselves off. It reminded me of taking the jeep up to the mountains and getting stuck in the snow and using the winch to pull ourselves off! We scouted the area with the dingy and found a way to make it through. We made it the rest of the way through the cut without a problem. It was very beautiful out. This is our big overnight passage, but we ended up having to turn back. When we got to Castle island and were turning the corner, the seas grew and the winds were 28 knots. We decided that if they were that big and the wind that strong in the lee of the island that it would be much worse when we got past the island. We turned back it was midnight and it took us until 4am to make it to a semi protected area.

December 8, 2005 Thurs
We woke up and moved the boat to another area that was more proteced. We decided to stay here on this almost deserted island for our birthdays. Jason went spear fishing and got us some snapper.

Monkey on her birthday

jason speared a grouper for our birthday dinner!

December 9, 2005 Friday
We woke up this morning and decided to go explore the island. There was supposed to be a bar on the other side. We got in the dingy and noticed there were some fishing boats there. They were spear fishing. We rode over to one of them (there were 2) they had about 30 lobsters in the boat!! He said it was really rough out on the ocean side and that we should take a different way if we want to go. But, that it may still be a little rough. We decided to try and made it halfway there and decided to turn back. We stopped on the beach for some hearts of palm and to walk around a little. We met a guy on the beach. He said his father owns this whole island. But, that only a few people lived there. We went back to the boat and went spear fishing. We weren't suprised when we didn't see any lobster! But, we did get a grouper. We had already defrosted a steak for dinner so we had a delicious dinner of steak and grouper nachos. It was soo yummy!! I think we ate half the grouper before even making the nachos though it was soo good!! We were stuffed and laid on deck looking at all the stars. It was so beautiful.

Jason with his first tuna and it was a biggie!

December 10, 2005 Saturday
We left today for Mathews town. The sail was so nice. We caught a tuna right after we left and had sushi right there! It was soo great the best sushi I have ever eaten!! I made seared tuna for dinner yummy! The winds were perfect and we were cruising along at 7 knots. It was a perfect sail. We were doing shifts of 4 hours. I loved my night shift it was so peaceful and the sky was so clear. The moon was reflecting on the water. I ended my shift around 2am.

December 11, 2005 Sunday
Well, I woke up to Jason being in a grouchy mood. I guess we had been 10 miles from shore since 4am and we weren't able to get any closer. We were having a problem with the motor and he didn't want to chance motorsailing. The winds were not helping us get to where we needed to be so we were tacking back and forth to try to make some headway. At noon we were still 10 miles away. Now we were really frustrated. By 3pm we were finally almost there, we started up the motor and motored rest of the way there. We tried to hail the dock on the vhf to see if we could dock there but no oneanswered. We took the dingy into shore and found the bar. We stopped to have a couple beers. We were about to play some pool when we noticed "Van Wilder" was on the tv. We decided to scatch pool and actually watch a movie we don't own!!It was fun. It was a rough night sleeping though. The area was totally unprotected so we were rocking pretty good all night!!

December 12, 2005 Monday
We moved the boat first thing. We still didn't reach the dock on the radio but went there anyway. We tied up and met our neighbors. They were very nice. They gave us some tips about the area. We needed to do laundry and provision before leaving. A local pulled up in his car and asked us if we needed any liquor and offered me a sip of his gallo wine. I declined and said we didn't need any rum but we needed to go do laundry. His friend said we could do it at his apartment complex. We decided to head out with them. They stopped at the liquor store anyway. I guess they wanted some. We ended up buying one of the guys some rum and ourselves a smirnoff ice. We went to the guys house not complex and he only had a washing machine which was useless to us if we can't dry it. But we didnt' want to make him feel bad, not to mention we was drunk and a little unsavory. We did one load of towels and sheets. While it was washing the driver took us to the grocery store. On the way to the grocery store, all of a sudden Jason yelled and the driver swerved barely missing a guy who was walking on the road. I think he actually did hit his clothinhg!! He acted like he meant to do it, but we knew better!! He told us that his friend (the one that was drunk and we were doing our laundry at his house) is usually really nice he just drinks too much. We bought a few things at the store and the driver took us back. He dropped us off though and said he would send someone to pick us up. I didn't like that idea. We went into the house and our stuff was in a garbage bag. We sat to be polite for a few minutes then gave his wife a few dollars and left with our laundry. We decided to walk. We were about halfway back when a truck pulled up and offered us a ride back. It was the other driver's friend. I hopped in the back and Jason got in the front and off we went!! When we got back I hung everything to dry. We were planning on leaving first thing in the morning after we get our zarpe.

December 13, 2005 Tuesday
We woke up this morning and Jason left to go get the zarpe on the goped. I filled up the tanks with gas and took off our connector for power. I also filled up the tanks with some water. We ended up not leaving until 11am. The sailing was nice and we started our shifts. I love the night shift. It is so pretty at night on the water and all you can hear is the boat going through the ocean. I listened to my french tapes most of the night. My shift went very fast. I was going to let Jaosn sleep longer but he was already popping his head up 5 til 1am. He is soo cute. I don't think he sleeps too well on the boat while it is moving.

December 14, 2005 Wed
The winds were good today but the seas were rough. I don't mind them but they are a little much for Jaosn. He doesn't sleep well or eat well in them.

December 15, 2005 Thursday
We we are getting close to Jamaica now. The winds have died down quite a bit so it is slow going. We have decided to stop in Jamaica to get the part for the engine. The fresh water pump for the motor is leaking and we have to constantly add water and check it. Our weather guy, Bob Cooke, talked to Carlos at Morgan's Harbor and they have the part we need. We are just going to stop get the part, install it and then leave again. We locked everything up on the boat because we heard that you can get robbed if you don't lock up here when you leave your boat. We were finally approaching at 11am. We kept hailing the Harbor master and morgan's harbor for 1 hour but no one was answering. This we thought was really strange. Most big harbors you are required to hail them before entering. We were nervous about entering at night a busy harbor and it was midnight so we decided to stop at bull bay for a little rest and then we would try hailing the harbor master again. We anchored and went to lay down.

December 16, 2005 Friday
At 1:30am this morning we were awoken by someone walking on our deck. Jason stuck his head out to see what was going on when an semi automatic riffle was pointed at his head. He was told to come upstairs. I was still in bed and when I realized what was happening I scambled to get a shirt on. The man with the weapon proceeded to come down the stairs even after Jason asked him to wait until I dressed. I was in a big chicken barstool tshirt and my underware. He asked me if we had any drugs on the boat all the while pointing his gun at my chest. I said no. He was literally inches from my face. He said if you have them I will find them and it won't be good for you. Again I said we absolutely have non. He asked if I smoked and I said no he made me breath on him to prove that I didn't smoke. He then proceeded to toss the bedroom. He them walked into the main room. I grabbed some shorts our of my closet and he yelled at me to stop what I was doing. I screamed back that I was only putting on cloths. Jason yelled down for me to calm down. He ended up filling up Jason's northface backpack full of our liquor and wine. Jason yelled down that his friend was puking all over the place and was very very sick. He ignored Jason so I told him the same thing. All of a sudden we heard shots fired from shore. We asked if this was friends of theirs or different pirates we should be worried about. They ignored us. Finally, he took the back pack and looked up. When he saw that he was really really sick he grabbed our computer, flashlights, ipod, camera, my tiffany necklace and my memory card and went upstairs to take his friend to shore. He told us not to leave or they would come and kill us. Jason came down the campanion way and got out the guns and loaded them. Then we ran upstairs I turned on the motor and Jason started to pull up the anchor. That is when I saw them coming back and screamed for Jason. They had more men and more guns - 5 total. By the time we got the guns then were starting to board the boat. Jason jumped up and started shooting at them. They all went overboard. We only saw one head in the water and jason shot at him as well. We pulled up the anchor and started hailing mayday on the VHF radio. No one answered for over a half hour. Finally the Coast guard answered and they told us to come into the harbor. With our slow engine it woudl take us 2 hours to get there. You would have thought that they would send someone out to meet us and check out the crime seen. But we motored in looking over our shoulders all the way. When we got to the entrance for the harbor the coast guard showed up. They weren't even on a Coast guard boat. They were on a fishing canoe style boat like our pirates. We followed them in. Jason had to go to the marine police and to the coast guard to file a report and I was left on the boat by myself. I started cleaning up and trying to distract myself. I was still soo freaked out. Finally Jason came back. Two officers showed up with forensics to dust our boat for finger prints. They told us that it is hard for finger prints to be admissable in court way harder than the states. But, they brushed for them anyway and made a mess. Then we gave our statements to some police. Finally immigration showed up and we checked in. We now could leave to go to Morgans Harbor for our part. It was about 4pm now. I as feeling really really sick so I laid down. I was so sick to my stomach and proceeded to throw up. Jason motored us over half the way by himself because I was getting sick. We got over there and met with Carlos, the guy who was supposed to have the part for us. Now the icing on the cake. There was no part here for us. I went then to find a phone to call Christy since she is the one I keep in contack with daily from teh boat. I knew she would be so worried about us. Carlos told us that they will be cooking out downtown tonight. We headed downtown around 6pm. Carlos saw us and brought us over to where he was. We met his friend Martin and had some of Martin's conch soup. It was the best soup I have ever eaten. We also got some Bamy which was equally as impressive!! We didn't have any drinks I don't think either of us was in the mood to have fun. We had such a nice time chatting with the two of them all night. Around 10pm we went home and passed out from exhaustion. Luckily we have ac because neither of us was willing to sleep with any windows open now!

December 17, 2005 Saturday
Port Royal is a tiny town with alot of history. It has old forts, jails, and hospital from when the Brittish were here. But, Port Royal was known as the Wickedest City in the world. This was because Pirate Henry Morgan used to frequent the island. The coast guard is located here out of Port Royal as well.

We got icecream last night on the way home from this lady who sells it out of her home. That is how this whole town is. Lots of people have businesses out of the homes. There are also alot of people selling food on the streets. Mostly just a few. You need to know where to go to get food. Last night they had a Dj spinning tunes with huge speakers outside. It was quite the experience. We had a great time. We went over to the Y knott where Carlos hangs out next door to Morgans Harbor. We needed to find out where we can get our part if we even can here. We met a bunch of people there. Roy, Winky, and Lenard. Lenard was going to take us to use his computer when he finished his 1/2 q and pepsi. They insisted on buying us drinks. Roy asked if I had spoken to my mother yet and I said no. He insisted I use his phone to call her right now. I did and I felt so much better after telling her what happened even though I knew she had an idea. My sister was never good at keeping secrets. They kept buying us drinks. We all sat around chatting for a while. Lenard was ready to go so we told everyone we would be back later. We went to his house and I used his computer while Jaosn got the tour. When I was finished he took us on a tour of Kingston. First we went to the police station by bull bay where the insident happened. They knew nothing yet. Then he took us to the getto so he could try to find out info for us. It was eye opening. We actually had a really nice time meeting people that lived there. We stopped by a bar for a drink and a snack before heading back to the boat. When we got back we went back to the Y knott and hung out with winky and Carlos. We went downtown. We were starved so left them at the bar and went to Gloria's for dinner. It was soo good. We went to the bar where they were at it was the old jailhouse the first in Jamaica. We were exhausted and went back to the boat to sleep. We had a really nice day getting to know the people of port Royal. Everyone says this is a very safe community and a small one.

December 18, 2005 Sunday
Roy invited us to come on his sport fisher to go out to Lime Cay. It was a wonderful day. They had tons of food and drinks. We just relaxed, swam around, and walked around the island. All the locals come here on Sundays to chill. Carlos cooked all the food. We had curried shrimp and fried fish with beans and rice. Yummy! This is what we were hoping for on this trip. To really get to know the locals and hang with them. Today was a good day.

December 19, 2005 Monday
Today I did pilates. Trying to get back into the swing of things. I cooked curried chicken for lunch. Another police officer visited the boat. I left Jason to chat with him and finally got on the internet again. I found out our tenent is moving out in Feb. More good news. HA! Tomorrow Martin is going to take us around to try and find the part. Jason also talked with Austural about it. They never called him back. I think we'll take our business elsewhere. We walked downtown and went to the bakery. We got this awesome coconut bread and went home and watched a movie.

December 20, 2005 Tues
Today we spent all day riding around kingston in search of our part. We went everywhere and no luck. Martin gave us a little tour as well. We are going to just call and order the part tomorrow. We went back to the boat and made steak and potatos for lunch. We watched another movie and called it a night.

December 21, 2005 Wed
I was in the middle of making empanadas when we were visited by yet another police officer. After he left, Jason went to the y knott to order the part while I finished making the emapanadas. Jason came back to the boat around 3pm and said Sean Paul was hanging out at the Y Knott. There is a big party on LIme Cay today and he is goin to be hanging out there. I sitll had to finish baking the empanadas though. I took a shower while Jason put them in and out of the oven. Finally we made it over there. He had left. Oh well. We sat talking with Martin when Sean Paul came walking up. Jason bought him a drink and we talked with him for a while. Before he left he gave us a little present. Jason laughed at me after he left because I was all shy. Sean Paul is an awesome Reggae dancehall artist in case some of you didn't recognize his name! We went back to the boat to put on jeans. Immigration was looking for us. I guess we said we would be leaving by now. We had to extend our visa. When we were leaving the boat some guys walked back by it. Jason and I decided to sit down and watch the boat for a while. I think I must have looked very sad because Lisa the bartender walked up and said that she heard what happened to us and that we are safe here. She grew up here and it is the safest place in Jamaica. She said if I ever need to talk she is at the bar most of the time. Very sweet. Jason went to the boat and made sure it was locked and we went back over to the Y knott. Lenard was there. I told him about what my friend kim's husband said. He said we should be ok but that he would give us an escort out of Jamaica when we left. I was feeling better already. Paul called me back then and we talked finally. I have been trying to talk to him since I called Christy. Everyone at home is very worried about us and would prefer it if we abandoned our trip. We are not sure what we are doing yet. We need to wait for the part and then decide if we want to continue on. We left after a while. Martin is going to take us to do laundry tomorrow.

December 22, 2005 Thursday
I woke up and my back was even worse than it has been since we arrived here in Jamaica. I decided to stay home and rest while Jason went to do our laundry. I watched xmas movies all day. Jason brought home some meat patties. They are delicious. Kind of like empanadas but the dough and filling is significantly different. They mix bread crumbs with the meat. He got them from Tastee. We went over to the Y Knott for a while to hang out.

Martin selling his famous conche soup on Friday evening in Port Royal!

December 23, 2005 Friday
We got up at 9am to leave to go to kingston to extend our visa and to report the insident to the US embassy. We took the bus there. We waited almost 2 hours to see someone so we asked if we could run to immigration and come back to file a report. We went down the street to where they said immigration was but it was the wrong place. We walked back to the embassy and met with them. They called immigration for us and they said we had until 2pm to get there. I guess the embassy heard we were killed in the insident. We gave them a full report. They told us to be very careful and not to hang out in Kingston at night. They didn't believe that the assailants would return for revenge. Aparently they found a man dead and a shirt with bullet holes in it on the beach. Trey told us to report in to the embassy in every country we visit. We left there and made it to the immigration office by 1:30 and of course it was already closed. We were in a really cool part of town. There were lots of shopping centers and resturants. We asked our cab to meet us back here in 1.5 hours. We spent the afternoon walking around and had lunch. We also bought our tickets for the concert that Sean Paul will be playing at tonight. We bought Goblet of Fire and Mr & Mrs smith for christmas to watch. We got home and rested for a couple hours before getting ready and heading downtown for the usual Friday night activities. We had some conch soup and Carlos' jerk pork. Then we went to the concert. We arrived around 10pm and they had dj's spinning music and all the drinks were free. They also had pizza there. The performers didn't start until midnight. The concert went until 4AM. It was such a blast. We caught a ride home with Lenard's son and daughter. We went to bed finally around 5:30. The party at our hotel was still going on when we got home.

December 24, 2005 Sat
We slept in pretty late today and laid around. After a while we headed over to the Y knott to socialize with everyone. Around dinner time we walked downtown and bought 2 christmas movies and got some of that yummy coconut bread. We watcked "Elf" and had some conch soup I had brought home from last night.

December 25, 2005 Sun
We slept in today. When we got up Santa had come. Jason was really sweet he got me some candy and some movies. We watched a christmas movie and then I started to make some homemade bread to bring over to the Christmas dinner at the Y Knott. Jaosn went over to see what time we were going to eat. After the bread was done we went over to the Y Knott and Carlos handed us a plate right away. We had curry chicken and fried fish with dumplings and bamy. Everything was so delicious. After dinner we went to try to call the famil. It was nice to talk to family though. When we finished it looked as though everyone left the Y knott and then it started to rain. We went to the boat and watched "Harry Potter Goblet of Fire" it was great!

December 26, 2005 Mon
Today we cleaned the boat most of the day and then watched a movie.

Laurel at Lime Cay, I took the picture from the sailboat

December 27, 2005 Tues
Today we sailed over to Lime Cay. I was at the helm on the way over when I started having a hard time breathing and I was really really nauseous. My stomach dropped to the floor and I felt like I was dying. Jason said I was having a panic attack. It was the first time we took the boat out since the insident. When we arrived I had a beer and that seemed to calm it down a bit. We swam to the beach and just relaxed. Lime Cay is very cool. We were relaxing on the beach and there were 4 boats right off the beach here all tied together with huge speakers Jamming tunes. It was great! It was like having a dj right there on the beach for our entertainment! We brought the last of our budweisers to the beach with us. We were walking around the little island and met a guy there that had heard the story of my lost money. (I forgot to mention earlier we were in Port Royal on Friday night and I dropped 1000 Jamaican. I was frantic looking for it and this man asked me what I was looking for when I told him, he handed it back to me. How nice. That is how Port Royal people are.) He asked if he could have a budweiser he loves it. We swam back to the boat and got him one. We had a nice relaxing day. On the way back we saw Nigel's sailboat sailing around and decided to follow him for a little while. It was a nice sail.

December 28, 2005 Wed
Today we took the bus into Kingston. We needed to go see immigration about extending our visa. We are still waiting on our packages. We had to transfer buses. At the main bus drop, it was really neat. Tons of vendors selling all kinds of products. Fruits and Vegatables, prepared food, snacks and sodas, flip flops, hats and more. We walked around a litte while looking for our bus to take us to the Immigration on Constance Spring Road. When we arrived there I wasn't allowed to go in because I had shorts on. Men could go in with shorts on but not women. So I waited outside for an hour while Jason went in to extend the visa. Luckily I had brought a book. We were starving, and saw that there was a Burger king. Now I never eat fast food but for some reason I could not wait to have a burger and fries!! It was so good. I think it must because it is from home that we enjoyed it so much not because it was Burger King. After lunch we walked around all the shops they had there. There were 4 shopping strips and beyond the normal types of stores there were vendors along the streets selling cd's, shoes, various Jamaica apparel, sunglasses, hats, fruit, snacks, sodas, beer and more. It was very fun. Our cabbie was picking us up in an hour so we didn't have too much time to look around. It was a total sensory overload. I can't wait to come back down when we have more time to just browse. We bought some replacement items for the boat today as well. We stopped at the grocery store as well. We took a taxi to the airport to pick up the computer that Marc had sent us as well as the part for the boat. When we got there they told us we needed to go downtown to get some forms from the fedex office or hire a customs guy to take care of it all for us. Carlos gave us the name of a guy who will do it for us. When we got back to the Y Knott it was packed with people. There was a huge party at Maiden Cay today and they all came back to the Y Knott to continue to party. We dropped off our stuff and hung out there for the night. In Jamaica if you want a rum drink you order a Q or 1/2 Q which basically is a quart or 1/2 quart of rum and then you buy the soda to go with it. We always drink Ting, which is a grapefruit soda, and 1/2 Q. The other day Jason met a power boat guy who had the part and he gave it to us. We told him we would give him our when it came in the mail. How nice people are here in Jamaica. He invited us to come on his power boat for new years eve to go watch the fireworks. They have a big sports fisher. After a while we had to leave. My back was hurting and lately I have been having sharp pains in my right buttox. I think it was all the stress from the insident that has made things worse for me. We stopped to meet Nigel's girlfriend. Nigel is one of the owners of Y Knott. We got some steamed bamy to take back to the boat. Steamed bamy is round and looks a little bigger than an english muffin. It is made from casava. They grate it and squeeze all the starch out of it and form it into these bread like disks. You can fry it or steam it. I love it. Conrad ( the brother of Nigel and the other owner of Y knott) told us to add to his order before we leave and he would order it for us at cost. Again, everyone is so nice here.

December 29, 2005 Thurs
Today I rested due to my back. Jason decided to clean the outside of the boat. We still had marks on it from the hurricane we went through. ShawnD came over to help Jason. He is a local and is 11. He and Jason got the boat spotless. It looks so nice. Jaosn went into town to get the computer and Shawn took the dingy back to the boat. He brought lunch and sat with me for a while. Then I asked him if he wanted to play xbox. Of course he did. He played all afternoon until Jason came back. Jason had to hitch a ride to the boat since Shawnd was at the boat with ours!! Jason took Shawnd to the shore. I made dinner and we heard someone calling to Jaosn. It was Shawnd and his friend. They came over and played more xbox and we fed them some dinner. Shawnd went to the bathroom and came out all wet. He had used Jason's razor to shave his face. He was so proud of himself. Jason took them home and we just watched a movie tonight.

December 30, 2005 Friday
Jason left early in the morning to go and get the computer with the customs guy. It cost around $100 american to get it our of customs. They didn't come back until noon. Unfortunately the computer he sent us was a pc and we can't use it on the boat. So next week we'll head to the city to purchase a laptop. I felt so bad I didnt' realize that I didn't specify that it could only be a laptop. A desktop draws way too much power off our inverter and we couldn't use it at all to send emails. Bummer. Marc was so sweet to send it to us. We left to go to Martin's house. He invited me over to watch him cook all the food for tonight. Conch soup, bamy, conch, and crabs. He was happy to see us and promptly scolded us for being late! He had 3 ourdoor stoves that he uses coals for in the backyard. He gave us a tour of his home. It was really nice. He did all the woodwork and floors himself. He even showed me his secret ingredient. he is going to send me off with some when we leave. We helped him load some of the stuff into the van and went home to shower and change for the festivities that go on every Friday evening in Port Royal. We sat on deck and watched the sun set over the mountains before we headed downtown. .

December 31, 2005 Saturday
We went to Harbor View today to do some grocery shopping. We bought some wine and champaign for tonight to bring on the boat excursion to watch the fireworks. We watched the sun set over the mountains having some champaign tonight. It was really beautiful. We went to shore to get some food at the Y knott. It was around 9pm and I told Jason we should probably go over to the boat it looks like they are leaving soon. Jason didnt' want to go yet. I don't think he really wanted to go on the boat with them since we didn't really know them all that well. We were eating our food when Maxine ( she is the bartender at YKnot and a friend now) yelled someone is on your boat. jason was just walking back from the bathroom. I was so scared. We ran over there martin came with us and Nigel came out of his boat to see what was going on. We yelled for them to get off our boat and Martin said what are you doing on another mans boat without permission to board. They yelled for Jason to come over to the boat. We said for them to come over here. It ended up being the marine police. They should not have boarded our boat without permission. It turned out they had heard we were leaving tomorrow and were coming to return our items. I was totally freaked out. They almost gave me a heart attack. We went back to the bar after they left and finished our food and were having a drink when Nigel invited us to come on his sailboat to watch the fireworks. We were going to order more food and he said not to. They were goin to have a ton on the boat. They literally did. We ate all kinds of yummy things. My stomach hurt so bad afterwards. Mom I think you will be happy to know that I have gained at least 5 pound here!! We sailed out of the harbor and watched the fireworks. They were really good. We sailed back and were home by 3:30 am. Everyone else was still out. In Jamaica people don't go out until 11 or midnight and stay out until 6am. What an incredible new years eve!