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Crossroads hotsauce is the best new hot sauce out on the market. They make a caribean Lime, kinda hot (7 out of 10), Garlic habenero, hot (7 out of 10), Mango Habenero (5 out of 10, Cajun Cyennne, not so hot (5 out of 10), Red Habenero, hot (10 out of 10). Go check it out!

www.arthritisusa.net which is the Center for Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Alimorad Farshchian uses HGH (Human Growth Hormone) to promote healing. He changed my life by enabling me to do this sailing trip around the world by getting my back to a place where I could actually do things. I owe him everything for the ability to follow my dreams!!

If you have a problem with arthritis, knees, shoulders, or back check out his website above! www.denverosteopathiccenter.com
This is Doctor Cooperman's office. If you need a doctor in Denver, he is the best!! He has helped me tremendoulsy. Not only while I lived in Denver, but also while I have been at sea! I owe him many thanks. The phone number of their office is 303-991-4651

This is Bob Cook's website for Ocean Pro Weather. We are in contact with him every day using the SSB as well as internet to go over the weather, currents, and sea conditions. He does a really good job. Every day he gives us new way points depending on what is going on with the eddies, wind, and weather so that we can make the best time and stay in good conditions for the different legs of our journey.

My sister Christy's family web site

Viper racing web site

Another couple sailing around the world

If you like our website, check Alex's out. He is a professional film maker who has done a DVD of what it is really like to be out on there on the ocean. His DVD starts from the inception of his idea to sail around the world including the process of buying a boat, to sailing all the way to Columbia. Hope you enjoy it as we did!!