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July 1, 2009 Wed
Woke up and put away all the hookah stuff and readied the boat then took the dingy over to the beach the winds were blowing 15 knots and that means J can kite!!! We packed up some snacks, drinks, my chair, and Jís kite gear and to the beach we went. Sure enough Jason was gliding across the water in no time. He was having so much fun. He saw two huge turtles while kiting. I did some yoga on the beach and read my book. Unfortunately, the wind died down and so he quit but at least he was able to get a few hours in. We packed up and went back to our boat, pulled up the motor using the halyard, pulled the dingy on deck and up with the anchor. I was on the bow for the entire way out just to make sure we did not hit any reefs. It was low tide though, so everything was pretty visible. We are on our way to Darwin. We had light winds again today which is not fun. I want to fast. We saw lots of boats because we are in the shipping lane and will be for most of the sail up the rest of the coast.

July 2, 2009 Thurs
Jason crawled into bed with me to cuddle and whispered that he almost killed us last night. Apparently a cargo ship was coming towards us and Jason called him and told him we are sailing and would like to pass port to port but the cargo ship said starboard to starboard. Somehow in Jasonís mind this did not click and it wasnít until the cargo ship was very close that he realized and had to hurry and tack the boat!! It happens. I seem to be always able to tell by their lights which way they are going and where they will pass me. I thought is funny, J never makes mistakes and it was so cute when he told me in bed cuddling! We had great winds today!! They were strong and we were making over 6 knots all day!!

July 3, 2009 Fri
On my night shift the winds died so we decided to try to catch the wind and motor for a couple of hours. I hate motoring but I was tired tonight and watching TV really helps you stay awake and there are way more choices on the big TV than on the IPod. I watched the rest of season 4 of Greyís Anatomy on my watch. I made Paella for dinner tonight with chicken, sausage and fish. It turned out great. Unfortunately, I have a little bug so am not eating too much today. We arrived at Shelburne Bay around 9am and stayed there until 6pm in hopes to catch more wind and favorable currents through the Albany pass. We had good winds from about 6pm to after midnight then it dropped making us miss the 8am tide.

July 4, 2009 Sat
We had to pull into Escape River to wait for the 3pm tide. Both of us took a nap and I modified the alternator to put out more power, and this time it worked!! Light winds pushed us to Albany pass, but the current was still going the wrong way. As we entered the pass we had a definite 2 knot current against us for the 8 miles of pass, and the wind not being too strong gave us a net of 3 knots most the way. We rounded the cape and lost all wind. A short motor and got the wind strong for the rest of the night. Both laurel and I were quite tired and not used to the 24/7 thing yet. But we had a great 4th of July barbe.

July 5, 2009 Sun
We thought we had left the crappy lump sea when we exited the Coral Sea, but it turns out the Gulf was worse!!! Light winds and medium choppy seas made progress very slow and the crew is getting cranky. Some motoring is being done to make us feel a bit better. Weather reports showed stronger winds, as usual.

July 6, 2009 Mon
Two tired crew, light crappy winds and choppy seas continue. Motored for 8 hours, made water (that is barely drinkable, and donít know what is wrong with the water maker) and topped the batteries. 9PM, we catch the wind!!! Well maybe, it is now storming and raining (during the Dry) but there is some wind and we are sailing!!

July 7, 2009 Tues
The wind has stuck, and I have the lines out fishing. Laurel is still not up to par, and I am a bit more tired than I would like, and we still have 450 miles to go, but things are looking up. Bam fish on, bam fish on. Laurel did not notice but I got to them before they were eaten by sharks and after careful work, we have 6 pounds of Albacore Tuna to feast on. Took a nap, woke up with a migraine, took a pill, got better, still have good wind. We dined on some lovely Mackerel that Laurel prepared. Laurels shift had the joy of increased wind, giving me that great opportunity to go on deck at 1AM and put a reef in. Not too bad because now the weather is nice and warm and we are sailing during the rising full moon so there is lots of light.

July 8, 2009 Wed
Laurel still under the weather, but the weather is still good. Making good time and less than 300 miles to go.

July 9, 2009 Thur
We were making were sailing fast but the current was against us so we were only going 4 knots as apposed to the 6 we should have been making. We were getting frustrated since the wind was on the nose and the current against us and Laurel was still feeling bad so we decided to stop until 3am when the tide would change. We watched a movie and then crashed at 7pm.

July 10, 2009 Fri
We woke up at 3am to leave and we had the current with us so we were making 9 knots. It was great!! We are going to stop tonight if we canít make it into Darwin by nightfall. Even with how fast we were going we couldnít make it before sunset into Darwin so stopped for the night outside which was super rough. We might as well have been sailing for as bad as the boat was pitching around. But, we were not sailing so could sleep together which is always nice and for a solid night.

July 11, 2009 Sat
We woke up this morning around 7am and I took a shower while Jason ate breakfast and then we pulled up the anchor for our last leg to Darwin!! It was definitely a night not unlike a sailing night. We were pitching from side to side really bad because of the current, winds opposing, and seas. But, at least we were not on watch so slept pretty well TOGETHER. I was just writing an email while Jason started us towards Darwin when the cell phone rang, it was my parents!! I was so excited. We havenít even arrived officially and I was getting to talk with them. I was in a great mood. We only had an hour until our arrival. There were tons of boats in the anchorage when we arrived, but since there are over 150 boats in the rally that was to be expected. We found a nice little spot and down went the anchor. We changed and dropped the dingy in the water and off to town we went. We brought the computer but did not even use it. We went to the art museum and then walked along the botanical gardens which were outside but part of a path towards the casino. It was really nice. We went past the casino toward Cully Bay. We are going to have lunch there. We walked past the tennis club and there was a tournament going on but we were so starved we decided to stop on the way back to watch. Cully Bay is basically a bunch of condoís/vacation homes overlooking the marina. There one block road that is the little shop area and if you walk along the dock there are several restaurants overlooking the marina. We stopped at one of these to have lunch. The roast beef Panini was terrible there was on one inch thick and long piece of meat on a baguette that wasnít even heated. Basically it was bread. Jason ordered the steak sandwich, and while it was big and had bacon on it, it could have been better. A hamburger is $18 here at a cheap restaurant, they did not have one here and I am glad because if I would have ordered it and it was tiny, thin, and well done I would have been disappointed. We walked back and stopped to watch tennis, but the tournament was over for the day. We continued to walk back it was a good half hour. It was nice to walk. We went back to the boat to rest for a half hour before the barbeque dinner with the Indonesian rally. I threw on some leggings under my little dress in case it gets cold. The dinner was more involved than we thought. They had an open bar until they ran out of drinks which lasted at least an hour. They had chicken skewers, sausages, beef, salads and bread which were good. We ended up at a table with a bunch of crew from another boat. We did not really meet a whole lot of people since they all seemed to know each other and sit in groups. We think most boats in the rally are Australianís.

July 12, 2009 Sun
We took the dingy to the yacht club to leave for the day. It is amazing how far the tide goes out. You have to walk your dingy up the sand 200 feet to make sure it does not float away and even then we use an anchor. We are super lucky to have wheels. We put them down while in the water and then we pull it out. It makes it so much easier. It also makes the process a lot quicker. The rest of sailers have to pick up their dingy and carry it up the beach. We arrived fairly early and left to walk to watch some tennis. The semifinals are today and it is an international tournament which makes it a lot more interesting. There were some very close matches. It would be nice to come back for the finals but that does not seem likely since we need to get to work on our errands and repairs. We stayed there until 3pm and then we walked through the night market which was partly opened already. It seemed cool, so we are looking forward to coming back later. We will take the dingy to the beach here rather than at the marina and walking 30 minutes to get here again. After a nice rest on the boat we took the dingy over to the beach. There were lots of people on the beach watching the sunset over the water with all the sailboats in the background. We pulled in and rolled our dingy up to the trees and locked it. There were people on the beach that had brought a little coffee table with their chairs. It was a great set up. There were tons of people with chairs sitting along the beach as well as by the market. We of course started with food. I had pufferies which were delicious. Jason tried several dishes from around the world that were good too and we ended with a crepe. There was a dijeredoo band playing as well and that was fantastic. We stayed for the entire show. There were some local girls follow the band and come everytime they play that danced. The dijeredoo band was different than any I have heard before in Australia, much more like lounge music or even dance music really fantastic. We bought a cd and Jason talked with him a bout circular breathing and found out by example what he is doing wrong. After the music the market was closing down so we went to sit on the beach for a while. There were bon fires and people using lights on strings in place of fire sticks and were doing an impromptu show. We took the dingy back at night and it was interesting finding our boat again.

July 13, 2009 Mon
We took the bus into town today to go to the Australian customs and to the Indonesian consulate to apply for our visa which should be ready by Friday. Good thing too since we are leaving on Saturday. I am already looking forward to Thursday to go to the night market again. We walked around Darwin which is a nice town. They have a nice walking street which is full of shops and restaurants. We took the bus back to the marina and met one of the girls playing in the tournament. She told us there is another one that starts on Thursday so maybe weíll get to watch some more of the up and coming stars of tennis. We stopped to use the internet in the office, but the connection was terrible we left in frustration. We went back to the boat to eat we were starving since we hadnít eaten since breakfast and it was now 3pm. I made an early dinner of seared tuna with Japanese curry noodles. It was great!! Jason went in to talk with the Rally people as well as to get some parts and I stayed back to start cleaning the boat. I worked on the logs today as well as the pictures for the website. Jason is doing repairs work so we will be ready to leave on Saturday.

July 14, 2009 Tues
I worked on the tax return all day today. I had an automatic extension since I am out of the country. I finished it!! Yippee!! Jason went into town for the meeting that was all day and did not get back until 6pm. Jasonís first comments were that it was boring and redundant. I think that was because of all the people who have never done an international sail before. The information from Malaysia was very interesting and he learned a few things about Indonesia that he is not sure he believes. For instance, they are urging us to buy fuel and groceries here, but they are super expensive (almost 2x as much as in the states) and we have talked to people that have been there and say everything is cheaper and good quality. So, who do you believe? I think we may get petrol and skip the deisel. We have over half a tank and we would save $50 by buying when we arrive. They say that the fuel is not that clean, but it seems all the islands are like that so it is the best idea to have lots of fuel filters with you just in case. He met up with Laurel and Darrel whom we havenít seen since New Caledonia and they gave him a ride back. I made homemade garlic and herb bread and we had cheese and sausages with it for dinner and of course some red wine. I preferred our drinks of bitter lemon and rum much better. We ordered two bottles of rum today as well; we decided we cannot live without it. One must night live life without a little variety!!!

July 15, 2009 Wed
Work day on the boat. Jason is going to make a mess of all the cleaning I did yesterday!! He is going about repairing the Biz so that we are better equipped for our sail on Saturday. We are getting a little nervous about our packages. Fed ex has called us about the GPS/Radar but not about our charts. They usually contact you to verify your address and also to let you know that your package has reached customs and also what they fees will be. Jasonís mom is supposed to be tracking down the tracking number for the charts there were shipped for some reason she did not give them to us with the chart plotterís tracking number. Jason is going into the office to check to see if any arrived and to call on the ones that do not. We still have to install them after they arrive. We need to do some laundry but the yacht club here only has one machine, craziness. When we go into the club we will ask if there is a facility to do laundry in town. Friday we will be going into town to take care of all remaining business at the internet cafť. The wireless at the yacht club sucks and we need a good connection to upload the website and download all of our financial information. We spent more money than expected on repairs, because lord knows we havenít spent much on fun, so we are going to be transferring more money again, hopefully this will be it for at least 6 months to a year. It should be very cheap to live in Indo. The only concern we have is that everyone keeps talking about how it is so fished out you cannot expect to catch fish. Now this I find hard to believe since they say that about a lot of places. I personally think it is the Australianís saying this and with good reason they are used to catching at least 2 fish a day within the barrier reef!!! It is so abundant.

July 16, 2009 Thurs
Wow, it is Thursday already!! We only have one more day to get our work done before it is time to leave. We have until the 24th to check into Indonesia with the rally. That gives us 6 days to arrive which is plenty of time for 300 miles. Who knows maybe we will stay a few days later to go to the market on Sunday too!! We left this morning to walk and get our package that has arrived. We also now need to go on a quest to find our GPS since our Unit we bought did not come with it!! How absolutely absurd is that!! We had to walk all the way to the duck pond. We literally walked for about 3 hours. We were able to get the part. He met us at the fish market where Jason and I had a great lunch and cheap too. Then we walked to get a piece of metal to mount the radar reflector to and then we continued to try to find the place where our package was delivered to. We had to walk through a community which was interesting. The houses were even more close together than our track housing at home. The man that worked the locks was nice enought to drive us over to the office where our package was and then afterwards drove us back to our Marina. This saved us at least 2 hours or more of walking!! It was so nice. We arrived back at 3pm perfect timing for our duty free to show up. Jason ran to the gas station to pick up some fuel for our dingy. We wanted to go to the fuel dock but they are all booked up. It is funny that most of the boats have been here forever yet they all had to fuel up right before we left which sucks for us slow arrivals!! We went back to the boat and mounted the GPS and did some other repairs. We unfortunately, did not get the Radar up yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Now we are going to dinner at the night market! I can't wait it is fantastic. We are supposed to meet some other cruisers there, but I doubt we will find them we are late (after sunset) and it is fairly large. We took the dingy over there but the tide was out so far we could not bring the dingy up far. We went walking around and came back to move it up some more. Jason had some Emu and another animal I can't remember, not Kangaroo since he has already tried it, but he loved them all!! I loved the potato and cheese fried thing. It was delicious with the hot sauce. We brought a rum drink in our leather mug and after the dijeredoo show sat on the beach eating some more and enjoying some wine. It was a great night.

July 17, 2009 Fri
We are frantically trying to get our stuff done. Jason can't go aloft this morning because the winds are too strong. We are going into town to get our Cait and work on the internet. Jason is also running around getting last minute parts and other items needed for Indonesia.

July 18, 2009 Sat
we woke up this morning and finished preparing the boat to leave. Jason had to mount the radar reflector still but had to go into the marina to pick up a few parts he realized he needed to mount it. We finished mounting it around 10:45 and we are supposed to leave at 11am. We still needed to plot our course for the journey. We finished that up and wayed anchor after 11am. Most boaters were already heading towards the starting line (not that J and I even knew exactly where that was). When we sailed out there was no wind. We basically had 4 knots. We had the spinnaker up but we were only making 1.5 knots. Most everyone else must have been motoring since they left us behind. I am not sure how sailing races work but I just assumed that it meant no motoring!!! There were a few boats maybe 10 with us just trudging along slowly, but as soon as the sun went down all but maybe 2 or 3 left us in the dust obviously putting their motors on as well. We were jealous of this one catamaran they had their code zero up and they were making pretty good way by our comparison. Thus the night was smooth and slow going but made for easy sleeping as we were barely bouncing around at all. The night was beautiful full of stars and the water glowed under the boat.

July 19, 2009 Sun
This morning when I woke up we were moving very fast at 7.6 knots. This was a nice change from yesterday although the seas were rough and we were healed over quite far. The seas were around 8 feet. I was not able to do much cooking so I was glad I made a bunch of food yesterday. We did not sleep much on our naps because it was so rough. But, we were blessed to see a huge turtle trying to survive among the waves. It was cute pulling its head out very far to try to get some air. We also saw some dolphins but they did not come to swim with our boat this time. We had water coming into the boat today which was very upsetting considering we changed a lot of the porthole windows. We had sea water on the floors on the rugs in the main room. We are hoping the forward birth did not get too much water on it. Jason managed to fix the problem so we did not have pools of water anymore on the floor. Always something even when you prepare your best!!! I must admit I was pretty annoyed by the salt water since I had just cleaned all the floors yesterday so here I go again cleaning them again today to get the salt water off them!! My night watch was very nice. We slowed down to 6 knots so it was perfect.

July 20, 2009 Mon
We arrived in Sumalaki and decided to skip the next location with the rally and stay here right away. It is really cool here and they do not get travelers here very often. We decided not to stress check in and to take a nap after we found out quarantine was going around boat to boat. We realized this could be all day or tomorrow before they came to our boat. After our nap we took showers and got ready to go into town for our welcome dinner. We took our dingy instead of getting picked up this way we could leave whenever we wanted to. When we got to the dock we decided to see if we could check in and we were able to it turned out to be very easily. There were tons of people on the dock to greet us. I think almost the entire town was here it seemed. They were all asking to take a picture with me. It was so strange. I was tired of smiling after 1.5 hours of taking pictures. Finally we got on the bus to go to the dinner which only took about 10 minutes. It was at a local hotel. There were about 20 tables with local food and each table was a different familyís recipes. It was all so delicious. I never even knew some of these foods existed. My favorite was some salmon with beans that had tons of chilies and I wish I knew what sauce. The fish was also served with a chili sauce that was delicious. Even the soups were incredible and like nothing I have ever tasted. After the dinner they had some speeches and a local dance show. Then they locals came up and asked us to dance and it was so fun. Most of the Cruisers left right after the speech and only a few actually danced at all. We stayed until the last bus was leaving; dancing with anyone and everyone that asked us. Everyone wanted to know our name and again take pictures with mostly me. They would touch my hair like they had never seen hair like mine. I would have thought it would have been Jason's since he is not only light skinned by has light hair. It was a great night. The dingy dock was crazy since the tide went out so far we were lucky that we had a long line to use to tie to the dock. The tide was at least 20 feet.

July 21, 2009 Tues
We walked around town and through the market before a pink little van came and asked us to join a free tour. We of course said yes and then went back to the Warf to see if there were any other people that wanted to join in. This is when we met Malo. He is a tourism student. He graduated High school and is going to be focusing on tourism. He has been trying to learn English for the last 3 months in preparation for our coming. He was great and hung out with us all day. By the end of the day he was introducing us as his brother and sister. I hope one day we can bring him to Denver and show him our home town. We piled on bigger busses and had a police escort where we visited 4 villages. Each village had a Lap Lap (they call it something different) for us after their welcoming speech. A Lap Lap is where they cook the food in the ground under hot stones with banana leaves over the top of them before the stones. There was fish, chicken, and sever different types of potatoes. At the last one there was cassava prepared like the bamy of Jamaica only they cooked the shaved cassava with coconut and sugar. It was so delicious. We did not get fish until the last lap lap that was on the beach. We really felt honored by the Government to put all this together for us. Jason and I both agree that we have a lot of Karma to give back after this event. We have been treated like kings for no fee what so ever. It does not feel right!! Tomorrow we are staying here by our choice an extra day so that we can go with Malo to the radio station and to the English school. His brother Steve is the teacher there he also hung out with us on the bus and asked us to come. Later before we went back to our boat we met his friend Helen and she works at the hospital and we are going to go and meet the doctor there, he wants to meet us as well. It should be an amazing day. We are going to have Malo and some of his friends over for dinner on the boat tomorrow night after our adventure tour. The next day we walked around town and a pink bus picked us up to take us to a free tour. That is when we met Malo. He is a tourism student and spent 3 months learning English so he could speak to us when we came. He was our personal guide and was calling us brother and sister by the end of the day. The tour went to 5 villages and there was a speech, dancing, and a lap lap which is food that is cooked in banana leaves under the ground with hot stones on top. It was so delicious. The last one was on the beach and the food was the best there!!! We also ate the most there. Malo, J and I went running down the beach laughing and taking pictures. He had a phone that was an mp3 player with built in speakers so he was also playing music and we would dance on the bus. It was a very fun day. He is picking us up tomorrow to take us around town. I was exhausted and passed out as soon as we got home.

July 22, 2009 Wed
The next morning we met Malo and walked to his sister Helen's home. She is so sweet we met her a few times over the other days. Yes, we were hanging out with the Catholics and a local nun that is studying in Italy and is home on vacation. At Helen's house they gave us cold sodas and donut to eat. Then we walked to see the mother Mary statue that is built into the mountain with tree roots all around her. It was very cool. Then we went to the radio station, school, and to statues made by people from Rome of the Pieta, crucifix, Mary and Jesus. It was fantastic. We then took the bus back and had them over to the boat. They did not last long though because malo but more so Helen was getting very sea sick. We are meeting them at 11am tomorrow to go to the beach.

July 23, 2009 Thurs
The next morning we met Malo and walked to his sister Helen's home. She is so sweet we met her a few times over the other days. Yes, we were hanging out with the Catholics and a local nun that is studying in Italy and is home on vacation. At Helen's house they gave us cold sodas and donut to eat. Then we walked to see the mother Mary statue that is built into the mountain with tree roots all around her. It was very cool. Then we went to the radio station, school, and to statues made by people from Rome of the Pieta, crucifix, Mary and Jesus. It was fantastic. We then took the bus back and had them over to the boat. They did not last long though because malo but more so Helen was getting very sea sick. We are meeting them at 11am tomorrow to go to the beach.

July 24, 2009 Fri
This day I guess I could not be awaken so Jason went with out me. They made Jason fish on the beach over a fire and had spaghetti and rice local style and a spicy fruit salad with chilies and peanut sauce. He said it was all incredible and he kite boarded while they all swam. J brought music to listen to since they all love it. They were all worried about me and insisted on coming to the boat afterwards. Which they all did and it was nice they stayed about 2 hours before I told them I needed to lay down. Tomorrow Helen is bringing me medicine for my back. She is so sweet.

July 25, 2009 Sat
Laurel was feeling better today and we agreed to meet Malo and the gang to get back our IPOD we let them borrow and it turned out they wanted to go back to Welaun Beach with us to do some more Kiting. In traditional Island fashion, getting going took forever, as we hired a Cab, then went to get lunch to go (which we paid for 6 lunches, chicken and fish for $15usd!!), but I was running low on Rupiaís so I went to 3 ATMs and non took my visa check card. I went back to the boat to get UDS and then to the hotel to get them to change my money. Then finally an hour later (1pm) off to the beach. Because it was the weekend there were many more people than yesterday. The wind was also lighter making it hard to stay upwind and do many jumps. It did pick up for a Ĺ hour and I got in some nice jumps, and a few back rolls. I love my new Fone Bandit kite!!! We left the beach around 4:30 and headed to the boat where the gang joined us until dark and we relaxed the rest of the night.

July 26, 2009 Sun
We were up at 6:30!!! Up early and to church with Malo and the gang at 8:00. Why he wanted us there so early is still a mystery. We had a nice time at the Catholic Church, all the kids kept looking at us, as they donít get many tourists at church. After that we headed back to the boat, said our sad goodbyes and weighed anchor and headed off to Banda. Needless to say I did not yet chart the course and it turns out we should have stayed till the afternoon for a better arrival time.

July 27, 2009 Mon
Full day at sea, winds very nice sea a bit off stern making the trip with a bit of roll in it. We will slow down tonight to make landfall in the morning. Enjoyed fish on the BBQ and Caramelized bananas for dessert!

July 28, 2009 Tues
We recovered to day from our sail and jus t relaxed it was great!

July 29, 2009 Wed
We went on a tour of the island today. It was really nice. We saw the fort, the caves and lots of old buildings from when the Dutch occupied. We had lunch at our tour guides home and saw lots of old coins and antiques that he had collected or found in the ground. It was quite interesting. Afterwards we had lunch in town. It was super yummy.

July 30, 2009 Thurs
We slept in this morning before heading over to the other island Banda Besar. We did our own walking tour which started a beautiful blue and silver mosque followed by a chat with Usman at his home stay and then on to the ruins of a fortress, the sacred well and walked over the top of the island to the other side to Laerkeoy Beach. The beach had a few fishermen taking advantage of trapped fish at low tide. We stopped to have a cheese banana desert at the Leiden home stay. It was fantastic. It was a fried banana with honey and cheese in the center. Sounds very strange but was actually amazing. We had cinnamon tea here as well but it was not as good as on the main island where we had it on our last tour. The owner Usman was very nice and chatted with us for about an hour. He had been to Holland 9 times and was the most well traveled Indonesian we had met.

July 31, 2009 Frid