January 1, 2006
Today we sailed over to Lime Cay. We had steak and wine for lunch. Shawnd came over and played video games all day. We just hung out on the boat all day relaxing. He sailed back with us, mostly to continue playing the video games, but when Jaosn told him there were dolfins swimming with the sailboat he bolted upstairs. There were 6 dolfins swimming infront of our boat jumping out of the water in pairs. It was really cool. They were playing with us. I don't think Shawnd has seen anything like that before. He was so cute.

January 2, 2006 Monday
Today we just relaxed.

January 3, 2006 Tues
We played cards at the Y knot all day today.

January 4, 2006 Wed
Today we went into Kingston in search of a laptop. Jason had found a few places that sold them and we were going to walk to all of them before making a decision. We walked to two and didn't really like anything they had except the toshiba. We stopped and purchased some cut up fruit from a vendor on the street corner. I love the way in Jamaica you can get fresh fruit cut up on any courner. We walked by a Wendy's and decided to stop. Again, not a fan of fast food, but it sounded so good. The frosty was the best I ever had! There isn't a whole lot of good icecream down here unless you purchase it by the pint. Our freezer will not keep icecream cold, unfortunately. While walking around we ran into a health food store. I was so excited because they had my cereal I love!! We purchased 2 boxes. We stopped at an HP store but there laptops were too expensive. We were walking back and are in the area near the immigration office with all the neat stores, when we saw one more store to check out. We went in and that was it, we found our laptop. We had to carry it home on the bus and were just a little nervous about it. Luckily the box was plane with no writing on it so you couldn't tell what it was. We made it back without incident. We dropped off the computer and went downtown. We ran into Martin down there. He brought us to the backyard. The downtown housing is different from any I have ever seen. The have all the living quarters on one side with their freezer in that part of the house then accross the backyard there is another row of doors and these are the kitchens. You need to cross the backyard to get to your kitchen. It is such a strange concept, but makes sense. when you cook you don't get your house hot! Everyone hangs out by the kitchens outside. They had huge speakers set up and everyone just sits outside talking listening to music. It was really cool. It is like a big backyard block party every night. We met his wife peawee and hung out for a while.

Jason & Laurel at Bob Marley house/museum

January 5, 2006 Thurs
Today we went into New Kingston again today. we took the bus to constant springs road again. This is where all the shopping plazas are. It was fun to have time to walk around this time. We took a cab to the Bob Marley museum. We just made the last tour at 4pm. The tour was really good. We got lucky in that Damian Marley was hanging out there today. We decided to take a cab back since it was getting dark out. We wanted to try a thai food resturant so he dropped us off there. When we went inside it was chinese so we left. Our poor cabbie had run out of gas so Jason helped him push his car to the station. We left him and walked to On the Roof. It is a hip bar in New Kingston. We sat upstairs and had a martini. Our cab driver showed up. He was making sure we made it walking ok. He pulled up a chair and sat chatting with us for a while. He called his kids and had us talk to them. I guess they live in New york and are here visiting. He is a singer in a band and has traveled all over the world performing. I ordered a lemon martini and I received a lemon martini with olives in it. YUK!!! I drank it though it was expensive!! Our cab driver wanted to take us to the top of the mountain to see the view of the city. We stopped at Tastee for some meat patties. They are Jason's favorite. the view was spectacular. All of the houses on the mountain are really big. The normal houses in the city and the surrounding area are no bigger than a two car garage in the States. All of the houses on the mountain have Security fences and doberman Pinchers guarding the yard. We decided to have him drive us back to Port Royal he was super nice and cut us a great deal since we were friends now. He sang Bob Marly tunes the whole way back and we all ended up chiming in. It was fun. We were entering a circle and our cabbie forgot to yeild. Unfortunatley, there was a cop in the circle that he didn't yeild for. We got pulled over. Luckily Jason was in the front seat and we knew all about this man or he would have gotton a huge fine for taking a fare. He wasn't an official cabbie. They made us get out of the car and they frisked Jason. Our cabbie said that he was looking for something that he could bribe us with. He got a ticket for failure to yeild. We felt bad for him, we were having so much fun. What a fun day!

Monkey at on the roof

January 6, 2006 Friday
My favorite day of the week - Marin's soup day! We sat and watched the sunset with some champaign again tonight. It was nice. Then we hung out with Nigel at the Y Knott. He called to Martin to make sure he held some soup for us. Nigel drove us downtown. I brought some giradelli cookies downtown with me for the guys. They loved them. Another great night in Port Royal.

January 7, 2006 Saturday
It was really cold out today. And the waters were super rough. We were going to go to Lime Cay but it was way too rough out there and had to turn back and then dock in those conditions. It took us an hour. It was really stressful. At one point I thought we were going to hit another boat the wind was pushing us so hard. In Jamaica or at least at Harbor view Marina, you back into the dock and have a forward anchor out. It is a little challenging Under normal conditions let alone 28 knott winds and big seas. We were supposed to clean the boat today but after that experience we decided to go have a drink at the Y Knott instead. We hung with Martin and his friends. Winky came in on his boat and they had caught 2 coolers full of red snapper. They were scaling them right there. Now we know how to efficiently scale fishes. We wished we could have bought one they were big and looked really yummy. Martin left to go out on his boat he captains and we sat at the bar chatting with Maxine. We were chatting away when some kid brought us over food. Conrad had cooked up some snapper and brought us over some curried snapper with dumplihgs and yellow yam. I have never eaten a yellow yam before and it was soo yummy! How nice was that. I can't get over how nice everyone is here. We have really made some great friends. We decided we should probably go home and stop drinking. We walked downtown to get some of that wonderful coconut bread they sell at the bakery. We walked past the square and there were 2 Canadians with a 18 month old baby sitting there with backpacks. I knew they were packpacking Jamaica by their packs. We were wondering why they were taking the bus so late at night with a baby. On our way back they were still there. We stopped to talk with them. They had come to port Royal for a day trip to meet up with an coworker's son. He told them stay the night in Port Royal and to go back to Kingston and get their stuff. When they returned he took them to a hotel. They were so shocked and told him it was too expensive and that they couldn't stay there. He was going to let them take the bus at night back into Kingston!! How apalling, that is dangerous. We hung out with them for a while and eventually invited them to stay with us on our boat. Since our experience, we were hesitant at first to invite them to the boat. That makes me so sad. We hung out at the bar for a while and then headed home.

Laurel, Jason, seand, Natalie, and bejoux front and center

January 8, 2006 Sun
Today we decided to take them to Lime Cay. It was a georgeous day out. Shawnd came as well. He was at the helm the whole way over. When we arrived we were about to drop anchor when another sailboat called to us to just tie up with them. How nice. They were from here and had heard our story and wanted to talk to us about it. Meanwhile Shawnd barrowed the dingy and almost flipped. Jason wouldn't let him drive it anymore. We took the dingy over to the beach to play in the water. Michael, Natalie, and Bejoux had alot of fun. We had some food and beers. On the water right in front of us were several boats tied together. They had huge speakers jamming great tunes. It was so fun. We sailed back and went to dinner at Glorias. It is famous in Jamaica. People come from all over to eat there. The curried fish and bamy is incredible. Michael, Natalie, and Bejoux decided to stay over one more evening.

Natalie, SeanD, Jason, and Laurel

January 9, 2006 Monday
Our new Canadian friends left this morning. They left us with some awesome maple syrup. Burke this rivals your vermont syrup! We spent the day cleaning the boat! Fun stuff. We are going to leave on Saturday whether the package arrives or not. We have been waiting almost a month for it!!

January 10-11, 2006 Tues & Wed
We are preparing the boat for departure and I am trying to get caught up on our logs. Tomorrow we will go into town with Martin and buy our provisions for our trip. Nigel's friend owns a popular nightclub in New Kingston and he invited us to go with him there tomorrow night. I guess they have dancehall music Thursday nights. We love dancehall. We needed to get some cash for tomorrow so we took the bus to Harbor View. We ended up buying some beer and wine. I love this beer they make here called Dragen. It is a really dark beer like guiness. It has a nice flavor. Very high in alcohale so you can't drink as many though 7.5 percent!!

January 12, 2006 Thurs
We had to get up early to meet Martin at 7:45am. He took us to the ghetto where they have a wholesale outdoor market. All the farmers come in from all over Jamaica to sell their product on Thursdays. It was the largest market I have ever been to. They had every kind of fruit or vegatable that you could want. Martin did all the talking so we would get the same price as him. I wish I had my little camera so you could see how amazing this place was our other one is just too big to take with us. We bought about a dozen bamy to bring with us. It is truly delicious and stays a long time. All the woman selling wear these big aprons with pockets the length of their aprons. Alot of them have matresses there so they can lay down while working. We stopped and ordered what we wanted from each vendor and then on the way back around we picked it all up and payed. After we left there we went to the Wholesale store to purchase conch. We bought 5lbs for our trip. It can be prepared in so many ways. I have learned so many resipes. I am so excited to start making the many many I learned here in Jamaica. Every time I hang out with someone they give me resipes. Even Conrad gave me 3 great resipes. when I have time I'll maybe I'll add a resipe link. When we got back Jason ran to the grocery store for some canned goods and I worked on the website. We went over to the Y Knott for a while and then went downtown for drinks and dinner. We met up with Carlos, Conrad and some of their friends. After a while we were getting hungry so headed over to the burger queen. She is a woman in town who started making burgers out of her home 5 years ago. Everyone says she is better than anywhere you can get a burger in Jamaica. We of course had to go and try it! She was super nice and laughed at all of Jason's jokes, sometimes it takes people a while to get used to his constant banter. The Burger Queen was located in the backyard I was telling you about earlier. It really is a smart way to have a home. You keep all the the heat from cooking out of your house. We walked back over to the oldest bar in Jamaica and brought Carlos and Conrad some burgers too. Conrad gave me a ton more resipes tonight. I can't wait to try them. Nigel ended up having a prior engagement and couldn't go out with us but offered to pick us up if we went. We decided not to go. We couldn't get ahold of the bar and really didn't feel like venturing into dangerous kingston with so many unknowns.

January 13, 2006 Friday
Well today is our last day in Jamaica. We had lots to do this morning. Our package didn't come so we needed to download some software off the internet. Luckily Jason backed up Jalbum or I would be out of luck getting that done. The software that came with the computer for pictures doesn't resize them so all the new photos I put on the computer are huge. Sorry. I decided not to put anymore and to just do an album. There is a new album for Bahamas and Jamaica on the website now. Well there will be after Christy uploads it for me. Thanks so much. Jason brought me Carlos' cell phone the hotel finally had their machine back working that printing out the minutes. All the cell phones in Jamaica are prepaid phones. They also don't get charged minutes for incoming calls. That is nice. I called my mom & dad they didn't answer their home phone and I don't have their cell number. I called Christy for their cell. It was really nice to talk with her. I called my mom & dad's cell and had her call me back. It was great to hear their voices. I asked her to call Carol and have her call us as well and not 5 minutes after I hung up with my mom she called. It was good to hear her voice as well. I can't tell you how bad it feels not to be able to pick up a phone and call. You don't care what the cost and still there is no way of using a phone. That was the only frustrating part about Jamaica. The system that sells the minutes was down for a week in Port Royal. It is 3pm and I have been cooking all day for our trip. I made ministroni soup and paella for our trip. The first half is supposed to be pretty calm but the second half is supposed to get a little rough. Hopefully not to rough. We will be heading downtown for the typical Friday night festivities. I cannot wait to have some of Martin's soup, conch bamy, and carlos' jerk pork. I bought all the ingredients to make all of these things but will make them later when I am really really craving it. Martin is so sweet he made me a couple jars of his special sauce for the road. They last a month in the cooler. I am really going to miss my natural friend Martin he has taught me so many things that I plan to apply to my life. I will also miss Carlos, Nigel, Conrad, Maxine and everyone else we met here. My brother called me on Carlos' cell phone. I was soo happy to hear his voice and hear all that Ema was up to. It was great to hear Natalia's voice as well. I really miss them alot. That was such a great few months living with them. We leave at 10am. Shawnd hung out with us all night. We brought the video camera downtown with us and Shawnd was the cinemetagrapher. Mostly he video taped himself talking and dancing. I have yet to watch and listen to it. I can't wait to. Unfortunately though, he ran down the battery before we could get any good footage of town. Oh well. We left to go get some of my meds. My back was not doing well after all the preparation work over the last few days and especially today. I was laying down for a while when I heard shawnd outside. He is cute he wanted to make sure we were coming back. We ended up just chatting on the boat until midnight and then we went to bed and he went back over to listen to the reggae. I needed to get my medication for the trip out of the freezer. I put it there to help keep it fresh. When I opened it some of the ziplocks leaked and there was water in them. Long story short, I lost some of my meds. I may be taking a trip home sooner than planned.

January 14, 2006 Saturday
We woke up around 6:30 and began our final preparations. Jason went to send the website stuff to Christy so she could upload it for me. Unfortunately, the files were too big and were taking too long so he stopped sending them. he sent the logs but he didnt' send the text just the index page. No updates until Boca del Torro now. Bummer. We said goodbye to those that were up and customs came to return our stuff to us and we were off. We did not get the escort that they had said yeah man too. We were prepared for anything though. We left with no problems. There was no wind, basically the dulldrums, so we had to motor most of the day. The winds picked up at night and we were able to put up the sails. We are making pretty good time. Only 5-6 days left!! We will be 500 miles from any shore on this trip.

January 15, 2006 Sun
I woke up feeling good and asked Jason what time it was. It was 6am. I slept Almost 5 hours. We decided to let the other sleep until they woke up or you were too tired to stay awake. It works out well because neither of us usually sleeps more than 5 hours. I relieved Jason and he was asleep instantly. He had slept the first time a good 4 hours. He usually only sleeps two at least from the first trip we took. That is a good sign that he is relaxing a bit. The sunrise was amazing. The sun was blazing pink and there were no clouds around. It looked as if it was coming out of the water onto the clear horizon. I tried to take a picture of it but our batteries were dead. It was too perfect to capture I am sure anyway. I think that was more beautiful than any sunset I have ever seen. Today was perfect. Jason slept another 3 hours and then promptly spent his next shift on the bow on a lounger reading. We felt like we were on vacation. I spent my time off down below making the conch stew that I had learned from Conny (Conrad owner of the Y knott). We had a yummy late lunch. I took over Jason's spot when I started my shift. Around 5pm we called our weather guy. The boat was on a beam roll pretty good and Jason was down below at the chart table. It is not a good spot in those conditions if you have a tendancy for seasickness. He started to look a little green. When he came up after he was finished he promptly threw up. I felt so bad for him. He was fine though once he emptied his stomach. Jason blew up my excercise ball so that I could stretch and do some excercises when off duty. It is really really helpful when my back hurts. On my usual break from 5-9pm I put in "Lord of the Rings Return of the King" and Jason and I watched it. He can see the tv from upstairs and we have it hooked up to the stereo so he can hear it great as well. I barely finished it before my shift. We spent 3 hours today listening to Spanish cd's as well. Thanks Blair for those. We are trying to spend at least 4-5 hours a day listening to them. On my watch, while Jason was sleeping I put in the more advanced ones and listened to them on the cd walkman. I am so happy I remembered to bring that. I am also soo happy that we were smart enough to bring our cd collection. Now that we don't have an ipod music is an issue. We have been burning music from the hard drive onto cd's so we can have some of the music we have burned from everyone. Maybe my brother will get another award and get a third ipod and will be sweet enough to gift it to us!!! Hee hee!

January 16, 2006 Mon
At midnight I sent an email to my sister letting her know we were ok. It finished sending the outgoing ones and when it was receiving the incoming it said it would take 20 minutes!!! Please remember our sailmail is ABSOLUTELY ONLY for letters. It is our only form of communication and it is critical that we be able to get our emails. We get weather updates using it. We are only alotted 10 minutes a day so 20 is well over that. They will not let us use sailmail if we go over that more than a couple times. I love hearing from you, but, it is important that you remember not to include me on a mass email list. Thanks. I did not sleep well last night. I was soo exhausted when Jason relieved me I have no idea why I wasn't out cold. Luckily, though I did finally fall asleep at 4am and Jason never woke me. I woke up on my own at 6am. I was tired when I took over but read. It was cold out last night and this morning. I was wearing my favorite fleece and it had me daydreaming about skiing. The time past fast and before I knew it Jason was up and ready to take over. He called Bob Cooke, our weather guy, before I went to bed. I slept great this time. 2 hours. Jason had thrown up again. It was talking on the ssb below deck. I made him some mac n cheese (comfort food for Jason) and that made him happy. Today is another beautiful day and the weather is great for sailing. We are cruising along on this trip quite fast, 6-8 knots. Maybe we'll get there Thursday morning. Can our luck be actually changing? Where is some wood. There were tons of dolfins swimming with the sail boat today. It is so cool. They love to play with the boat always just in front of us. Jumping criss cross in pairs in front of the boat. They stayed with us for almost 45 minutes.

January 17, 2006 Tues
This morning the dofins were with us again. They are so cute. One was trying to see how many times he could zig zag by the front of the boat before the boat ran him over. He made it 6 times. It reminded me of Jason always pushing the envelope so to speak. Last night before the moon came up the phosphorescence (adj; greenish glow observed during slow oxidation of white phosphorus in air - thanks Megalicious for emailing me the correct spelling as well as the definition) was glowing in the water as the boat pushed through the water. They look like millions of fire flies in the water. It was really cool. I love sitting up there watching it. we had a little fire in the kitchen today. I was making some eggs for breakfast for Jason when I noticed there was a fire. During one of the movements of the boat a plastic stopper had fallen into the burner. Luckily I knew from Kristin to throw flour on it. No biggie. jason enjoyed his eggs. We are having perfect weather for sailing and are making great time still today. Beautiful sunny skys and all. I can't seem to pull up our quicken on the new version we just purchased. It tells us to contact customer support. I really hope I am able to pull it up or I am really going to have a hard time redoing all of those books, personal and business. I was feeling a little discouraged so made some white chocolate chip cookies to cheer myself up. Yum.

January 18, 2006 Wed
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! Today I was not feeling well at all. I think it was total exhaustion. I haven't been sleeping that well either. I ended up laying down on my break and slept the whole time. I felt beter after that. We have not caught one fish on this trip so far. Good thing we didn't plan on that. We had chicken today. The dolfins joined us again today. We have not seen one boat in 24 hours. Crazy. The seas have gotton a little bigger, but the winds continue to be consistently great for sailing. My spanish is slowly coming back to me after listening to the cd's. Our main sail lost one of its battons today. That was a bummer. We had to sew it a little since it left a hole. Other than that nothing major has occurred. We should arrive tomorrow to Boca De Torro. We had a squall come through on my watch at midnight. It rained super hard, but the winds didn't pick up to much so I was able to keep up the head sail and did not have to reef the main. Other than that an uneventful sail.

January 19, 2006 thurs
About 4 am the winds stopped. We were basically in the duldrums and not moving. Jason started up the motor and we motored for about 10 hours. Finally as we approached Boca de Torro the winds picked up again and we were able to sail the rest of the way. We had 2 rain spells as we were approaching. Nothing to bad. It is really nice having the dodger. We are protected from all the elements. We arrived around 2pm. We anchored, pumped up the dingy, lowered it into the water, put the motor on, and Jason went over to check us in. He came back a few minutes later with customs. They did a quick search of the boat and that was it. It will be around $105 total to check in and to have our cruising permit. Not too bad. We needed to go to an atm and get them the money. We didn't know where to park the dingy. There didn't appear any place that wasn't private. We saw this bar on the water, but it wasn't an establishment kind of bar. We asked if we could park our dingy there while we went to the atm and have a beer afterwards. We left before having a beer to take the money to customs. On our way back they hailed us at the bar to come by. We stopped and had a beer. Apparently, it was the firestation. We hung out with them for 3 hours just chatting and having beers. Beer was 50 cents each here. Yippee!! Jason took 2 of the guys on a ride in the dingy to see our boat. When he came back we realized how exhausted we are and we left to head home. We are meeting them tomorrow at 7pm to go to the ship wreck bar for some drinks. We have really gotton lucky and met some great people right off the bat. The fireman is going to give us a tee shirt to send to our firefighter friend from Denver. He collects shirts from other firefighters all over the place. I was so exhausted when we arrived home I passed out it was not even 9pm yet.

January 20, 2006 Friday
Today we had to go take the money for the crusing permit and to meet with immigration at 8am. I stayed behind. My back was super bad and I needed to lay on the heating pad. They didn't have the paperwork for the cruising permit so told us to come back in a couple of days. We were trying to decide what to do for the day and decided to explore around on the dingy. We saw a boat going out towards the ocean around one of the islands and decided to follow them. The swells were so big you couldn't even see the boat sometimes. Jason negotiated it well in our little dingy. When we pulled up to where there were a few boats there was no beach. There were at least 30 or so surfers in the water surfing big waves. I never realized that you don't necessarily have to surf on a beach. It was fun to watch. We tied up to one of the surfer's boat and had some treats and snacks while we watched them in action. It was cool. After a while one of the surfers was swimming towards our dingy. He came over and told us one of the other surfers had ran over his board and he needed to get it fixed. We ended up giving him a ride back to his hostel. It ended up being right where we had our boat. He was from Norway and had been traveling central america and some of south american with his girlfriend for the past 2.5 months. They were on the last 3 weeks of their trip. After we dropped him off we went over to the marina near Bocas to see how much it is. If we go travel the interior we'll need to leave our boat somewhere safe. It was a nice marina and pretty cheap $100 a week or $240 a month. We are thinking of visiting the rain forrest. We went into town for some grub. We ate at a local place. It was yummy and cheap I think our whole meal was around $3 with drinks. Afterwards we headed over to the firestation to watch David play in his band. Well, that ended up being a whole lot more than just practicing and having a few beers. They were announcing all of the girls who were up for queen of the carnival. They played marching through town with us in tow. It was very very fun. People would just join in and march and dance along. We went to a bar afterwards and then called it a night. We were still trying to catch up on sleep.

January 21, 2006 Saturday
Today we sailed over to Bastimentos. It only took a few hours. We were going to go check out Red Frog Beach. We didn't know exactly where to go. Usually you take a water taxi over. We got in our dingy and went to where we saw alot of boats coming from. When we got there they anounced to us that it wasn't the entrance to the beach but a construction site for a new hotel. They gave us directions on how to get there. We docked up it was pretty crowded. You pay a $1 and walk through the manicured rain forrest to the beach. We didn't see any red frogs on the way over to the beach. When we got there we saw Chris and his girlfriend and sat down to chat with them. Then it started pouring down rain and we all took cover at the little resturant if you could even call it that. We decided to leave and chris came running after us and gave us some provisions and told us they would be at the Mondu Tatu tonight. Mondu Tatu is a hostel with a community kitchen and also a bar in the front. It is a super nice hostel for only $7 a night. We sailed back which was beautiful. We went to dinner and then walked over to the bar later that night. It was fun. January 22, 2006 Sunday
Today we sailed over to Bastimentos again. This time we went to the main town. We had a drink at the resturant there and then walked through the town. It was tiny. Just one road. After that we decided to hike over to the beach. We had trouble finding the path so a little boy showed us for a few cents. We had to walk through the cemetary and then you could catch the trail. It was super hard to see even with someone showing us. It was pretty muddy and nothing like the manicured path from yesturday. About 20 minutes into the hike we saw a house with horses there. We talked with the owner and she does horseback riding tours. That sounded fun. Jason's dad would have loved it. We finished our hike over to Playa Wizard. It was clearly more of a local place. It was super nice and there were huge waves. We played in the water and body surfed all afternoon. There was a trail to Frog's Beach but we decided not to head over there. We liked this one better. We hiked back late around 6pm and decided to spend the night. We also decided to leave our boat at the marina and travel to the interior. We really want to hike through the rainforest. Tomorrow will be a big day moving the boat to the marina and then taking the bus on our journey.

January 23, 2006 Monday
We woke up at 9am and sailed back and docked the boat at the marina. We packed up our stuff for the journey in 2 day packs. We were going to leave today and come back by Thursday but we still paid for a week. It was cheaper than doing it by the day. We would be refunded whatever we didn't use. This is definitely going to be like the movie planes, trains and automobiles. We are going to take a water taxi, a taxi, a bus, and hike. We took the water taxi Alamante and caught a auto taxi a resturant where the bus to David picks up. We bought lunch there for $1 and had chicken, beans & rice as well as a cookie. It was so good. We jumped on the bus and played cards for 4 hours until we reached David. We jumped on another bus to take us to Cerra Punta. We arrived in Cerro Punta by 6pm. We checked into the cheapest of the 2 pensions/hotels in town. It was $15 a night, which is expensive compared to Bocas. It was quite shabby but the sheets were clean. I was wondering why in the bathroom there were buckets of water, when Jason realized that in order to flush the toilet you needed to pour the water into it. There was no hot water in our room, not with the sink or shower. Down the hall they had a shower with hot water and that was it. This was very very amentity free. We were soo exhausted we didn't really care. The same older man that walked us down to our pension walked with us up to the first resturant. We decided to eat there. It was someones home that they also have a resturant in. It had alot of tables there though. All there was on the dinner menu was soup either chicken or beef and then beef or chicken for the main meal. We both got the chicken soup and the chicken. It was delicious. Only one piece of chicken in the soup and on the main dish, but the main dish had beans and rice as well as salad. It was really yummy! We had a beer with it as well and the total of the bill was less than $3. It was great. We went back to the room and passed out.

January 24, 2006 Tuesday

we woke up early and heard people in the room next to us. Jason stuck his head out when he heard them leaving and asked if they had done any of the trails yet. They hadn't but were doing the trail over to Boquette today. We decided to just do the trail to the waterfall today as a warm up. We saw them again at the bakery. There was the most amazing bakery in this town. I got some pasteries that had the strawberries from this area in it and it was so yummy I bought 4 more for the trail. We also bought some chicken empanadas. They were out of this world too. Pete and Grace were there as well and we sat with them for a little bit chatting. We didn't share a cab afterall since we needed to email our families. We went to the drug store which had a computer internet access. We then went to the resturant for breakfast that we visited the night before. Jason got 2 eggs and 2 tortillas (their tortillas are made out of cornmeal and are think) as well as some meat. It was only $2. The owner of the resturant is very nice. After that we caught a cab to the ranger station and began our hike. We hiked for around 4.5 hours. It was so beautiful in the rain forrest and the waterfall was georgeous. It was a strenuous hike though all up hill. We had to stop 4 times to catch our breathe and have second breakfast, noonsies, and second lunch. It was fun. I almost liked the second trail better than the waterfall one. We got a ride back with our cab drive and walked around the small town of cerro punto. It is a cute town that is basically a farmers town. All the hills are covered in lettuce, potatos, and various other vegatables. There were also lots of strawberries. It is known for them in this area. We decided to try one of the betidos. Basically milk and strawberries with sugar. They put too much sugar but it was good. We sat on a swing under a huge tree and drank it. It was super chilly up here so we were happy we brought our 3 fleeces and long underware. We decided to try a different resturant called Anthonys. It didn't even have a menu. We asked her to see one and she says "pollo o carne." I got the pollo and jason the carne. Jason wished he would have had the pollo his was dry and so I shared being the sweet wonderful wifie I am. It also came with beans and rice, and salad. We walked back to the room and were exhausted. I was almost asleep when Jason said there was a mouse in our room. He moved our stuff to a tall shelf from the bed. I was soo tired I didnt' even hear him and fell fast asleep. Good thing because if I would have known I would have freaked out and made us move to the other pension. We got up really ear

January 25, 2006 Wed
We got up early and went to the bakery for more pasteries and empanadas. Then we went to the resturant for breakfast. It looked like rain so we asked the owner for some garbage bags so we could put them on if need be. We then went in search for our cabbie. He was no where to be seen and none of the other cabbies had 4 wheel drive to take us to the beginning of the trail. An hour went by and we were getting concerned about beginning the hike. It is 9 kilometers plus the 3 kilometer hike out. Jason asked a guy who was just sitting around and he said he would take us. We kept asking him how much but he didnt' seem to want any money. It was a pretty tough four wheel trail to get there so when we arrived we gave him $15 anyway. That is what our cabbie was going to charge us. He was super nice to take us, we really were lucky. The hike up there would have added at least 5 kilometers to our hike. It was really really beautiful up there hiking. It was hard to look around since you really needed to watch were you were walking. We were walking on the cliff. I slipped and fell and luckily there was some brush on the side of the mountain that stopped me from plumeting down and Jason quickly grabbed me. Once again, my nine lives are slowly running out. We swung from vines too it was hilarious. They call this type of rain forrest the clouds. We were basicall above the clouds. It was misting alot but we didn't feel it with all of the thick trees overhead. When we arrived at the ranger station on the other side we still had to hike on the road to Boquette. We met some people there and walked with them. It was supposed to be only 3 kilometers but it took us 3 hours and we still weren't there. We finally caught a ride back the rest of the way. I think we were hiking from 10am until 4pm. That is a long day. We were soooo sore. We had a hard time finding a pension in this town. It was a big town but popular. After 3 being full we found one on the river for $18 a night, we had the most expensive room but also their only room left. It had a view of the river and we were lulled to sleep by the sounds of the river. We went to pizza for dinner and ran into Pete and Grace from our pension in Cerra PUnta. We had drinks, ate and hung out. It was a good time. We went back to the room and slept soo great!

January 26, 2006 Thurs
We woke up this morning and decided to stay one more day in Boquette. It is so beautiful up here. We went to the coffee plantation and had a look around and sat at the cafe and tried some of their coffees. We had there blend and then their italian cappacino. It was really good. After that we walked back into town for a 1/2 hour. It was a pretty walk. We had lunch at a local place and it was good. I also decided to get my hair trimmed. It needed it so bad. It has been since August when Angela cut it. It was very hard explaining what I wanted done. She ended up cutting it dry and it was curly so it is all messed up. Oh well. I wish I could fly home and have Angela fix it. Good think I didn't have her color it. Who knows what I would have looked like. After that we got some beers from the grocery store and sat on on the back deck by the river and chatted. We met a few people and were talking with them. Alot of older retired people were here looking for a cheap place to retire. We decided to shower and go into town for dinner. Jason started smelling smoke, it was coming in through our bathroom window. He went to investigate. I guess they have a barbe here for the guests to cook if they want and a couple from the UK were getting the grill ready to cook some chicken. We sat out there and talked with them over some beers and decided to grill out as well. We went and got some steak and some broccoli and threw it on the grill. The veggies were so good with some ranch dressing on them it has been a while since we had raw veggies. We ended up staying up late chatting. It was fun.

January 27, 2006 Friday
We woke up early and went to catch the bus. It was pouring outside and the river was raging and high. We were glad we were leaving. When we got to David we switched buses to head to Alamante. We made up 1.5 hours on our way when everyone was stopped. It ended up that there was a land slide and the road was blocked. We waited there an hour before turning back. We rented a room in David for the night and went to a movie. It was fun to see a movie for a change. They didn't have anything great but any movie at a theatre was good.

January 28, 2006 Saturday
We woke up early and went to the bus station to catch the bus to Alamante. It appears it is a go ahead. When we got up to the rest stop we found out the road wasn't ready to pass through yet. We sat at the rest stop for about an hour or so waiting. We met a really nice couple there from Austuria Nadia and Raeke. They were super nice. Also a guy who had his boat at the same marina as ours. We chatted the whole way back. They all got out at Alamante but we decided to go to chiquira to take the water bus back through the old route to take the bananas out. The chiquitta factory was there. It turned out that it was closed due to the river being too high and trees falling down. We had to take a cab all the way back to Alamante. We were so exhausted when we got back. Unfortunately, when we arrived in the boat it smelled. We found out that we burned a wire and the refridgerator wasn't working. We lost all of our food. Bummer. Luckily we put the conch in the freezer at the Marina.

January 29, 2006 Sunday
We ran into Nadia and Raeke at the Pirates resturant where we leave our dingy when we go into town. We had to do some computer work so we told them we would meet them for some drinks in a little while. We just caught them before they were leaving. We sat for a few hours drinking beers. We parted ways to go and change and get some things done. It was rainging today so there was nothing fun to do. We just were trying to fix our computer. It already had a virus. We walked to their hotel to find them and see if they wanted to have dinner with us but they weren't around. We went to Indian food and it was actually pretty good.

January 30, 2006 Mon
It was raining again today. The marina called us on the VHF to tell us that Nadia and Raeke had called for us to go to dinner that we had just missed them. They left a message to meet them at 7pm tonight to have dinner. We moved our boat back to where we were anchored before and got into the dingy to go into town. We just by chance drove past their hotel and they were outside. We made plans to meet at 1pm for lunch. We needed to work on our computer some more. We ate at a fabulous resturant. I had curried fish and pate. They were delicious. We also drank 2 bottles of yummy pinot grigio. We talked for hours and planned to meet at the firehouse to listen to the band practice at 7pm. We went back to the boat to shower and burn some cd's for David. We met at the firehouse and it turned out that Grace came as well. It was fun. We went over to their hotel and had some drinks as well. We planned for the three of them to meet us at 10:30 to go for a sail to snorkel or to go to the beach.

January 31, 2006 Tues
I finally did pilates again it was great. Jason picked up Grace and then Raeke and Nadia and we all sailed over to Red Frog's beach. It was raining super hard today but we decided to hike over there anyway. It was super slippery, but when we arrived the waves were big and we all jumped in. We body surfed all afternoon. When we got back to the boat I got out some wine, cheese, crackers, and watermelon. We feasted on that while sailing back. It was nice except for all the rain. After we anchored again the boys went to get some food to cook up and the girls took showers and got ready. They were all coming over for dinner on the boat. We made roasted garlic, reggianno parmiganno with oil, sundried tomatos, olives and bread for apps. For dinner we marinaded grouper in fresh pureed pinapple and garlic. It was all soo yummy. They also got a bunch of white wine. We had such a great time. It was fun to entertain again. We all went to bed by 10 hoping tomorrow would bring some sunshine.

Feb 1, 2006 Wed
Yes, finally some sunshine!! We woke up to a clear blue sky today. I worked on the logs and our new float plan. We have decided to skip South America. Too much of a beat and we don't want to have to stop in Peru it isn't worth the risk of having another experience like Jamaica. We are just going to go to Galapagos and then to Easter Island. We stopped by to see Grace on our way to meet this couple that is doing the same trip accross the Pacific. She was heading to the beach, but we met a guy that wants to crew aboard a ship. We are going to meet him later to talk about having him come along for that leg of the journey. It would afford us a little more sleep on the passage. Jason and I went into town to meet a couple that are sailing accross the Pacific the same time as us. We had coffee. They were from Minisota. They were super nice. Then we decided to go snorkeling. We went to hospital point. The snorkeling was pretty good. Very colorful and lots of fish. When we got back we worked on the website so we could get it updated then I was exhausted and went to bed while Jason went to call his mom.

Feb 2, 2006 Thurs
We had a guy ask us to join us on our sail to Australia as a crew member. We met with him this morning to conduct an interview and allow him to ask us some questions. We decided to have him come along. It will be nice to have someone help with the night watches on our longest journey of our sailing trip thus far. We decided to skip South America and just go to the Galapagos then to Easter Island and then continue on our regular schedule. South America is just too much of a beat. We were going to fly there, but decided to just do it when we finish our trip. It seems we may have 2 more guests for the journey to Colon from Bocas De Torro. Our friend Reake might come and another buy from the hostel from Australia wants to journey with us down there and will help us transit the canal. This works out well to help with the lines going through the canal. We may have a full ship for this little let of our journey. There is a 21 day wait to go through the canal so we are going to hire an agent so we don't have to wait in colon for our turn. Our agent will let us know when we are up. We are going to head to the San Blas Islands and check them out while waiting.