Our first sighting of land in 21 days, the Gambiers, Mangareva and the surroundng islands.

Us drinking Grolsch after a very very trying journey to Mangareva, 21 days at sea are over Yippee!!

June 01, 2006 Thurs
We woke up to seeing land!! It looked so beautiful!! As we got closer, to the island I realized that it was mountainous (for an island). It was very green and had lots of trees. It was so pretty. I could not wait to get onto it and go hiking. We arrived yes!! It was quite exciting arriving. We drove through water that was 50 feet one minute and 20 the next. Nothing too shallow though luckily. They do the channel markers backwards to what they do in the Caribbean so that was exciting. We arrive around 4pm before the sun went down. Jason and Oliver went to check in, but they did not find the people in their office. They did find out their was one place to eat dinner and one snack shop on the island. We opened our keg of Grolsch that we purchased in Panama to celebrate just such a crossing!! We put on some lounge music and all sat around drinking until we killed it!! Anne and Laurel were dancing a bit. We decided to go out to eat. We all piled in the dingy for dinner. The food was horrible. I had some chow mien and fed it to the dogs. Mine I think was the worst but everyone else’s was pretty bad as well. I think we would have been better off staying on the boat and dancing and making some steak!! Why does it seem like you can always throw a better and more lively party than going on land?! We went back to the boat and passed out from exhaustion.

The view from the hike up to the rocks where we sat and had a glass of wine and some treats overlooking both sides of the island. You can see our boat in the bay.

Laurel on our hike through the woods up the mountain.

June 03, 2006 Sat
We went on the island today to go on a hike. We packed some wine and snacks and headed out for a long hike. We stopped for some wine and snacks on top of these rocks that overlooked the entire island. You could see both sides and both lagoons. It was so pretty. We sat there for a long time enjoying the view and being with just each other! After our relaxing time on the rocks we decided to hike into the woods. There were so many pine trees the ground was covered in pine needles in some places. It smelled very good. We hiked for about 2 hours and finally realized we weren't able to get to where we wanted to go on this trail. If you could call it a trail. On the way back we completely lost the trail. We were totally cut up at this point from all the sticker bushes and vines with stickers on them. I was so happy when we were away from them!! We knew where we were because we could see the ocean but had not clue as to where the trail was. We finally found our way out through someone’s yard. They said hello and waved at us. We continued the opposite way from the boat down the road to see where it went. We made it to the other side and sat on the beach for a while. It was really cool the water was up to your knees for so far out. On the way back, we passed a house along the way and the invited us over for a drink. We were starting to get very tired by then and passed on the invitation. We made it back to the boat and I lay on the couch and passed out! I moved into the bedroom around 5 and at 7 Jason called me to eat dinner. I did not want to come but he dragged me! I stayed up from maybe 2 hours and back to sleep this girl went. I was exhausted from our hike. We hiked from 10-4pm!! What a great day!

June 04, 2006 Sun
Woke up today at around 8:30 and realized I was probably missing mass or it was like most islands in the Caribbean and started at 9am. I rushed and got ready and cruised into town to find out it started at 8am! I was so bummed. There was a procession of people walking from the makeshift church (the church was being worked on so mass was in the sports arena) and driving. Women had flowers in their hair and were dressed so nice. It was really neat. I was very sad I missed it. Next week I'll get to go and tomorrow is a holiday so hopefully I can make mass then. Jason was going to go with me so we were both dressed up. We decided to head to the boat and change. After we changed we decided to take the dingy exploring. It was like a mind field out there with all the pearls. It is a like a pearl farm out there!! We had a hard time getting around between them all. It was very cold when we left the lie of the island. It was a fun time. There was some very neat coral as well that we saw. It was the most sky blue I have ever seen just incredible. There were some yellows and reds as well but the blue were just amazing. We saw lots of jelly fish and sea caterpillars.

June 05, 2006 Mon
It is a holiday today a religious one. We were planning on getting up early to make it to mass for the holiday. When we woke up to leave it was a down pour and decided to skip it. We stayed in bed late and then got up and cleaned out the dingy. When the dingy was full of water we brought up all of our laundry (which was a lot) and made it a washing machine. We washed all of our laundry in that dingy. We stopped and let it soak while we played the Xbox for a while. We realized that it was going to storm all day so we put all of the clothes in the cooler to start to drain a little so they would dry quicker in the morning. We were lazy and just stayed on the boat all day working on laundry and drinking some rum. We watched a movie as well. It was a nice down day. It did not seem as much work to do our laundry as I thought it would be, it was almost fun.

June 06, 2006 Tuesday
This morning I woke up early to try again to send our emails. No luck again. That is three days now that we have been trying to send and receive emails and have had no luck. I am so sorry Melissa, Blythe, Megalicious and Gia to have missed your birthday emails!! I was thinking about you even if I am late!!! We love you guys and miss you very much! I also spent sometime hanging up all the laundry we did in the dingy yesterday onto every available spot on the boat. Finally, Jason woke up and hung me 2 laundry lines to hang cloths! Anne and Oliver went into town while I was doing this to pick up some baguettes for breakfast. I had another grapefruit while I took a break and it was the most amazing grapefruit I have eaten!! I love them so much here it is amazing the difference. I loved them in the states but now I love them even more. The baguettes were delicious. We just ate them with some salted butter. Of course we had nuttella, jelly and honey out as well. After we finished breakfast, we went into town. Oliver and Anne were behind us and decided to just row in. We met the guy who owned the motor boat that just came in. We stopped to talk with him for a while. Apparently, they pick up people who fly into here and take them around to a bunch of islands over 8 days. They stay on the boat but when they are at Pitcairn they stay with the locals to really experience the island. I was tempted to jump on board to see Pitcairn. He of course, started his trip from the Caribbean and is still trying to get to New Zealand! He just joined into partnership. They invited us to stop by later for some drinks. We walked up to the meteorologist to see what the weather was going to be like for the next few days to make sure it was good to leave for the airport island. We heard that you can wade in the water at low tide at night and find lobsters! They are supposed to be very succulent. The weather is to be good so we decided we would leave at 2pm whether my laundry was done or not. Jason and I walked around tow, bought some postcards and pate. We also checked out where they make some beautiful black pearl jewelry. We went to the boutique so I could buy my postcards and they had all kinds of good stuff. We bought a bag of cheese puffs and macked them down on the way to the snack shop where we had some ice cream bars and some chocolate pie. The water on the island is delicious we found out when we went to the dock and filled up our water bottle with some water. It tastes better than our water maker water. We walked a little farther down the road, when Jason's feet started hurting from his shoes. We headed back to the boat and rotated our laundry and brought in the stuff that was dry. We left around 2:30 for the airport island. We arrived successfully. It was tricky we had to pull into this small dock area, turn the boat around and tie lines from one end to the other. Not like normal docking. It was weird and took a long time. Afterwards, Anne made sushi and Jason and I went on a walk. When we got back Anne hadn't even started making the sushi, I helped her do the rolls and We ate around 8pm. We also made some pesto pasta since the fish was fairly small to fill us all up. We walked to the beach to start looking for the lobsters and walked around out there for about 1/2 hour with no luck no lobster in sight and decided to quit! Of course we had a lot of rum before hand and maybe that is why we quit so early.

June 07, 2006 Wed
Today we woke up late. We were up late trying to get some lobsters. We were unsuccessful on our first attempt the tide was in too far. We walked over to look at it during the day time. We walked all along the beach, it was not really beach though, it was all coral and shells. I found the most amazing purple cylinder shaped stones on the beach. They are small but about an inch or two tall. I am going to make a necklace out of them. They were sooo beautiful, but we could only find a few. It was a nice time. We decided take the dingy to explore the island and the one next to it. We are hoping to spear some food for dinner. Oliver decided to come with us and we found a great site to snorkel it was in front of and between the two islands basically a cut. The coral was mostly hard coral but it had very pretty shades of blue and purple. There were lots of different kinds of fish as well big and small. I liked the trumpet fish a lot. I looked up and was worried because I could not see Oliver, but apparently he took off right away and was swimming around the coral on the way to the island. We snorkeled for about an hour, we saw a big reef shark and I got very scared and we swam very very fast back to the dingy!!! It was pretty big about 5 feet. Jason kept stopping to see where it was. We made it back, but next time we won't go so far from the dingy!! We got into the dingy and checked out the beach on the island where we are staying. Oliver was on the one across the cut. There was a nice little beach there. Jason got me a heart of palm but it was not nearly as delicious as they were in the Bahamas. We jumped into the dingy to go to the other island. The beach was better and it had lots of coconut trees. We decided to head back to the boat to get some lunch to bring back for a picnic. Oliver said to tell Anne to come. When we arrived we put away our laundry we had drying from yesterday that was just a little damp. It all smells so good!!! I love clean cloths and sheets!! We packed a few beers and Jason made some amazing chicken salad with canned chicken, mandarin orange, almonds, a little mustard, hot sauce and a splash of lemon juice. I grabbed a long sleeve shirt. I was freezing after our snorkeling and was having a hard time feeling warm. I put on long sleeves and brought a pair of jeans to throw on if I went in again. I even wore my nice new Dive suit (thank you Carol) and was still cold. We had a nice picnic on the beach. It was nice. I brought matches to light a fire later. Oliver and Anne decided to snorkel and Jason and I jumped in the dingy to continue exploring. I forgot my long sleeve shirt so waded back to get it on my way back Jason yelled at me that a shark went by my legs. It was a baby white tipped shark!!! It was cute. We went to almost the end of the island and there was a break in the trees so you could walk to the ocean side. We were on the lagoon side. We found the lobsters we were looking for well one at least. We could not get it though. But, we saw 3 black tipped sharks (all small), octopus, crabs, grouper, sea cucumbers, spotted dicks and beautiful shells. It was nice. We brought back a grouper, octopus, and a crab. I am not sure we can it the grouper or the crab but it was fun to get them. When we got back to the beach where Oliver and Anne were it was just dark. They had started a fire, but we had to leave right away because it was getting very hard to see the coral to negotiate our way out.

June 08, 2006 Thurs
We woke up today and Anne and Oliver went off on a walk to spear fish. We left a little after them, we had breakfast in bed. We walked on the ocean side again and gathered some more of the beautiful purple coral that were on the beach. We also played in the water for a while and continued walking down the beach. We walked up to the runway and saw Anne and Oliver way in the distance. We waved at them but they did not seem to see them. We decided it was easier to walk in the water and way more fun so went back down there to walk. After a few minutes Jason walked up again to see if he could catch the frencies, they had past us by a lot. We couldn't believe it, we yelled after them, but they could not hear us I guess. We continued walking in the water down the and eventually had to go above because Jason's feet were hurting from walking in the water with flip flops. We walked through the forest for a little while and then walked through it to the beach we had seen from farther back on the ocean side! It was very nice. We sat there for a while and used our detector to check out if there was anything on the beach. After a while, we decided to head back. We were on our way and decided to check out the lagoon side there was a nice long beach there. We walked on it for a while and then sat down got out the foot ball and played a little catch in the water. It was so fun. We hung out there for about 45minutes and then decided we were very hungry. We walked back to the boat and the Oliver and Anne were there, they were going to light a fire on the beach and spear fish some more. We told them we would meet them after we ate. I sat on my massage chair for about 45 minutes and we ate. since my back was not so well and we had to go the end of the island, we took the goped! It was sooo fun to ride it again. We had a blast. We rode almost all the way there when we ran into Oliver and Anne, We walked the rest of the way to the end of the island. Oliver and Jason speared fish, while Anne and I gathered firewood and made the fire. It was nice we found shells to put as a ring and they were very pretty. They have so many nice shells around here. We brought wine, pate, bread, mixed veggies, baked beans, and Oliver and Jason brought back a bunch of small crabs. We cooked them on the fire and ate them as well. They tasted just like big crab. It was good. After we ate all the food, We roasted some marshmallows. I found them on Easter Island and now I am very happy I did. It was nice. After a while, Jason took me back because my back felt even worse. We got a little lost on the way out it is a little bit of a walk through the forest to get out. We found our way and rode the goped for a very very run ride to the boat!!

June 09, 2006 Fri
A guy named Mike was on the boat at 6:30am. I was not expecting the ferry to show up until 8am, luckily no one got shot and Mike had coiled our starboard stern line neatly on our stern. Then told me in broken English some died and the plane was picking them up early. After spending an our adjusting a line and moving fenders, the boat was secure for the day and it turns out the dead person wasn't dead yet; just very ill. As it turns out, there was one more ill on the island, Laurel, but we chose not to fly her home yet. In addition the ferry pilot brought 2 loaves of baguette bread. We tried to pay him, but he refused. If we were there on Tuesday, he would do it again. It seems Laurel is now also ill like I was on Easter Island plus the added dose of bad back pain. Per the construction workers building the toilet (which I think will take a year to construct) next to the "terminal" they claimed the small reef fish were good to eat. Against my better judgment Oliver and I went fishing for reef fish, which turned out to be fun, as we could catch 3-5 fish per minute. After we tried trolling for perch with no success, and ended up releasing half the reef fish we caught because I thought they were too small. A fisherman delivered 20+ mullet fish to the construction workers, who offered to teach us to make ceviche Gambier style. It turned out to be raw fish dipped in sea water mixed with lemon juice. It did not marinate it they just ate it sushi style right there. Then they gave us 3 mullet fish for ourselves which we cooked up on a bonfire night without Laurel. In the afternoon we resecured all the lines again and Laurel's back started to flare up bad to a level 10 pain. While Laurel slept finally after some zanaflex, the rest of the crew spent 2.5 hours cleaning half the upper hull of the boat.

June 10, 2006 Sat
We woke up at midnight with Laurel having 103 temps. We spent the night taking Advil and sponge baths. After a sleepy morning, We finally left the docks around 1pm to have a nice 2 hour sail back to the village of Rikitea so if Laurel got worse we would be close to the clinic. The rest of the afternoon we spent organizing dock lines and anchor lockers. Laurel started the evening with 102.5 fever and ended the evening with a slight fever but slept well through the night.

The view of our boat from the rocks on the top of the island. We are directly right of the cat.

June 11, 2006 Sun
Laurel was still sick and cranky from throwing up now on top of all the other symptoms, those are unpleasant. She proceeded to yell back at me since I was being mean to her. Laurel now kissed my ass the entire day because she is a suck ass. This morning I spept in because I was still running a fever. Jason worked more on the boat. We decided to go into town to pick up some stuff. We walked throught town and went to the one store that was open today. After our excursion to town, we realized we had forgotton to get the onions what we needed. We went back in and walked for little while. I was getting tired and feeling weak and dizzy so we left to come back to the boat. We stopped by Dean and boat to drop off the books. They had stopped by and asked if we had any books to trade them. I had a few I got while in Panama so I brought them over. They are super nice. They gave us couple of grapefruit and a bread fruit to try. We were talking for quite some time and I started to feel very woozy and so we came back to the boat and I laid down. I watched a movie while Jason did some work. After a while, he started the generator and We put in "Mouin Rouge" the frenchis got here at that time so it was time to make dinner. Anne fried the fish we received the other day and Jason made beans and rice to go along. I was feeling very sick so skipped dinner. I ate some rice in the after noon that stayed down. After the movie Jason and I sat upstairs in the hammock for a long while. You could see scorpio and the southern cross. It is very nice that I know them because now you can't really see orion. The water is pretty rough now because the wind picked up. It is a little harder to get in on the dingy now. The best part of my day today was when I called my mom and dad!! It was so good to hear their voices. It is very very expensive to call from here but I was feeling so incredibly bad I just needed to hear their voices. Tomorrow I will go to the doctor. They have free medical care here. Nice.

June 12, 2006 Mon
Laurel did not sleep at all last night and had a 101,9 fever this morning again. I gave her some advil and she was still running 99 afterwards. We went to the doctor in town. She is getting very emotional being sick and we need to get her better. The doctor gave her some medicine an anteseptic for the stomach and something to coat it so it would not hurt and she could eat. She has lost weight from being sick. Also, some better medicine to get her fever down. She is to take her temp before she takes the medicine each time to see how the fever is being controled. If she isn't better in 48 hours she is to come back in. We met the Canadian couple on the dock on the way to the hospital they are heading to the Austurals in a few days. There is a sailboat on the shore that they are going to drop into the water soon. We were hoping to see it happen but they keep saying an hour and it never seems to happen. we ran into Oliver and Anne on shore and they had gone to the gardener to get some fresh vegatables to eat for lunch. They made us a big salad for lunch. Laurel has to drink bottled water now (we know how she hates that) so we picked up some volvic water for her. She has to drink 2 big ones a day. We went over the food purchases with the french to make sure we get enough stuff this time. They are going to be doing the shopping this time. It definitely is not easy having more people on your boat that are not family. After lunch Laurel rested and I went out.

Serge, our new friend from Mangareva, and Jason.

June 13, 2006 Tues
We woke up and I had a temp of 99 still. I took all my meds and we went ashore to get the bread for the day. After having a nice filling breakfast of poached eggs on a toasted baguette, we went into town to walk up to the meteoralogist center. On the way we decided to check out the place Umi had told me about that sold pearls and other specialty items. When we arrived we were looking at the pearls and a man came over and he spoke english. He asked where we were from and we told him Colorado. He ended up being from Greely, Colorado. He invited us to sit down in his back yard and we chatted for a couple of hours. How funny in all the places to meet someone from Colorado that lives there. His mother was from Tahiti and he moved there when he was 10 years old. He married a girl from Mangareva and moved here to raise a family. Her father owns a pearl farm. His wife makes pearl jewery and was away for training for her other job for the airline. She returns tomorrow and we will come back to talk about possible having something made. Pearls are very inexpensive here. Sergio loves his other job (he runs the store) fishing. He goes fishing and cuts up the fish and rides around the island selling it. He sells it for $6 a kilo which is about 2.2 pounds. Not a bad price. The big boat was here for it's 2x a month service of bringing goods to the island so he had to leave to finish getting all the supplies for his store. We left with the plan of coming back in the morning to talk with his wife about a possible necklace for me. We walked up the meteorologist station but they were closed so we continued to walk to the convent ruins. It was nice. Right next to it was the farm Anne and Oliver purchased the vegatables from. We started to walk back down and ran into the family from the boat Buzzard. We stopped to talk with them for a while. I guess the mayor is giving the yatchs a tour of the pearl farms on Friday morning. I think I did too much because I had a very hard time on the way home. I bought some more bottled water and went back to the boat to lay down for a little while. Jason and Oliver were supposed to go shopping for the groceries this afternoon, Oliver had changed it from this morning. On the way back to the boat we decided to go see this big shrimp boat conversion. We were going to just dingy around it, but the captain saw us and invited us aboard for a tour. It was really nice but impractically done. They used items from homes on the interior so they had to bungy all the cabinets closed. It was very nice though. The new owner is going to gut it and add more cabins. It was super big and nice. They are delivering it to New Zealand. I guess the first owner bought the shrimper for $20,000, converted it and sold it for $1,000,000!! He probably had $200,000 in conversion costs. Not a bad profit!! Jason went over to invite gunter, Claudia, Dean, and Trish over for some snacks and drinks tonight at around 4pm. Oliver blew Jason off for the shopping so we had no idea when they were coming back. We had them over and it was so nice. The girls inside chatting and the guys were up on deck. After a while, they joined us below for the snacks. We all chatted from 4-8:30!! It was super nice to chat with some girls. And learn more information about boating life. I think we have decided to go to the Austurals with Umi (dean and Trish). I am very excited. Claudia is so incredibly sweet she gave me a pair of earings she made and brought me some vegatables from the big shrimper boat conversion from Robert. Eggplant (I haven't seen one of those since the states), cucumbers, and mangos. She had an anklet she made with leather and macrame to hold the pearl, it was so pretty she is going to show me how to make it. I showed her all of those purple things I thought were coral I collected on the beach. Apparantly they are sea urchan legs. They are so beautiful. She is going to show me how to make them into necklaces. I can't wait to learn.

Tiena, Serge's wife.

June 14, 2006 Wed
We got up fairly early to head up to our new friends place to talk with his wife. When we arrived, she was at her other job, so we were to come back in the afternoon. We told him we had to go shopping with Oliver at 3pm and would come right after. We brougth the goped in and went all around the island on it. It was super fun. It is a pretty big island as it turns out!! There were quite a few uphills so we had to walk up them, but for the most part we just zoomed along!! We picked some oranges along the way and stopped to have some coconut water. Jason climbed a coconut tree to get me some. He ended up getting them using a rope though!! My Colorado boy!! We got them open and ate the jelly and drank the juice. It was so good. We got masacred by masquitos though. I even had put some off on but it wasn't strong enough. When we were walking up the last hill on our way back it was 2pm. A homeowner told us to pick some grapefruit if we like!! We took two it was all we had room for. We stopped for water and made it back by 2:30. I was hurting pretty good and laid down right away. We had some lunch and Jason went in search of Oliver and Anne. They never showed up! We waited until 4:20 and then we had to leave to go see Sergio before the store closed at 5pm. We were concerned about being rude by our lateness so we drove the dingy over. Sergio was on his boat, he thought we were not going to show up. We walked up together and we met his wife. She is going to make me a choker with 5 pearls on a silver chain. I think it will be really really pretty. Sergio gave us a super good deal. They are incredibly nice. They invited us in for some cofee or chocolate (basically they use hot water and powdered milk and some nestle quick). We sat and talked for a few hours. It was super nice. Tiena, his wife, invited us to stay for dinner. Ashley set the table and we sat down and ate smoked salmon, turkey, and assorted cheeses with bread and everyone had hot cocoa. Tinea had arrived from Pepete today so had brought all these specialty cheeses and meats. We were so excited to have some smoked salmon; We have not had salmon since we left the US in November of last year!! Time flew and before we knew it the time was 8:30. We decided we had better head out, we still had to negotiate home in the dingy in the dark. She made us take some brie and gorgonzola cheeses with us. They are so nice. We had a rough time getting back in the dingy, Sergio lent us his flash light luckily because there was no moon. What a fabulous night. They invited us to come over on Saturday night for a barbe dinner. He was telling us all about the farming of pearls over dinner. Apparently he worked for his father in law on his big pearl farm and after that started his own. He realized that he did not enjoy it so much so opened a store and started fishing. Fishing seems to be his favorite past time. Which is great because he loves his job. After he catches the fish he drives around town selling it. Life here is very simple and very nice. It was very interesting to hear how life is here on Mangareva. The french couple never showed up all day or night. Buzzard, a sailboat here, told us they tried to hail us on the vhf to tell us they were not going to make it shopping. We were quite annoyed because this is the third time we changed our plans to accommodate them and they did not show up or cancelled. We have no idea where they spent the night but really were not concerned. Jason is going fishing with sergio all day tomorrow. He is picking him up at 8:30am. They fish on a different kind of boat. The helm is like a joystick and the captains seat is in a little boxed in area in front of the rest of the boat. I ended up getting sick when we got home, unfortunately.

The Serge with the big tuna after their day of fishing!

June 15, 2006 Thurs
Oliver and Anne showed up this morning. Jason was not concerned about the shopping now, he gave them a list and told them to get all the groceries and told them he was not going to change his plans again. Jason is very excited to go fishing with Serge all day. After fishing they will cut it up and take it around the island to sell. It should be an awesome day for Jason. Umi stopped by today and asked me if I wanted to go shopping for veggies. I told them it depended on how I felt, that I was getting sick all last night. Plus, I want to learn how to make jewlrey from Claudia. The french brought back the groceries and I asked them if I could have the list so that I could put it in the computer on my master list. We seemed to have a miscommunication, it seems to happen a lot with them. Jason wants to have a talk to go over our future plans with them. Maybe tomorrow. I went over to Claudia's boat and she showed me how to make the anklets that she made with the pearls. It was so much fun. She put out so many snacks and we just chatted and worked together. We had a blast. Jason came by with Serge and took the dingy. He came back a hour or so later and came aboard. Gunter was back by then and we all sat around chatting until around 8pm. When we got home we made up some snacks for dinner and crashed. What a wonderful day. I really really had a wonderful time with Claudia and Gunter.

We went on the tour of the school that makes beautiful art pieces out of the mother pearl shell. Here is an example.

June 16, 2006 Fri
This morning we picked up Claudia and went to the dock. Everyone was meeting there for a tour of the trade school in town. They take the mother pearl shell and make decorative art pieces, plates, ect. It was a really cool tour. The things they make are absolutely beautiful. They start there when they are very young around 10 and they stay there until they graduate. Which would be like the end of highschool for us. They also have other studies as well and they live in dorms on the island. The students were very excited we were there and took time to learn our names and chat with us for a while. After the tour, we went up to Serge's house to say hello. I needed to go over my necklace with Tiena. We brought Big Buzzard with us and claudia. I went over what I wanted for my necklace with Tiena. I picked out the pearls already and showed her the chain I would like. It is silver. Melissa from Big Buzzard is going to get earings made up so she was picking out some pearls. I also picked out some pearls to make into anklets for gifts. After we finished there we took Claudia back to her boat. We got ready for the big school show for this evening. We walked over with Anne and Oliver but lost them shortly after we arrive. Everyone was there from the yatching community. Jason and I went to sit with Serge in the front row. We sat on the ground and Olivia sat in my lap most of the evening. Ashley did a wonderful job in her production. It was a super fun night. Just socializing with everyone. We stayed until the end of the show. We walked back around midnight or 1am with the Big Buzzard gang.

Ashley and Olivia during Ashley's school show.

June 17, 2006 Sat
Tonight is the big barbe at Serges. He invited Big Buzzard as well. It is going to be very fun. It starts at 6pm but we are planning to go over early to help Serge. Jason and I are bringing some sushi since Serge does not know how to make it. I was going to bake something as well, but got tired and ended up taking a nap. I spent all morning burning movies from Big Buzzard. I was so excited. We arrived at the barbe and Big Buzzard had already arrived. We all sat by the fire talking. It was very nice. We brought some beer and they also had a small keg of beer. They made so much food. We had sushi, sashimi, chicken, kababs, rice with beans (so delicious their version), and cous cous. They served Champaign and cake for desert. It was so much fun. We were among the last to leave around 1pm. I really am enjoying this place. We are getting to know the locals and even though Serge speaks english his friends do not so we had to practice our french a little!! Everyone loved the sushi.

They had a religious procession through town and when they arrived they danced.

June 18, 2006 Sun
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD, COLORADO DAD, ARIC, AND PAUL. YOU ALL ARE WONDERFUL FATHERS!! We were unable to get a phone card today!! We were very bummed because we wanted to call our dad's. We decided to check if Serge's store had them because he would get it for us even though they were closed. We walked up there and wished him a happy father's day. His store did not sell them. Melissa and the girls showed up and the kids started playing. We decided to walk back and see what was going on with the procession. We were sitting on chairs next to Melissa and George. They invited us to come over and use their satalite phone to call our dad's. They are super nice. We were waiting for about an hour for the procession to arrive and Gunter and Claudia showed up. We all sat chatting for a while, but it was getting very cold. Claudia gave me a shawl but I was still freezing. We decided to run back to the boat and change. We made it back in time to arrive with the procession!!! Unfortunately our camer is not working so I have no pictures of any of our adventures here. Melissa is nice enough to give me some copies of theirs. There was a lot of singing and dancing. It was very neat. It was a Catholic procession but I could not figure out what it was for. When we arrived back at the boat Big Buzzard called invited us over for dinner. She was making a japanese dinner. We brought over a bottle of wine to share and they made this amazing dinner. She used a type of electric pot bigger than a fondu pot to heat up a broth. It was chicken boullion, onion flakes, soy sauce, and ginger. Then she slices the meat very thin, paper thin and you put veggies in the pot and you cook your own meat in the pot and serve it with rice and various hot sauces. It was so delicious!! They made a betty crocker cake in the microwave instead of the over and it actually turned out very good. Like pudding cake. We had a great time. We played uno with the girls they are 8 and 10. Then we watched "Girl Interupted". It was such a nice night. We are making some wonderful friends here.

Jason and Jason, Serge and Tiena's son.

June 19, 2006 Mon
I went over to the shop today to see about my necklace. The Big Buzzard gang was there as well. We have all become good friends. She was picking out her pearls for her earings and the girls picked out a pearl to make a necklace out of as well. They were unable to get the silver or white gold in to make my necklace so I decided to just go with gold since I have no idea when we are leaving here. I made a choker our of a necklace in the shop. It is very beautiful. After we finished with the pearls, Serge invited us in for some Chocolate or Coffee. We ended up chatting there for quite some time. We left around 4pm. We went back with Big Buzzard. We invited them to come over and play xbox. The girls were very excited to play the car racing game. We had them for dinner as well. We cooked up the tuna Jason had caught and made sandwiches of tuna on garlic bread!! They were very yummy. I made some cajun fries as well, I think a little too hot though. We ran out of propane in one of our tanks so they didn't get very crispy. We had a nice time again. It is fun hanging out with them.

Serge and Tiena's daughter Ashley.

June 20, 2006 Tues
This morning Jason went over to Serge's boat to help him fix his vhf radio. We were going to go on a hike afterwards. Serge invited us over for lunch so I put on a little dress and we headed over there on the goped. We had a nice time watching a serfing movie and then had a super yummy lunch of chicken and rice. We ended up chatting the day away. Serge gave me my pearl necklace that was finished. I love it. It is gold but I love it anyway. It is sooo incredibly beautiful. I am also going to have some earings made up. It is very inexpensive and I am going to use my birthday money from my parents to pay for them. Melissa and the girls showed up around 4pm to look at pearls and play with Ashley. Jason took off because he heard that the cat that came in a french boat was dangerously close to Toa (gunter and Claudia's boat). They was no one on either boat so Jason wanted to make sure the cat didn't hit our friends boat. Our dingy was the only distance between them!!! Jason moved the cat 2x with our dingy and it seemed to work. Melissa loved my necklace and is going to have one made up similar. Serge drove them back to the dock and we came along for the ride. The girls were asking me if we were coming and I said we were going to ride our goped back later. We sat in Serge's back yard talking and Tiena joined us for a while. We ended up staying there until around 9pm and we finally said our goodbyes for the evening. We have an early morning to hike the mountain.

Pearls from Mangareva!

June 21, 2006 Wed
We went to go on our hike this morning. We were walking towards the clinic (my stomach is still a little off) and Serge drove up. He offered us a ride to the trail but we declined. We said we would see him this afternoon. We spent the morning hiking the trail to the top of the mountain. We did not go to the one everyone else goes to but the opposite mountain. I like it better it has a grassy top. It looks like a big field. It was hot hiking with paints and long sleeves but we were very glad to have them because of the sticker bushes!! When we got to the top we had lunch and played cards and could over look all over the island and around it. It was spectacular. After our hike we came back to the boat and I was goin to make some beer bread for Toa (Claudia and Gunter) and for Serge and his family. We stopped by Toa first to say hi. Claudia came over when she heard I was baking and hung out with me while I baked. She was also overseeing Jason's project making sure he was doing it correctly!! She is way too cute. Jason ran to deliver the beer bread to Serge, I had to stay behind to wait for Umi to bring us our propane. When Umi arrived they said that on shore some guys wanted to trade liquor for pearls. Basically 2 pearls per bottle. Claudia and I decided to dingy over and see what it was all about. We negotiated 20 pearls for 2 rums and one boxed wine!!! Claudia is a great negotiator. We came back to the boat. Jason came back and Claudia went to pick up Gunter for dinner. They brought over steaks and I made squash and corn and we had a nice meal. I really enjoy their company. They stayed until around 10:30 then Claudia got tired and headed back home. She is Cinderella!! She is showing me how to be cinderella as well!! The french came home around 9:30 and Anne went straight to bed. Oliver of course was chatting with our guests. It was a super nice evening. The steaks were absolutely to die for!!! Claudia and I split up the pearls and I gave her another box of wine to trade a few more with for us. They are pretty nice pearls.

Sunset in Mangareva.

June 22, 2006 Thurs
Serge stopped by in the morning on his boat and came aboard for some coffee. He invited us over for lunch again today. Serge is having some problems with his boat so he is ordering some parts for the plane coming in tomorrow and then will bring the boat over tomorrow and they will work on it. Umi brought us some butane and Jason is filling our propane tape with it today. Which is quite scarey since he has never done that before and could blow up our boat. It started to rain very hard so we turned on some "Simpson's " episodes that we barrowed from Big Buzzard. It wasn't stopping so we decided to just watch a movie and relax. Big Buzzard invited us for some drinks but we decided to have a romantic evening alone tonight. The french couple were out for the night. Earlier we had to move the boat. The cat moved because it hit Toa!! Now other boats were getting close and we appeared to be moving just a little, so we moved farther out on our own. We had a nice day working on things and then chilling out. Unfortunately we were not able to make lunch with Serge due to the weather.

June 23, 2006 FRi
Our french couple said yesterday that the Mayor had some deisel for us and for Big Buzzard so we woke up early today to go speak to them about it. After much talk, they really did not have any to spare. This is the second time the french said there was fuel and there was not!! We went over to Serge's to hang out. His son Jason is home sick. We watched a movie and Serge made a delicious lunch for us. We had chicken and rice with a soy-ginger sauce. It was really yummy. Serge had a wind generator, we are not sure it if is for a boat, but we are going to check it out. That would be super cool to have. Serge ended up coming by later and he and Jason worked on his boat engine. I just worked on some pearls and the website. Tomorrow Serge and Tiena are going to come over for lunch while their daughter and son play on Big Buzzard. Should be fun! Sunday we are going over to Serge's for dinner and they are going to do a traditional Mangarevan dinner. They dig a hole in the ground and put all the food in there to steam. I can't wait.

June 24, 2006 Sat
We cleaned the boat this morning. We were going to have a barbe with Big Buzzard and Serge's family. We walked up to Serge's to see what time and Melissa and the girls were over. Tiena was working on finishing Melissa's necklace. Melissa left and we were going to bring the kids back to their boat later. She was going to go clean the boat up we decided to do it on their boat since it is bigger and they have no crew. Jason was helping serge with his mp3 music and I was helping or more like learning how to make braclets. It was fun. Around 2pm we left to head back to the boat. Serge gave us and all the kids a ride. I made a phone call while Jason took the kids over to Big Buzzard. We went back to our boat and had some lunch and Claudia and Gunther came over. We hung out for about 2 hours and Big Buzzard gave us a call to come by. I thought it was going to be later so I did not make rice. Melissa was making some anyway so it worked out ok. We played uno with the girls and hung out chatting. Jason was in charge of the grill and Isabell and I came to my boat to pick up a cake and fronsting to make a cake for dessert. We had a feast of Jerk Chicken, Sweet and sour chicken, fish kababs, pas en crue, and rice. It was all so good. Afterwards all the girls were having a sleep over and they started watching a chick flick. I opted to hang with them. After a while, I had to go back to the boat to get my night meds and realized I was not feeling too good so stayed behind. I think it was around 9:45. Jason stayed for another 1.5 hours or so. Serge, Tiena and Jason left right after Jason got back. What a fun night. It is really fun here. We have made some nice friends. I am happy Big Buzzard is heading to Tahiti after the Marquesas. We will really miss Serge and his family when we leave. Tomorrow we are going to ride the bannana around the bay using Serge's boat so it goes faster. Yesterday we used a dingy and it went way too slow.

June 25, 2006 Sun
This mornign we worked on the boat a little and I made a baked french toast with bannanas. It turned out super yummy. After I finished that I washed some socks and then made some banana bread. Jason was riding the Torpedo for a long while!! He is wishing he had a wake board. Claudia came over while I was baking and we hung out for a while. It was nice. I gave her some of the french toast and banana bread. She accused me of trying to make her fat! HA! Jason and the girls came by on the torpedo to try and get me to come on but it was too cold out. I gave the girls all some banana bread to munch on. Claudia and I watched a movie. It was nice. When she left I sent her off with some banana bread for Gunter. Serge was over on Big Buzzard and everyone who was not on the torpedo took turns fishing. They caught about 16 fish. Jason came home with 3 and had a super yummy dinner. We went over to Big Buzzard for a drink before retiring for the night.

June 26, 2006 Mon
Jason and Melissa went fishing with Serge this morning at 9am. Jason went ashore at 8 to sell my metal detector to a local first though. I was looking forward to a quiet day by myself on the boat. Isabell called me around noon to see what I was up to and to see if she could come over. Claudia was over and we were just chatting and hanging out. The girls arrived and I put on xbox for them. They absolutely love the racing game. After a while, Caludia left. We put on a movie, but the girls ended up getting a little bored of it towards the end. Their dad came and picked them up so that I could take a little nap. No nap for the me though. Jason came back and they had caught a bunch of yellow fin tuna!! It was so cool. I rode over on the dingy to Big Buzzard where they were cleaning the fish to see. I did not stay long because I was making basmati rice. I realized of course I should be making sushi rice and promptly started making that. I watched a little "Sex in the City" while I awaited Jason's return. When he arrived we were too tired to make sushi so we just had some of the other fish cooked up on the grill. We had a nice night just the two of us watching a movie.

June 27, 2006 Tues
We woke up early and callled Claudia to see if she wanted to climb Mount Duff with us. She decided to come along so we picked her up and started walking to the trail. She is so cut on a sun dress and sandles. Jason and I have been on the trail and knew to wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt and shoes. I told her and she brought sweats to put on and some shoes. She ended up hiking the whole way up with no shoes on at all!! She did use a sweat suit though. We had a ball! It was a little rough because the mountain was in the clouds so it was wet. It was all the more fun for me though. We took some video and Claudia some pictures. We sat up at the top having a snack before heading back down. It was so pretty up there. All trees the whole way up. We went past guayaba trees, pine trees, and even some all spice bushes. Claudia knows a lot about plants. she pointed out ones that you can use for medicinal purposes as well. When we arrived back home we made up a ton of sushi and ate and ate. After a while we realized we made way too much so we called and invited Umi to come over and have some too. They came over and we chatted for a long while. After a while, Jason reminded me that we needed to go up and pay for the pearls we bought. But, it was getting a little late for that. We ended up stopping by Umi's for a while and then heading back to the boat.

June 28, 2006 Wed
We Worked on Boat all day and I worked on Budget. The french couple even came Back for a while and worked on the boat with uS. We were invited to go up to Serge's but decided to have dinnner at Big Buzzard as it was raining cats and dogs out. Dinner was delicious we had ceviche and fried fish with rice and sauce. It was very yummy and afterwards the girls made a cake with chocolate chips in it and we watched a movie!

June 29, 2006 Thurs
We decided not to leave today and plan for a departure tomorrow. Serge invited us for a dinner party tonight so we were excited that. I wanted to go hiking but I think Jason really wanted to play on the torpedo so we decided to do that. Isabel, Olivia, Jason and I took the torpedo over to Serges dock and picked up Ashley and her friend. We all had a ball riding on the torpedo!! Isabell and I rode together and I got thrown at least 3 times!! Some how Izzy was able to hang on!! We took a shower and headed up to Serge's around 5pm. We were walking there when the girls came running up. They had seen us leave and ran to catch up with us. We walked up together. Serges had a huge spread of food out and we all had drinks and chatted the night away. Big Buzzard left around 11pm and Jason and I stayed to continue copying music for Tiena and Serge. It was a super nice time. On the way home we contemplated going over to Braveheart (they had invited us over for drinks), but it was already almost 1pm and we do need to leave tomorrow or at the latest Saturday.

June 30, 2006 Fri
Worked on gettin boat ready. Went to Serge's to drop off necklace and had some chocolate. Came back and picked up necklace and Serge had tons of fruit ready for us at his friend Brice's house to pick up. We went over to Brice's house and he had gathered papaya, grapefuits, bananas, and plantains. It was incredible. We made it back to the boat around 3pm and we got the boat the rest of the way ready to go. We decided to wait until morning to leave. We pulled up all the dingy's and were all ready to go for the morning. It was a very mellow night as we were all sad to be leaving such a magical place.