Moon at night on way out of Mangareva.

July 1, 2006 Sat
This morning we woke up early and pulled up anchor. It took a bit of time to pull up because the chain was all over the place. The weather changing so much and winds being so strong here caused the chain to move all over the place. We were very close to Umi while pulling it up which always makes Laurel nervous while at the helm. Laurel did a great job at the helm though. We proceeded to go to the small little dock to get water (our water membrane for our watermaker is bad and we are producing too little to make it worth it). We filled up, washed all the dishes, took showers and were off to pick up Umi. We are dragging Umi out of the anchorage and through the channel. Their motor still isn't working and they need help to get out. We pulled her through and waved goodbye. Off we went. We are actually faster than someone it seems. We made great time today doing an average of 6 knots. I made up the school fish that we Serge caught the other day when we were all hanging out. Laurel made the salad and squash that we still had left over from Easter Island. All was delicious. We spent all day and night at wings. All shifts went well. It was weird being at sea again and we had to get used to the noises the boat makes when it moves which can make sleeping challenging.

July 2, 2006 Sun
We are doing great so far. We have had good winds and are cruising along doing an average of 5/6 knots.

The big marlin we caught!!

July 3, 2006 Mon
We caught a huge marlin this evening. I was making tuna when I heard the boys all excited upstairs. I did not go up because we have this habit of losing fish that are on the line. A few minutes later I popped my head up and Jason had gaffed it. It was 40 + pounds!!! We are all so excited. I made the recipe for one of the types of poisson cru from Serge for dinner with rice and we had bread fruit fried like french fries. It was all very yummy. Tomorrow we will have try marlin as sushi. Jason tasted it on deck and said it isn't the best sushi fish but I want to try anway. In a roll it would not be bad. I decided to take a double shift and skip the morning shift today. I am really exhausted because I haven't really slept since we left. My back is really starting to feel the effects of no sleep as well as rocking. I really enjoyed my shift. We lost wind when I first started my shift, which was depressing. We were just floating out here. I asked Jason to take a look and see if there was any way we could sail. He came up and decided to try the pole because even though it was only 6-10 knots it was coming from the right direction. We put it out and low and behold we were sailing!!! It is funny, we were only going 1,5 - 2.2 knots but we were so excited!!! we were happy just to be moving in the right direction. I did not know our boat could sail in only 6 knots of wind. But, that is of course because we are lucky and it is coming from the right direction!! My whole shift was nice. We actually were doing 3 knots some of the time. I really enjoyed the long shift and listened to my girlie music cd just watching the stars and the water. It was super relaxing. When Oliver came on duty I told him the winds were picking up just slightly to around 10 knots and he could try and put up the main if he wanted to. He was able to and the winds even picked up a little more during the night. Yahoo!

Big smile for Independence Day!

July 4, 2006 Tues

We ended up making 100 miles yesterday. Yippee!! It was so nice to not have to wake up this morning. I slept until 3pm in the afternoon, that was 15 hours of sleep!!! How fabulous. I felt so rested and happy. We have been sailing all day which is great. The grib files show that we should have no wind in fact yesterday too and for the next 5 days no wind. Hopefully they are wrong. Jason made up the jerk chicken and Oliver made sushi. I had a piece of the chicken that was marinading in Walker's Wood marinade from Jamaica for 2 days and it was fabulous. FYI - if you like spicy they sell Walker's Wood in the United States at few places usually specialty stores, but you can ask. If you marinade it for 3 days it is the most spicy, but if you like things mild just marinade it for a day or a few hours. Hmm, Hmm Hmm. Oliver's sushi was good too. Oliver and Anne make sushi rolls by cutting the seaweed paper in half so they are very small. For this fish it is perfect because it is not a dominate flavor. It was good. On Anne's shift the winds died again but we were still able to sail. By my shift the wind died completely and the wind indicator was just spinning around. Jason put up the hammock to try and sleep in that but it was rocking too violently for him. He went to bed since I was pulling another double shift. Around 8pm I noticed that we were having 8-10 knots of wind and called for Jason but he was out. I noticed that Oliver's light was on so asked him to help me put up the sails. We put them all up and were sailing on course. This lasted until around 11pm then they died down a little. I took down the mizzen sail because it was just flapping horribly. I was able to leave the others up and even though I was only going 1 knot or less we were not rocking as much and we were heading the right way.

July 5, 2006 Wed
I woke up this morning to rocking and rolling. We have no wind what so ever. We are just floating out here. It could be much worse if the seas were bigger I suppose. Jason look at the grib files and they are saying that this is going to be it for 5 days. We are trying to decide if we should head to one of the islands out here. The problem is we will have to motor quite a ways to get there. So, the big question is do we pay the $90 or so buckeroos to motor to one of the islands? We are already on a 1/2 tank of water and our water maker is really not functioning. Not the best situation. We are just a little disappointed that we bought a brand new watermaker and we are having it make only brackish water right now so we have to use that for our showers. We saw a whale today. That was cool. It was right behind our boat. It is the closest one has gotton to us at that speed (slow). Usually they hang out when the seas are big and we are going fast. It seemed to be curious about us.

Just floating out here!

July 6, 2006 Thurs
We decided to motor today to get to the one island that was on our GPS. We made it there by the afternoon to find out there is no pass into a lagoon. We could not stop there. So, we floated away from the island. We pretty much floated all day until my shift at 6pm. I motored while charging the freezer and during which, I noticed some wind. I put the boat into nuetral to see if it was true wind. We ended up putting up all the sails and were sailing at about 2 knots. At about 9pm Jason reefed down the main because it was flapping too much with the sea swell and lack of wind. The rest of my shift until midnight went great. The wind picked up and I was averaging around 3.5 knots. It was a great shift. I really like doing the double. I seem to sleep better. Jason was craving hot wings so he deboned some legs and thighs we had and made them like hot wings. It was soo delicious. I made garlic and herb bread to go along with some roasted garlic. yummy!!

July 7, 2006 Fri
We had a great night of wind. We sailed all night. we were averaging about 3 knots. The seas are getting bigger. It is amazing how fast that happens. We are getting into a low now that will give us more headwinds. A huge low is possibly developing that may pose some problems for getting to Tahiti if we can't get there before it hits. Lows seem to be our game as this will be the 6th low since we left Easter Island making us have to sail brutally upwind instead of casually downwind with the tradewinds. I made some more bread today this time white bread. It is better because it makes 2 loaves that you can slice. More practical.

July 8 - 12, 2006 Wed
We had a much longer passage than what was expected. We had no winds and then winds on the nose. The final 2 days we had good strong wind until 13 miles from the entrance when the wind calmed and the seas were big so that the sails luffed, and then "boom", we tore the main again!! The repair jason did outside of Easter Island tore again. So Jason took down the sails and we motored the last 3 hours. It was long and we were happy to arrive in Pape'ete in time for Bastille Day, which is on the 14th. They have been having festivities all month. We arrived and were exhausted. We opened some rum and had a few drinks and made some sushi from a wahoo we caught on the way in. It was ok. We also watched a movie and went to bed early so that we could get up early to explore tomorrow. We are excited to have the boat to ourselves again, which will happen some time in the next few days we hope. Right when we were arriving we had following seas and I left the window by our bedroom open. Our matress was like a sponge full of salt water!!! It sucked. As soon as we arrived jason put it on deck to dry. We spent the last day at sea sleeping in the main cabin!!

yes, we ate at Mc Donalds, sad we know!

July 13, 2006 Thurs
We walked part of the way into town. We needed to get our package and check in. I decided to dress nice today and actually wore heals and a sundress. As we were walking with the french couple toward town, we decided it was going to take too long and decided to catch the "truck" which is basically a bus. It costs $2.60 US each way for the both of us. The french decided to walk the whole way. It was nice to be alone. We spent all day walking around. We were unable to checked in since French Polynesia requires a bond and everything is closed tomorrow due to the holiday. We need to pay the bank the bond and get a bond letter to prove we did so. They said we could do it on Monday. Jason asked the french couple to pay us today, we need the money for the bond as well as we have arrived at their final destination and it is time to pay and depart MOnkey's Business. Oliver was not being exactly nice about paying us back the money they owe us right away. Which we were kind of concerned about. We walked to the fed ex office which was quite a walk back in the direction we came. We stopped at a grocery store on the way for an apple!! We ran into the french couple they still hadn't made it to town. I guess they were going over the final bill for groceries while walking. I did an inventory before we left and did one when we arrived and everything that was opened was divided by two and that is their amount due to us for what they ate. We all agreed on this method before we left, we thought it was more fair than doing a per diem. What a joke. We had estimated $300/month and we were right on if not a little under that amount. But yet they complained about the most insignificant things right there on the side of the road. He was talking so rudely as usual to both Jason and I that I had to walk away from them. I was getting so upset. More at the way he was speaking to Jason after how nice we have been with them. We left them and continued walking to the Fed Ex store. Our package was not at Fed Ex. We did not really expect it to but were hoping so that we could take pictures of what was happening for the holidays here. We walked back to town because we had to meet up with Oliver and Anne to receive our payment. when we met up with them they said that they could not pay us the whole amount that they could only get out half. Their credit cards were not working to get a cash advance. They told Jason that they would ask Pelican Express and Dutch Touch for the money they owe us. Those are boaters that we are friends with. Jason was appalled and told them not to. After that lovely meeting, we walked over to Dutch Touch for happy hour. We had a very nice time at Dutch Touch. Pelican Express came over as well as Procyon. It was a nice time. We left around 6pm because it was getting dark as we did not bring a light for the dingy or have our anchor light on. We stopped at Mc Donalds for a quick hamburger and fries and headed back on the bus. It was dark out when we were riding back to the boat and we actually did hit a little reef UGH!! Everything was ok though. Tomorrow we are bringing some tomato juice over to Dutch Touch and we are all going to have bloody mary's and then watch the parade. We decided to enjoy the boat for the night by ourselves and watch a movie and eat some food. Luckily it rained hard most of this afternoon. We were happy because our matress was outside getting a fresh water wash. We slept in the main cabin again today.

the bus stop, look at all the trucks just sitting around!!

July 14, 2006 Friday
We brought over some v-8 juice to Dutch touch and they were not ready to go yet, so Jason and I walked over to the parade and saw Sheri and Randy from Procyon there. We sat together during the parade. After the parade, Jason and I had bloody marys with Dutch Touch and Pelican express it was fun. Afterwards we all walked over to get tickets to the big Dance show on Saturday evening. When we got there the box office was closed. We watched Javelin which was super cool. They throw these spears and try to hit a coconut on the top of a pole. We left everyone else to go eat street food they were going to sit down at a resturant and we were really looking forward to eating at one of the vedors. I had a belguin waffle with nutella and whip cream and Jason had a panini. Delicious!! We walked through the craft area a little and back to see more Javelin and the rock lifting competition. The Rock lifting was very cool too. They coat the rock in coconut oil and then the guys have to lift it up to their shoulder. It was a super fun day. We ended up not going out because Jason had one of his bad headaches and my back was not too good either. Jason has been moving the matress on deck daily and is still drying outside on deck today.

View of Tahiti from our boat.

July 15, 2006 Saturday
We took the dingy over to the marina downtown rather than taking the bus. We parked near Procyon and walked over to buy tickets to the Dance. Procyon invited us over for a drink afterwards and we sat on their deck and had a beer and a margarita!! Yummy. We left and went back to our boat to change for the show that started at 7pm. We were going to come back to Procyon for a drink prior to heading over to the show. It took me a little longer to get ready than I though. We made it over there by 6:30 and made to go drinks and walked over to the show. The show was really good. They danced and sang. After the show, we went out to the Les Roulottes for some dinner. It was yummy. We proceeded to head out to a couple night clubs. The last one we went to had a drag show. It was super good. We did not get home until 4am. what a great night!! Our matress is finally dry and we will make the bed tomorow!!

July 16, 2006 Sunday
Jason ran ashore around 8am because he thought it was 9am and they were having a swap thing going on. He wants to sell our dingy. He saw Anne on shore. She wants to come on the boat and pick up their things, they have a place to stay. Oliver is bringing a car to pick it all up and he will pay us the rest of the money they owe us. I was sleeping in the main room when they arrived and Anne went into the bedroom and packed up their stuff and Jason drove her to shore. Ahhh the relief. It is a day to celebrate the liberation of Monkey's Busniness. I got up around 11am or noon. Jason came back to the boat afer getting water (which he does every day) for the boat and we worked a little on the boat and then just relaxed and watched a movie and went to bed early. We were exhausted after all the dancing last night.

Sunset over Mo'orea.

July 17, 2006 Monday
Today I spent all day (3 hours) deep cleaning parts of the boat. You would think that we had crew that our boat would be in pretty clean shape, but it was horrible. I had to scrub their cabin it was sooo dirty and their bathroom was disgusting too. You think the least they could have done is cleaned their area before they left!!! We were so anxious to get them off the boat that we just did not even care to tell them they did not clean it and stay to do it. Things that were their chores they must have never done all the way. The dust was 2 inches think. They never moved a thing to clean or polish the wood. Very very disappointed but I was expecting it. Like Jason said we were just their charter boat. It is sad to think that we lost money on this deal. We thought we were just going to have fun with them, and our boat would look better, and as it turns out our boat looks worse and we lost money. Life. Live and learn. I guess they are used to traveling around using people for what they need. I am just very happy to have a clean boat again and have it to myself. While I was cleaning the boat, Jason was trying to get our bond money together and clear us in. He came back around 3pm with nada!! I guess they were having trouble getting a cash advance on our credit card and the bank would not call our bank. Poor Jason what a frustrating day. It always sucks when you are running around all day and you accomplish nothing. We had some brie cheese and pate for late lunch and worked some more on the boat. I was starting to hurt pretty good by now and I set up my massage chair and put in a movie while jason finished cleaning the boat. We just had some left overs for dinner.

Laurel on the dock near where our boat is anchored, Mo'orea in the backround.

July 18, 2006 Tues
We woke up today and went into town around noon to try and get our bond sorted out. We ran into some boaters we had met in Mangareva and their friends told us that you can hire an agent for $70 a person and he will handle all the paper work and the bond for you. No need to get any money out or pay any other fees. We were so excited we decided we will do that tomorrow!! We decided to stop at the brewery here in town and have a local beer made right there and have a snack. I ordered a cherry beer and Jason an amber right away. They were sooooooooooo incredibly good. We have not had a good beer like that in ages!!! We really savored them. Jason saw the brew master and walked over to talk with him. He suggested we try the unfiltered wheat beer. Of course we ordered it right away that is our favorite kind. It was not very good and did not look unfiltered. We were baffled. He came over to see if we liked it and noticed it was the wrong beer. We had already drank half since we were sharing a big one. He took it away and got us the correct one free of charge!! How nice. It was so delicious. I was in heaven!!! We ordered this stewed meat thing I forget the name, but it was delicious too. We shared it. We were just sitting outside enjoying the view drinking our Wheat beer and eating our yummy food. It was perfect except that one lunch and 4 beers runs about $55US. After our nice lunch, We walked around a bit and then over to fed ex to see where our package was. They said it was at the Marina. We went to the Marina and sure enough it was there. Thank you mom, Elisabeth and Christy for all your help and all the things inside!!! You are all angels. We were so thrilled with the contents. Many kisses of thanks to you!!! I have to say that we are so lucky to have you guys out there helping us or we would not be able to do this. Please know how much we appreciate it!!! Procyon came over and I opened one of wines from Easter Island. We cooked some of the Marlin that we caught on the way here and I made rice with saffron peas and waterchestnuts. It was soo good. Procyon brought some dessert and a bottle of wine. It was a really nice evening!!! It was so nice to have guests over for dinner again. It is too hard to do that when you have crew. We stayed up pretty late drinking wine and talking.

Downtown Pape'ete.

July 19, 2006 Wed
Jason woke up early and headed into town to call the agent while I was in bed. He found out that the agent charges $425 not $140 we were told by another cruiser. So, off we went into town again to get our bond sorted out around 12:30!! We went straight to the bank and were once again unable to get a cash advance on our Chase visa. There is not reason for this because our cash advance limit is really high. We asked the guy to call the bank but he looked at us like we had two heads. We decided to try our wells fargo card. We did not want to use it because we are trying to only use one card for our travels, but we had to. It worked thank goodness and we successfully secured our bond paper work. We will get our money back ($2500US) in polynesian francs in Bora Bora when we check out. We walked from there to the Port Captain's office, and from their to customs and immigration. Yes, we are now legal here!!! We walked around town looking in the shops. I stopped and picked up some supplies I need to finish my projects and we got a camera case for our new camera!! We were so funny about the camera, we both wanted to use it all day!! It was fun walking around town. We decided we should get going to the grocery store it was getting kind of late. We went to the big store here that is like a walmart. We were only going to get a few items and ended up spending $400 on food, but it is for the next 2 months!!! It is hard not to because the cheese is so good here. It was so fun shopping there though. We walked back with the cart to the dock and used the cooler to unload the cart. They do not give you bags here in Tahiti. We spent the evening unloading and putting away all the groceries. We made up the chicken for dinner in a lemon grass sauce with the left over rice. IT was so good. We watched one of the movies Christy sent us, "Proof" it was great. Thanks again!! DVD's are so coveted in this boat by laurel!!!

The marine police after coming to inspect our boat.

July 19, 2006 Thurs
This morning we were awoken by customs arriving at our boat at 8:30am. They came aboard and did a search and wanted to see our fire arms. It all went fine and they were off by 9:30 am. We were goin to go to the other side of the island with Procyon today but now were still have to run the engine and do our laundry before we go and they were leaving at 9:30. Oh well. I guess it is good because I need to work on the logs today. I was soo behind. I stopped writing July 6. Jason went in to do laundry today (3 loads by hand and one by machine for $8US just to wash). It always ends up being more work than it should. He came back to the boat to tell me that they do not have change anywhere here and he has to walk to the store to try and get some. Everything takes so much more time than it should when you travel like this. I mean how hard it is to have a change machine at the marina or at least have some change to change out when people use the laundry facilities. But of course that would make it easy for us boaters and no one wants that. So I am supposed to be doing the taxes and updating the logs while Jason spends 4 hours getting the laundry done, but I got nothing done on the taxes and spent lots of time reorganizing DVD's. We do so little going and seeing where we are, we spend most of our time on the boat, either because of my back, or work to do on the boat or working on this website as it takes lots and lots of time. Jason found someone intersted in our spare dingy motor so he spent about 4 hours getting it running and in good shape, then jason took down the laundry then he raised the dingy out of the water and locked it.

Jason sitting at a roullet eating some yummy food!

July 20, 2006 fri
went shopping and went out to the roullats in town and watched the local show went to brewery too

Anchorage on way into Mo'orea.

July 21, 2006 sat
We got up this morning and prepared the boat for departure. We sailed over to Mo’orea today. We had great winds, very strong. The seas were pretty big as well, but we made it there in no time. We arrived around 4pm. It was such a great sail just the two of us again!! When we arrived Procyon called us on the VHF and invited us over for dinner. We anchored and grabbed a bottle of wine and headed over for a nice dinner. It was fun. We ended up staying up pretty late.

view of the Sheridan resort from our boat.

Our anchorage, truly paradise.

Laurel in Sheridan Resort Pool relaxing!

July 22, 2006 sun
We woke up in paradise. The island is full of big hill/mountains. There will definitely be some good hiking here. We rode the dingy over to check out the bay. Jason called Serge to see if they are going to meet us in Bora Bora. It was nice to talk with him. They still aren't sure when they are able to come so we will call them next week! Now we headed over to the beach to lounge for a while. The beach is very nice. There were lots of locals there playing on the beach and swimming. It was pretty windy though, and we were getting tired of eating sand so we decided to take a walk and check out the Sheridan resort. They have a spa there and I wanted to see how much a massage would be. The massages ended up being way too much, but we checked out the whole resort. It was nice, but seemed like a very boring place to be. We swam in the pool for about an hour and decided to walk some more. We had a nice time just relaxing today.

Jason in the waterfall

Hike on Mo'orea.

July 23, 2006 mon
We went hiking this morning with Procyon. At first it seemed like it was going to be very boring the whole hike was up a road!!! The ruins were not that exciting either. You can see from the pictures. When we arrived at the top of the road it was a beautiful view of the two bays though. We sat down and had some lunch and wine. After lunch, we noticed a hiking trail that lead into the woods. We decided to explore. We hiked for sometime and came across a waterfall. Jason and Randy went through the little river and into the waterfall. It looked like fun, but I did not feel like getting soaked!! The mosquitoes were already eating me a live even with 2 layers of off on. We hiked all day until around 1pm when we hit the road again!! We finally were back at the boat around 3pm. We had happy hour with Procyon.

Jason surrounded by sting rays.

Sting rays trying to hug jason.

July 24, 2006 tues
We went snorkeling today with the sting rays it was the coolest experience. The sting rays were all over Jason as soon as he got in the water. It looked like they were hugging him. I never new sting rays underbellies were so soft. After a lot of snorkeling the four of us went to a beach bar and had a drink. I had a tequila drink with blue Curacao. It was delicious, but a little strong. We headed back to the boat and showered and changed and had happy hour again. It was fun.

Beautiful sunset in Mo'orea.

July 25, 2006weds
We went into town today. We drove the dingy over to the Black Pearl Resort. There was a dock there and we tied off the dingy and went for a walk. There was a nice little shopping area that we walked around. They also had awesome ice cream and pastries. We ate an ice cream cone and a pastry. They were so good. We walked all along the road and found another grocery store. It was a good one. They even had all kinds of French wines and liquors. We walked back to the dingy and a local was swimming in the water there. I said hello and he said “hi” back. Unusual in French Polynesia. We started talking and he invited us to come over to his house tomorrow. We said sure we would be around 11am.

Riding Romeo's bikes around Mo'orea.

July 26, 2006 Thurs
We worked on the generator for a while this morning; something of course is wrong with it and it won’t run. Jason thinks it is the starter. I cleaned the boat while he worked on that. We then went to meet Romeo. When we arrived he wasn’t at the dock so we went to a pay phone and called his house. He wasn’t home. We were getting ready to goped around the island when Romeo showed up on his bike. I guess he was out on a boat and saw us arrive. We went to his house and he had cut a bunch of bananas and grapefruits to give us. He also cut a coconut and poured us some water. We sat on his deck chatting. He spins music for fun. We gave him some reggae music we burned and he gave us some local stuff. We were going to go find one of his friends and we all jumped on bikes and road them around the island to the airport. His friend had not shown up in a half hour so Jason and I biked to the beach. It was super nice. The locals all hang out there. We bought a coke and made a rum and coke and played cards on the beach the rest of the afternoon. Romeo never showed up so we rode his bikes back to his house. He was sitting talking to one of his friends and was about to leave to come get us. Strange. We went over to his house and picked up the fruit to take to the dingy and his dog bit Jason!! Luckily it did not break skin!! He wanted us to come and spend the night tomorrow evening. We said we’ll see that it depends on the winds but that we’d come by in the morning. When we arrived home we invited Procyon over for some drinks. Unfortunately, it started to rain and had to leave after an hour or so. What a nice day.

July 27, 2006 fri
We went to meet Romeo at the dock again. He wasn’t there so we walked to his house. No Romeo so we walked to the Pastry shop and had another treat!! It was so good!!! We walked back to the dock and headed back to the boat. We called Procyon and we all waked to the juice factory. They also make liquor and do a tasting!! Not of the juices but the liquors!! It was yummy. We walked about 3miles to get there so on the way back we stopped to grab a hamburger at a place on the side of the road. It was good. We went snorkeling right by our boat. All of the hotels bring the guest there on a snorkeling excursion so we thought we would check it out. It was kick butt!! Lots and lots of colorful coral and fish!! I love the trumpet fish. After snorkeling we were famished and brought over some meat and potatoes to cook on Procyon. It was a nice evening. It was a perfect sunset, we saw the green flash. I had never heard of that before but I guess if you have no clouds when the sun sets it flashes all the colors of the rainbow. One of them is green it lasts about 30 sec to 2 minutes. It was really neat to see. Now I will always look for it!! It was a long flash to about 2 minutes. We ended up watching “Animal House!” I hadn’t seen that since I was in college!!

On a hike we saw these rock formations. There were a ton of them in this area, where they piled rocks on top of rocks.

July 28, 2006 sat
We woke up and prepared the boat for departure. We are doing an overnight trip to Riatea. We snorkeled in the morning looking for my ring which I thought I lost snorkeling yesterday (I did not thank goodness), it was a nice snorkel. The crew of Braveheart stopped by to give us the information on the marina’s in New Zealand in Bounty Bay. That is where we are planning on leaving the boat and having a bottom job done on it. After they left we pulled up anchor and were off. I was sad to leave Mo’orea. It truly is a beautiful place. It was pretty rough so we decided not to cook to just heat up soup. The winds were strong as well about 25 knots. I did the 9-2 shift and Jason did the 2:20-6:30 shift. It worked out nicely. Although, we were both tired. We have been used to getting a lot of sleep lately!!

July 29, 2006 sun
We arrived in Riatea around 8am but we took our time finding a good anchorage. We dropped anchor around 10am. We ate some snacks, inflated the dingy, grabbed the go ped and went in to explore. There was a big cruise ship arriving so we decided to see if they opened up the stores on Sundays for them. It was a fun go ped ride to town. Not much was open there except for one pearl store of course, and another tourist shop. On the way home we found a grocery store open and bought a baguette and some root beer. We just made it home before we ran out of gas!!! We spent the rest of the afternoon working together on the generator (I helped when needed as assistant to the engineer) and I worked on the logs!!

July 30, 2006 mon
Working on the generator today. Jason is doing all the work, but I am a good assistant. I am working on our pictures from Mo'orea and the website. It is a nice day. We do not really like where we are anchored, but there is a marine store right here. If we cannot fix the generator we may need to go back to Tahiti for some parts or live without it until we get to New Zealand. We'll see. Jason says there is still hope. I made up the left over chicken and stuffing into a curry salad for a sandwich. It was soo good. Just a boat fixing day in paradise!! Hopefully, tomorrow we can move the boat to where all the good hiking is and spend the next few days hiking and taking the dingy up the river.

July 31, 2006 tues