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June 1, 2009 Mon Day 13
The refrigeration person came over to fix the 110 volt refrigeration system. Turns out that the 110 volt system is now bad (which means it won’t work on shore power at a marina) and will be thrown away. Luckily our engine driven system was still working good (but no back up system now) but, the pulley ratio has been making the system less efficient so, I decided to change out the crank pulley which I ended up borrowing a puller for and spending about 1.5 hours trying to remove it with no luck. Also that day the canvas guys showed up to give us a bid on fixing our dodger and ended up quoting us much more than their original bid. We then started giving Monkey’s Business a bath on the outside. After we stopped cleaning the boat for the day we had to walk over to see the canvas guys to discuss material and other options and they will come out tomorrow to give us another bid, take our deposit and order the material. Unfortunately, it is a holiday Monday so even with our two day shipping they can’t start until Tuesday of next week. We walked to the store today to pick up 2 days worth of dinners, some lunch stuff, and all the items we need for baking. I am so excited to start baking. It was pouring out and we made the mistake of leaving our forward cabin hatch open!! We got soaked. We had piri piri chicken though and it was amazing!!

June 2, 2009 Tues Day 14
The refrigeration guy came out and lent Jason his hand grinder and other tools to cut the pulley off the crank. It was a messy and smelly job. We finished the outside of the boat minis the cockpit. Then the canvas guys showed up and we decided to just do the front of the dodger for now to keep the cost down. Today I stopped working around five to make vodka pasta with leftover chicken in it. I decided to make home made bread to go with it, Jason’s favorite garlic and herb bread. The feta cheese we purchased to go in it was amazing!! It was super creamy not crumbly like it normally is, almost like it was made from goat cheese!! We spread the leftovers on the bread.

June 3, 2009 Wed Day 15
We worked on the mizzen mast to finish the rigging and get the last sail on the boat. We put on the sail covers as well. While he was up the mast he took off the boots and installed the new boots and took off the old radar dome and installed lazy jacks. We washed the dodger and the cockpit and then we did one more load of laundry, took a shower and then moved the boat off the dock to a mooring. Jason then went back to shore and walked to go pay the canvas guys. Jason also went to shore to change out our dingy fuel it was bad so he replaced it with new fuel. Then we rested for a while before we FINALLY did something fun and went to watch the rugby game Queensland vs. New South Wales. We started at the old Bundy tavern and there was no one there so very boring, not to mention we could not get any snacks so we walked over to another hotel and it had more people watching as well as drink specials. We met a few locals which we had fun with. The bartender gave us hats and 2 hand warmers (beer coolers) which was very exciting. I love hats!!! We had a wonderful time. I made papaya and cranberry scones for breakfast this morning. They turned out amazing. We have THE best oven on this boat!! It gets so hot and cooks so evenly! That was the one thing I hated about Siren’s Song was the oven. Nothing came out right witch is frustrating when you love baking. So, it was very satisfying to bake today!! By the way, Queensland won the game which was the team we and everyone else at the bar was rooting for!!

June 4, 2009 Thurs Day 16
Jason took all the chain out of the windless locker , removed the windless battery, and checked routes to run cables from the start batteries to the windless this way we can get rid of the battery up there. We around and price shopped to get the material to make the repair. Jason organized all his tools and then we started cleaning the forward bathroom. Today I unfortunately was unable to help due to my back cramping and I did not have the appropriate medicine to help it so had to take sleeping medicine. It was the first day I was unable to help though, so not too bad!!

June 5, 2009 Friday Day 17
We worked on the logs first thing this morning in bed. After making breakfast, we went into town to go buy the cable which we need in order to get the windless to run on the starter battery. We spent the rest of the day working on windless project and cleaning the forward cabin. While Jason worked on the windless project I worked on the cleaning of the starboard side of the salon. I also made some chocolate chip cookies for Jason!! He loved the scones, I gave away 3 and he was very angry about it this morning because there was only one left! We ate them all in 2 days!!! I guess tomorrow I will make more.

June 6, 2009 Sat Day 18
We of course had to run more errands in the morning. While on our expedition we decided to check prices at the new liquor store that just opened in Bundy. They had a special for wine and we were able to taste it. The sweet as part was that it was only $2 a bottle if you bought a case!!! They buy up the first batch of certain wineries wines at a much discounted price and then they sell them. We thought maybe it was like two buck chuck from Trader Joes but they actually use the left over wines. Basically with two buck chuck every bottle is different here you have a batch of wines that are all the same quality and they are just the fist batch. The wine was the best red I have had (not including the night that all my amazing friends came out to dinner with me and Jason at the wine bar) while on a boat. We of course purchased a case right away and will buy more if it tastes good with food. We also tried a couple of their whites and found one we like as well. We may buy that as well it was more like $4 a bottle or $3.50 with case discount. To be honest I had completely given up on white wine. I have not had a bottle that tasted good in so long, but this one was alright. It had some depth and was fruity and dry not vinegary or sweet. So we feel relieved because beer is so expensive we are talking $14 for a 6 pack and that was the cheap stuff not good beer!! The liquor is expensive here so that is why the price of the wine was a relief. I really miss rum though. I will venture to say, if we do not find any good rum before someone comes to visit that will be the cost of their stay on our boat!!! Tonight while we finished up our work we drank part of one of the bottles. We did not want to have more than one glass out with dinner; you know the budget and all!! We tried to get the boat cleaned up. Jason also worked on the windless running the wires. That is the part we picked up is a new switch. After we worked all day until 7pm, we decided we were too tired to cook and decided to go out to eat. Unfortunately, we also needed a shower desperately, so had to take one and get to dinner before 8pm!!! Well we managed to make it actually just after 8pm, which is when they stop serving dinner. How strange even in the States where people tend to eat earlier, the kitchen is open until at least 10pm. Like I said we made it in time. This is the same place where we saw the game one Wed. We met one of the owners that night. By the way, my first glass of wine was terrible I had to choke it down and it was not cheap at $8 a glass. I find it funny that our bottle for $2 was much better than this bottle. After our dinner of steak which we shared, The owner came up to say “hi” while we listened to the one man band who after his set came to sit with us. He bought us both a drink; I changed from the wine to ginger beer and rum which is one of my all time favorites now!! We ended up having tons of fun. We did not drink anymore but we danced in the other room they had a DJ spinning great tunes and then we would come back to hear the one man band who played sublime for us. He was pretty good. They want to get together again with us before we leave. We’ll see our date for departure is Thursday early morning.

June 7, 2009 Sun Day 19
We were going to do our big provisioning today. We loaded up the dingy with our big suitcase that rolls and left to head over to the grocery store. We wanted to walk to the one that was farther away because there are two grocery stores and a local market over that way as well as a mall. On the way we stopped to say thanks to our neighbor for the garlic bread and homemade beer he brought over and started to talk with them. They told us that the grocery stores would be closed except for the one downtown (closer to where we are) due to the holiday weekend. They will be closed Monday too. Guess we will wait until Wed to provision. We left the big suitcase with wheels in the dingy and just brought the back pack and went to pick up a few of the provisions we will need, ones that are on sale just through Monday and dinner for two nights. We were pretty bogged down with groceries when we left and we found a great beer making kit there so we will also get one of those and try that when we are really dying for a good beer. It makes 24 liters. When we arrived home Jason started working on the auto pilot pump, which he almost finished but he needed one more part so we have to wait until Tuesday to finish that one. Then we put all the chain and rode back in the locker since the windless was completed as well today. We also cleaned the forward cabin and bathroom.

June 8, 2009 Mon Day 19
I did laundry and Jason worked on the autopilot and the bildge pump. We cleaned out the bildge as well which was a not very fun at all. We found out that the pump was not working after pouring in a bunch of water and cleaner in order to clean it. It took most of the day to figure that problem out. I also did 3 loads of laundry our last loads until the next port. It took forever because I had to walk all the way to the grocery store to pick up some detergent and fabric softener. I also took a shower during that process and dried only the sheets and towels in the dryer that barely works. I ended up hanging up everything but the sheets. I worked on polishing all of the wood in the forward cabin, bathroom and little hallway. We marinated a cheap cut of meat all night and then had kebabs on the grill which turned out excellent. We were both worried it would be super tough but it was delicious.

June 9, 2009 Tues Day 18
Jason has noticed that our new batteries that are supposed to be the best you can buy have not been working well at all. We have been using hardly any power and they still are going flat. Jason went and bought a hydrometer to test them. He also turned on the generator and we are trying to get them full to see what the problem is or if there is one. Jason worked on the windless some more as well. The canvas guys came over today to measure for making the dodger. We also went to get parts for the auto pilot pump, returning one of the alternators to have them rewire it so that externally be regulated. Then hopefully the bed can go back in its place (once the autopilot is finished) and I can finish cleaning up the rest of the boat and make Monkey’s Business ready for departure!! I also made scones for breakfast this morning, mango ones. Jason was so incredibly happy. He is so happy when I make scones. Our oven rocks, I know I have said this before but I am so happy with it!!

June 10, 2009 Wed Day 19
Today we worked really hard to get the boat ready for a departure tomorrow morning. Hopefully the canvas guy will have our front part of the dodger done so we can leave. We went shopping first thing in the morning to do all our provisioning. Unfortunately, we had a lot of basics we needed to buy so our provisions are more than we expected too many spices to buy. We did not get to finish either since the canvas guy called at 2:30 saying he was coming over to fit the dodger. We were at the store and were a good 30 minute walk home. We brought our suitcase there to bring the groceries home. We were practically running to make it in time. Silly us since he would have picked us up and even said so when we arrived at the marina to let him in. After he left and Jason paid him, I had to make some homemade bread and roasted garlic for our guest that was coming over that night. They lived in Indo for a long time as well as Laos. I was exhausted by the time they came over. It was really fun though and we learned a lot about Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia which we are very excited to tour.

June 11, 2009 Thurs Day 20
We got up early to get all things on deck tied down. We left at 9am to go shopping for the final items we weren’t able to get yesterday. Then I went to the internet café to upload the website which I worked hard to finish up for today!! We are trying to leave today but I think we may be lazy and leave tomorrow morning. It has been an exciting few weeks!