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March, April, beg of May
Our last voyage on Siren's Song for the season! I had a hectic visit to the states in March. It was three weeks but was a whirl wind trip. I managed to get our house painted as well as the hallway in our building. It looks great!! I felt sad and miss our colors in our home especially our bedroom. It just isnít' the same as the light and dark purple. It was fun staying with Curt while he was living in our house. We had fun too. My favorite night was the car bomb night where we drank 4 car bombs and then headed out to the cheeky Monk. It was great to hang out with my nieces and nephews as well. I was lucky enough to get to be there for my God daughter's birthday party!! She had a sleep over and Christy and I just sat drinking wine watching all the kids play in the hot tub and sing karaoke. I spent a lot of time with Don Royal as well getting my back in order. He is an angel. I was ecstatic about getting to spend some time with Elizabeth to help her get ready for her wedding. I have really felt so far away on Siren's Song and felt I was missing helping her get ready for her wedding. I missed the talkís everyday and the debating on what preparations needed to be made and of course the picking out of the dress and cake!! While I was home I went with her to her shower, a fitting for her dress (in which we decided the "boobs they put in her dress had to come out! And up to Winter Park. In Winter Park we cake tasted and went to look at the wedding location. We drank Champaign at the foot of Winter Park right by the lifts. It was closed and so we had the place to ourselves. It was an amazing day. I felt really fortunate to be able to do all these things with her. That is the downside of traveling; you miss so much of your friendís lives.

The night I was flying out I went to Brian Burke's Guac off. It was a super fun party. I had a little too much to drink though and danced with Bobby (Hope I did not smash his feet too much!!). We left the party around midnight and went back to Dina's house. We watched "Flight of the Concords" until 3am!! She was amazing to drive me to the airport that early in the morning. I was exhausted on the plane but surprisingly did not sleep on the plane. I watched movies the whole time.

When I arrived in Roatan Jason was waiting for me. It was so good to see his face!! I of coursed jumped on him as soon as I saw him!! It really is hard to be away from someone that you are used to being around 24/7!! I went back to the boat and took a nap and then we went out. There was a marathon in Roatan today so we went to the after party. There was going to be a show and a band. We arrived at the time it was supposed to start and waited a half hour and no one was there. We asked the hotel about it and they said there was nothing going on. We decided to just walk down the beach. We walked down the beach and on our way back stopped to sit in one of the beach chairs and watch the night. Of cause, per usual, the event started while we were sitting there. They had a fire show and music. It was a fun night.

Carol had to fly home at the last minute and so Jason and I were alone on the boat for a week. We dove every day! I dive now with a tank as well as the surface supply air system. You need to dive the take to do spooky Channel. It was an amazing dive. We saw 5 foot groupers and barracudas. It was really bright out so it was not so spooky as usual you could actually see around the channel. It was really cool. We went back a couple of days later and did it again. This time it was spooky because you could barely see anything and then you would come upon these huge fish! There is just a little slit above that lets light through. We went with some friends we had met on another boat from Brazil. It was fun. We ended up going out with them dancing too. We spent a day on the beach and a day just enjoying Siren's Song. It is super fun to swing off using the lines for the davits and plunge into the water. It felt like a second honeymoon (can you tell it has been a while since our days on Monkey's Business. If all goes well though, we should be there by May.

Mom came back and we only had two weeks left in Roatan. We were all trying to fit everything we wanted to do in. We went diving every day and went to get ice cream at our favorite shop. We also went and did the zip lines. They were a blast!!

We were sad to leave Roatan, the day we were leaving Jason and his mom had to run an errand and pick up some sandwiches for the sail. I stayed behind to do Pilates and to swing off the lines into the water. It was so fun.

Our sail was uneventful. We stopped for the night and left again to head up the river. It was really pretty motoring up the river. It took most of the day and we arrived at the marina in the evening. The next 2 days were preparing the boat for departure and packing. It was very melancholy. We were rushing to get done so we would have time to do a little sight seeing before we left.

We took the little van with our friends Steve and Sue to San Pedro Sula. We arrived by the early evening and checked into the hotel. We all went to eat together which was nice. We have been hanging out with them all season so it was a little sad saying goodbye. We will most likely be seeing them in November again in Guatamala but you never can be sure where the wind will take us! The next morning we woke up and rented a car. We drove to see a waterfall and I am sorry to say I cannot remember the name of it only that it was a couple hour drive from San Pedro Sula. The Waterfall was amazing. We were able to go down and under the waterfall and into a cave behind the waterfall. When we went through the waterfall the sound was deafening. It was so beautiful with the sun shining through the water. It was hard to see while we were under there since the water was coming down so fast and hard!! We jumped off cliffs into the pool at the bottom of the waterfall and that was exhilarating. We sadly left Honduras in the morning.