Mar 01, 2006 Wed
By Megalicious We woke up at a reasonable hour and I made french toast for all of us. I know, I know....Megalicious should not be cooking, but it actually turned out quite nice. Rob and Jason headed into town and left the girls on the boat to clean....of course. So I did the dishes, Laurel vaccuumed the boat and then we listened to diva music while basque in the sunny gulf of Panama. The skyline looks a lot like Chicago. After Jason returned we packed up the boat and sailed over to the island of Taboga. It is a small, quaint island with colorful houses that fill the hillside. After our arrival to the island we anchored and ate dinner on the deck (I had motion sickness for the first time). Dinner was yummy and we topped off the evening with Peanut M&Ms and 'The 40 year-old Virgin'.

March 02, 2006 Thur
By Megalicious We were desperate to find a bakery that Jason read about in the travel book. Jason's spanish didn't go over well with the locals for directions so we ended up at a restaurant. A girl came up to us and in perfect English asked, "What would you like to eat?" She was an army brat from Colorado Springs who now lives with her Mom while her Dad is in Florida. I thought it was strange that we didn't get menus, but this was 'old hat' for Laurel and Jason. We ordered three eggs, two empanadas, and three juices and came to $4.00. NICE. We walked to the beach and decided that it was too hot so we went back to Monkey's Business and she was also hot, but the dingy was juuuust right. So we convinced Jason to take us on a dingy ride around the island for some breeze. Jason also let out a line with a lure, who taught him how to fish???? Nothin'.... We ended up at a small island with a Samsonite suitcase and a sign that said 'no shooting, no swimming, no anchoring'. It was starting to feel like an episode from 'Lost' with the random suitcase and vulture staring us down. Jason found some nice drift wood for a new step ladder and we were off. Tomorrow is my last day so we sailed back to Panama City. I was at the helm, Jason was first mate, and Laurel was our executive chef. We are just sitting down to our eclectic sailing cuisine. Laurel's feasts out-due anything I have ever made in a big kitchen. The things she can do with hot sauce, garlic, and meat. She also made some phenomenal homemade bread. YUMMMMMMY. Bon Appetito!

March 03, 2006 Fri
Unfortunately, yesterday was the last day for our Guest Writer!! Megalicious took off this morning around 7:15am. I was soo sad to watch her leave, I believe I ran my mascara! Yes, I do wear makeup, have lots of girlie primping items, lots of shoes including 4 pairs of heals and truely enjoy dressing up even though the better part of the cruising community believes you need only a small Backpack of clothing to be a true sailer(I may be exaggerating just a little). I think minimalism is equated to sailing. It was funny I actually had a heated debate with a fun young single handing sailor on the very subject of shoes. He said I just don't get it yet! I asked him if I should have left my stilletto heals at home and suddenly a light went off in his head. I believe he admitted I had a point. For me, I love leaving materialism somewhat behind me, enjoy trying to "gather" food for meals, the freedom of being able to go wherever you want, the realization of how many "things" I thought I needed but actaully don't miss at all, and how you don't really DON'T need alot of clothing when living out at sea. But, after a sail to a new city, nothing really feels better than putting on that special lotion that smells of lavender leaving a trail of sparkles on your skin, makeup, a very pretty dress, and strapping on your sexy high heels and heading out for a nice dinner and some dancing!

We did a lot of dancing while meagen was here!! It was so incredible to have her here, someone I can really talk to about all that has happened to me over the last 4 months. We had an absolute blast and I can tell you Meagen is still as fun and full of life as when she lived in Colorado with us all. I have a blister on my trigger finger from chasing down and shooting water at the many people who attacked us first during carnival!! Meagen had very very sore feet as well!! The original attackers were so shocked that we actually fought back and ran them down!! Baring the confeti in my eyes twice, Carnival was fun. After Meagen left, we went into town to run some errands. We needed to get a visa for the French Polonesian islands so we went to the French consolate here in Panama city. I am going to have to get mine in Denver. I don't have time they keep your passport for a week while processing it, and I need to leave Wed. Jason bought a bunch of supplies for the boat as well. We hired a taxi for 3 hours an older gentlmen. He was nice and friendly, but oh my goodness was he the slowest driver ever!! On the highway we were being passed by cars going at least 30 miles faster than us! When I asked him to speed up he slowed down even more. I don't think he understood me. It was so hilarious. He wanted us to call him the next time we needed a ride!! No Thanks. I think I could have ran faster!!! Two days ago we put a wanted ad up for a dingy and already we have gotton a call from someone who is selling one. It is a carib 10 foot. We went to look at it they wanted $500 for it and it is 5 years old. It didn't look too wonderful, but the owners looked very honest and they were giving us everything that went with it including a cover. They said they have never had to patch it for a leak. According to him, it has never been leaking air since they purchased it. Good sign!! We offered them $460 for it and we are now new owners of a non sinking dingy!! Bye bye to the incredible red sinking dingy! We had to tow it home with Red though. I sat in the new dingy to give it some weight so it would tow better and jason drove red. It was fun. We put our motor on the new dingy and went wipping around in it. We flew past Salicorne and I yelled We have a new dingy. I think Mike was sleeping, but heard me and popped his head up to check it out!! We went to Balboa yatch club to use the wireless connection for free after we were finished testing our new (keep us dry) dingy. Good bye dingy butt!! We decided to stay in tonight since my back was super bad. I think I may be flying home more often with my medicine situation. It seems those injections worked for a while but I think I need more treatments to continue to get better. Oh well. What was that no pain no gain? I am definitely having a blast traveling right now. Even with all the work of the boat!!

March 04, 2006 Sat
It seems I am surrounded by men all the time, which in most cases is a positive, but making girlfriends in the boating community is another story or so it seems thus far. People are very nice to us, even helpful, but I think the fact that we are so young could be a factor. The number one question is how are you able to do this at such a young age. We are even refered to as "kids". Most cruisers are retired and I think they like to hang out with people their own age. I feel very fortunate that we met Rob and Mike because of that reason. They are our age as I stated before and super fun. Rob's mom left the day before Meagen. She was nice to hang around with as well. I hope she comes and visits again soon. She left me a great bread resipe I can't wait to try. I am resting my back today. It has been horrible and I really want to go out for a little while tonight. Jason also really wants me to go out tonight and that is why he has been super sweet in making me super comfortable and forcing me to rest while he works hard on the boat. I am not sure if you all noticed Jason's hair, but it is super cool and cute!! I love it. We are bummed by the delay in leaving Panama, but we will definitely be ready when I get back. It is very inexpensive here so we are taking all of our grocery and beer money budgeted and spending most of it here in Panama. Which means we will have a full boat carrying 9 months of provisions on board. In French polonesia that don't have alot of provisioning items and they are very very expensive (so we have been informed). We should only need to purchase some fresh veggies, fruit and some meat while in that part of the world. In New Zealand we should be able to provision again. I am going to do an inventory of what we have in order to make up the grocery list. I think it ends up that we have $2000 to spend on groceries for that 9 months. That is alot!!! Provisioning is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be especially when it happens to be for 9 months - craziness. We went out tonight at 8pm to grab some snacks and then go dancing. We met up with Rob and Mike. They were out last night until 3am. I convinced them to come out with us. We went and played some pool and then checked out all the bars in this waterfront area. It is a super hip area of Panama City and also happens to be where our boat is anchored. None were going on so we took a cab downtown and checked out a bunch of places. The one that was really happening was a gay bar!! It was a blast. We didn't get home until 6am. We literally danced the night away!

March 05, 2006 Sunday
I slept until 3pm today. I was exhaused after all that dancing. When I woke up Jason had the boat torn apart. You couldn't sit or walk in the main cabin. He always starts many projects at the same time. We went into town again to Balboa Yatch club. We tried to take a bus but they were all full so we walked all the way about 2 miles. It was a nice walk. When we got there it was packed with people listening to a live band. It was nice. We ordered some food and played on the internet. I love that wireless is free here. I tried to upload the website again but the battery died before I was able to get all the photo albums uploaded. Maybe tomorrow I can finish it. We walked back and went to bed at 10pm. Lots to do on the boat until I leave.

March 06, 2006 Mon
Today Jason went into the yatch club to bid on some pole ends on ebay. Hopefully we'll get them at a good deal. They are to make a wisker pole. I am getting the boat ready to sail. We have a lot of work to do to get this boat ready. I finished the inventory of food. I think we still have a month worth of supplies. We just need to get 8 months more. It is super difficult when you are used to eating whatever you want, whenever you want at home as long as you can make it. It is difficult to provision. You need to think about what we eat that takes up the least amount of space and doesn't need to be cold. Basically that leaves dried beans, rice, mac n cheese, tuna, canned chicken, spagetti and other canned foods. But, canned foods take up more space. Luckily onions and potatos last a long time. I think both of us are ready to get on with our trip. The next location is waiting for us to explore it. Unfortunately, today we found some mold on our boat in the forward locker. Looks like I am going to be looking for some mold remover while I am home. My list keeps getting longer and longer. I am bringing home one completely empty suitcase and one 3/4 empty in hopes of getting all those things we need. Our boat is sweating now, which is why I believe we have some mold. The water is colder than the air temp. and therefore condensation. When we leave here for the Perlas Islands the water temp gets warm again so we shouldn't have that problem. It seems that such a small space of a boat should be easier to take care of!!

Got the provisioning list done. I can't imagine eating what I have on that for 9 months, I really hope they have some yummy resturants on Easter Island, cuz by the time I get there I am going to need a meal out!! I have just been looking at my feet and noticing how much I hate that they are always so dirty. Now I can really appreciate the significance of of the stories from the Bible of washing your feet when you enter a house. Jason is still in town getting our back up tiller. He is having one fabricated for our boat! I believe (and really I do know since I have calculated every other option) that boating is the absolute cheapest way to travel and see the big world out there, but it is alot more expensive than the books make you believe. It seems they always leave out the part about something constantly needing to be fixed on a boat and all of the challenges that it posses when you are in a foriegn country looking for those parts. Let alone the expense. You definitley spend a fair time on your boat working on it. We should work on it every day but we are lazy and only clean once a week. I think we may have to start implenting a schedule of chore we NEED to get done and just spend a certain amount of time every day in the morning or night getting them done. If not you spend a couple of days getting stuff done or never get to some of the items for instance the woood trimming. Anyway, I am ranting about nothing important or interesting. Sorry.

We decided to try and find crew again for the big trip to Easter Island. I am not sure if I am happy about it or not. It would be nice to have someone help out with all the work that needs doing and also for the night watches. But, on the other hand, it also is close quarters, when you are grouchy, to have a stranger on board. We'll see it will depend if we meet the right person. I can't believe we are going to be crossing the pacific ocean in about 14 days. How incredible is that. I am so proud of us for sticking it out through all the pains of the beginning.

March 07, 2006 Tues
Jason informed me this morning that there is a couple that is looking to crew on a boat crossing the Pacific Ocean. I think we are going to try to meet with them today and see if it is even a possibility. We also went over the provisioning list. We went to dinner at the Balboa Yatch Club. We had sent some emails out to possible crew and were hoping they would meet us there. I was hoping the couple would show up so that I could meet them. No one ended up showing up. I guess we sent out the email too late in the day. We ran into the couple that sold us the dingy. Their friend is leaving tomorrow as well on the same flight. I was going to drive to the airport with them but decided against it due to all of our luggage.

March 8, 2006 Wed
I had to get up at the crack of dawn to leave for the airport. When I arrived I had to wait in a line to check in, but when I did I was super lucky and he checked me in for bulkhead for both of my flights!!! I was so happy. My flight had a good film on it so time flew. Unfortunately, I only had one hour between flights and my luggage was literally the last one off the plane. I had to run to check it, get through security again. The guy at security was a real winner. I had less than 5 minutes to get to my flight and he said I was in too much of a hurry and decided to search me!! I literally ran from there with no shoes on and my belt in my hand and barely made it before they shut the doors. All this while carrying a 4 pack of rum!! The flight attendants were super nice and gave me a water to take my meds with. The rest of the flight was smooth. I arrived in Denver and it was snowing. I was soo excited!! I had a perma grin on my face. My sister picked me up and we went straight to the hospital. My mom seems to be doing ok. They do not have the pathology reports back yet and she has 2 tubes coming out of her lungs. We drove back to my sisters that night.

March 9, 2006 Thurs
Today we got up early and went to the hospital. Dad and I went over to my place to drop off his stuff. He decided to was too hard driving 1.5 hours to and from christy's to the hospital and would rather be closer so he could spend more time there. When I arrived at my loft the heat was on 75 and there were pigeons in my house. Bird poop was everywhere. The tenant had broken a window and did not tell us and our property managers didn't notice it when they did the check out or he broke it after the check out since he stayed an extra day. Either way it was a disaster!!! I fet so bad for my dad. He needed to sleep there that night and did. My property manager got someone down there to clean it that day. I met them to let them in and went back to the hospital. When I got home that night it still wasn't clean. The carpets still had poop on them and so did the counters and the floors. I had them come back and this time I had to babysit them while they cleaned everything again. I was so upset because I was only home to see my mom and here I am not spending time with her. We couldn't get out the poop from the carpets it turned green. Looks like we need to replace our brand new carpeting we just purchased a few months ago! Luckily we have first last and security. He hasn't paid the utilities yet for the just about the entire time of his lease so that needs to come out of that as well. Luckily Dmitry and E came over because I was a wreck! I headed back to the hospital that evening after everyone left. Well actually the carpet cleaner didn't show up and I finally left after waiting a couple hours for him. After we left the hospital, my brother, sister, Aric and I all went to the Chop house for dinner. Thanks Paul for a wonderful dinner!!! It was nice to have a micro brew!! I really miss good beer.

March 10, 2006 Fri
Today once again I had to meet the carpet cleaners at my place. I also got a call from chad about some kind of summons for Jason that we got in the mail. He was soo sweet and brought it to the house for me. Apparently we have check fraud on our Coors account. I emailed Jason to get an affidavit for all the check numbers included on that. What a mess. This trip is turning out to be a nightmare for me. But, in actuality it is really fortunate that I came home. If I hadn't my house would have been trashed much much much worse with no one checking on it and lord knows how bad our credit would have been if I didn't get all that taken care of as well!! Work, work, work too much time away from my sick mom!! My mom seems a little better today. It is very scarey to see her in this state. She took a small walk down the corridor today. She seems in a lot of pain and very very tired. After visiting hours were over around 9pm my dad and I went and picked up some food for dinner and crashed. I was supposed to have dinner with Dmitry and E but was way too tired!!

March 11, 2006 Sat
Today I spent most of the day with my mom at the hospital. Around noon I went to the ballet with my sister and her two girls to see Cinderella. It was fun to do something nice with the girls. It was only 2 hours and then we headed back to the hospital to spend more time with mom. After visiting hours I went to dinner with Christy and Brian Furer at Swing Thai. Afterwards, Brian and I met up with E, her new boyfriend Olaf, and Tiffany at some lounge. I was so tired I only stayed an hour and headed back to the house to sleep.

March 12, 2006 Sun
Jason. Today should have been a day of rest after the long night, but not I. A day in a wollowing haze wishing the boat had AC without turning on a loud generator, and wishing the boat did not rock madly. Spend most of the time on Salicone admiring there ability to pack soo much stuff into the boat bilge. I wish our boat had a bilge we could stuff things into. At 3:00 I met with Anne and Oliver, the french couple that might sail with us through the pacific. They are very nice and ended up going to the goodbye dinner for the Salicorne guys. Service was soo bad, our 6;00 arrival at the bar ended up with the last food being served well after 10:00, then a phone call to Laurel and some pool, home by 1am. Much sleep needed.

Laurel. It snowed all day today. I walked over to the Spicy pickle from the hopital to pick up lunch for my dad and I. I was at the hospital all day today. We watched a movie and mostly watched my mom sleep. She seems to be a little worse today. Hopefully, she is sleeping alot because she needs the rest to heal. She is supposed to get one of her tubes out today. That went smoothly. The doctor kept reminding us that she could have a lung colapse while doing this or right after. This all is very emotionally stressful! Dmitry and I cancelled our dinner due to the weather. We are going to try for tomorrow night instead. Dad and I didnt' leave the hospital until almost 10pm. We ate yummy cafateria food, not!!

March 13, 2006 Mon
Monday morning, time to go to work. Phone calls to parts dealers all morning on a pay phone in the sun. FUN. The day picked up when I called Joe the mechanic who was in the area and we met. He provided a diagnostic solution for my diesel in oil problem for the price of a can of Coke. Nice people do exist. After more phone calls, onto the boat to tear out the lift pump. And bad she was. Now I have a boat that smells like diesel, so I did the smart thing, left the boat for internet access at the yatch club on the goped (which by the way is ok to drive on the sidewalks with out getting a ticket I fould out after passing 2 bicycle cops). Once my online business was completed the journey back made me discover that dinner was in order and soon. Of to the 2 for 1 pizza night with the cruisers. Good luck strikes again, not many cruisers, a table alone that turned into a table with a cool couple from Germany sailing around the world, and 2 free beers from Bonzai. Life was good until Alex picked me up from the dingy dock and ate my left over spare pizza!! And Salicorn sailed off under the full moon lite at 10:30 at night. I will miss Rob and Mike and hope we catch up to them in the islands before Tahiti.

LD - Today I had to go to the loft again to meet the guy who is making us a new window. I also had to interview some new property management companies. I am looking for someone in Denver who has the time to check in on our place more often. I didn't get to the hospital until after noon. My mom had her second tube taken out today and it looks like she is going to be able to go home. After my mom left to go to Christy's house, I went to dinner with Dmitry. We had a super nice time. We ate at Thai Basil. It was super yummy. Thanks Dmitry again for a great time. We went to liks after dinner and I bought a pint of Black Gold. It was sooo delicious. I miss that soo much. Dmitry dropped me off at 9pm and Brian Furer was at the house waiting for me and E came over as well and we just sat up chatting until midnight. Tomorrow Brian is driving me back up to Erie.

March 14, 2006 Tues
The Panama front was filled with taxi rides, $45 to be exact with pedro or truck driving taxi drive whos truck should be condemed from the road. I picked up the lift pump for the engine from Expert Desiel after about an hour of searching for the part number (thanks Robin for not giving up). Then Alex and I picked up my undersized whisker pole and reordered my pole ends from nance and underwood to be delivered to laurel in colorado. Had a great lunch at Las Tablitas with Alex and Pedro and on to MEGA DEPOT (with echo) and spend about $400 on canned food and a few bottle of Rum. When shopping always buy some rum. After filling my dingy with too much food parts poles and people, I spend some time getting everything below deck. Upon returning to the dingy dock to throw out some thrash and recycle some used oil, I met some Panamanian girls who missed the ferry to Tobago, the island about 5 miles away and wanted a ride. Being nice weather and a providing a good deed in trade for gas money we motored quite slowly (the girls were largeish) as the boat would not get on plane for the first half the trip. And in true my luck style, the wind kicked up to make large chop for EXTREME DINGYING until my neck and back and butt were sore from jumping the boat. The night ended on a mellow note with a movie with Alex.

March 15, 2006 Wed
8:30 am the Diesel machanic (me) started installing the new lift pump, no problem, 2 bolts, 2 hoses, hell I had it off in 30 minutes right. well after noon, my 30 minute project was completes, and now I know how to take off my oil/tranny cooler. A few delicious PB&J's and I am off to the big city to find a notory. First stop a bank, that closed at 3:00 (its 3:05) but that does not matter as they dont do that. So off to the local notory lawyer, who also now does not due that due to legal changes, so finally off to the Notary Secondary, and then to the fax place, wendys for a 99 cent burger, a haircut and the Clarocom for free internet and a few calls to the states. Returning to the boat at 7:00 left me soo much time I removed the forward head holding tank. Yes the container the shit ends up in. If I get it out, I will have space for at least 3 cases of rum, which kept me motivated as the container gave me hell, and a few leaks as it was pulled from its home. 5 showers later, (just kidding) I was off on the dingy to take the walk to the payphone by the street to talk to all our friends back in denver visiting Laurel at our old house.

March 16, 2006 Thurs
Time to put away the $500 of food from round 1 of 3 for shopping for the trip. The bleach removed any old smell from the holding tanks old home, the front cabin was de carnivalized from when megan slept there (with all the confetti on her), I cleaned up the wires on our entertainment system, and stored all that food. Oh yea, I had time to start making a new locker under the aft birth when I heard a call on the radio for help as someones boat was dragging anchor toward the rocks and their engine was failing. So an hour of moving that boat and she was set and a cold beer was in hand, when a frantic call of an unattended boat was floating through the anchorage with a dragging anchor. I arrive at the boat when it was about 100 feet from Alex's boat, tied the dingy to it and gave her all she had. Again success between my and the other 5 boaters that offered assistance, and just as we finished the owner returned. Vodka and orange Tang was the thank you drink from the Kiwi. After that, off to the pizza place and the phone to check on Laurel and her mom.

ld-Today I drove E to work and barrowed her car. I went straight to the tech center to go to West Marine to pick up our new windless and other items Jason had ordered. Then I rushed back to go to my Dr. Cooperman appointment. He was so nice his assistant called my pharmacy to make sure that they would fill a 3 month perscription for me. He gave me a hug when I left too. He really is the best doctor I have ever had. I ran to King Soopers to drop off my perscriptions after that. They needed to order the meds so it will be few days. Off I go to my dentist appointment so I can get a new cap put on my implant. That took way longer than I thought. I told E I would be at her office by 3pm but it appears that I am going to be at least an hour late. I didnt' get out of the dentist office until 3:30. Brian came over to the house tonight to help me put some stuff away. We had way too many things out for the renter to use. Then we went over to Blythe's friends house for dinner. I got to see Karen Malesky, Angela, E, Brian Burke, Brian Furer and of course Blythe!! It was a yummy dinner and a fun time. Unfortunately my sister got me an hour after I arrived. I was glad I got to see them even if it was a short visit.

March 17, 2006 Fri
Only three more days left to get everything done on my trip home. I am absolutely exhausted. My mom seems to be doing very well now. That is a huge relief. Jason seems to be getting to know Oliver and Anne as well as getting alot of work done on the boat. I believe he has gotton most of the provisioning done. I finished faxing all of the creditors and the judicial courts our affidavit so hopefully that is taken care of. I went to the used book store today as well as the mall to get a few things.

March 18, 2006 Sat
Today I headed down to Denver again. Grace Picked me up. I need to pick up my perscriptions and we are going out to the Cherry Cricket for her birthday dinner. We had a nice time at dinner. Doug, Ian and Brian F showed up and we all hung out until around 11pm. We went home and crashed after that.

March 19, 2006 Sun
LD- I got up early today and went to mas at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. It is such a beautiful church. After that I met my new property manager at the loft to go over everything. He seems great and is only 2 blocks away from the house. Grace drove me back up after that. I played with the girls the rest of the day until we decided to head back down to Denver. My mom had her appointments in the morning and I had an early flight. It was snowing very very hard so we figured it is better to go down there tonight. Brian is going to drive me to the airport in the morning. We need to leave by 6:15 am. Yuk!!

March 20, 2006 Mon
My flight was an hour late leaving Denver. It was looking like I was going to miss my connect. I was carrying a huge backpack full of stuff on my back and running was going to be difficult. We arrived at 1:10 but the plane didn't begin unloading until 1:30 and my flight left at 1:35. I was running to the gate and really was 1-2 minutes late but they held the flight!! I was soo lucky. The flight was pretty empty which was nice. When I arrived in Panama finally, I need to get a cab. The first one I got into started to drive away and said it was 32.50 I said no I would only pay 20. I had him take my back to the airport because I refused to be ripped off so bad. I caught another cab for 20. Which was still a little high!!! Jason had a drink waiting for me when I got to the dock which was super sweet!! We just relaxed for the rest of the night together. We really missed eachother alot.

March 21, 2006 Tues
This morning I slept in until 10am (8am Denver time). We met Oliver and Anne so that I could meet them right away. They seemed super nice and they came with us to the French embassy and to lunch. I think they will work out well. We all agreed to try the trip together. After the French embassy, Jason and I headed back to the boat to start getting it organized. It was a mess since Jason has been working on it. Later that evening we went to the Courtyard Suites to meet up with Carol, Doug, and Doug's new girlfriend Sasha. We went to TGI Fridays so they could have some food. It was right next door to the hotel.

March 22, 2006 Wed
We met with Jason's family and went downtown to walk around and have lunch. We ate at a very local place it was pretty good. They went to go to the Floras Locks and we went back to the boat to continue getting it ready. We met them for dinner at Barco. It was a very good resturant. It was a very expensive resturant by Panama Standards but it was cheaper than going to a similar resturant in the States. Tomorrow we are going to try and go for a sail.

March 23, 2006 Thurs
Today we met up with the family. We Worked on the boat a little and decided not to sail because of the weather. We ended up watching a movie in which almost all of us fell asleep during. We decided to get cleaned up and go to dinner. We went to an Argentine resturant downtown. After dinner, Jason, Doug, Sasha and I went to the German resturant for some beers and to play some hammerschloggen. It was a nice time. The weiss beer was amazing. After we left there, we headed to the area where there are alot of night clubs. Most of them played 80's music. The last place we went played salsa. We had fun dancing at all the locations!! It was a fun night. We ended the night with some street tacos. The put hot sauce on it and wow did that burn!! Poor Sasha had to throw hers away it was way way too hot for her!!! We stayed out until 3am. The cabbie tried to rip us off after we dropped off Sasha and Doug wanting 11 dollars to take us a few blocks. We decided to walk the 3 miles home.
Oliver & Anne our new crew and friends!!

March 24, 2006 Friday
Today we worked on the boat some more and Carol showed up around 11am to hang out for the day. We were going to try and go on a sail. Doug and Sasha showed up right before we were leaving. It started to down pour while we were sailing so we turned back. When we arrived back it was still early around 3pm. We decided to change and go to an early dinner. We went to another nice resturant on the causeway. I had the best Gnocci's. I was shocked at how light and delicious they were. After dinner we walked part of the way home. We were all stuffed.

March 25, 2006 Sat
We stayed on the boat all morning and afternoon getting it ready to have Oliver and Anne move aboard. They were coming around 4pm. The guy that Jason dropped off our sail cover material to still hasn't returned our stuff. It has been over a week. He keeps blowing us off and his phone just goes to voice mail. I really hope he doesn't take our material and run. Jason went to pick up Oliver and Anne and I stayed behind to rest. I went on deck to check things out and I noticed we were getting close to the boat next to us. the owners said they are super heavy and that we are turning faster than us. I started the engine and moved us out of the way and hovered until Jason got back. Then we pulled up anchor and moved the boat. We are in a much better location anyway now. Never a dull moment on a boat. After Oliver and Anne settled in we left to meet the family for dinner. We went to a mediteranean resturant. The hummus was delicious. We had yummy sangria too. It was a super fun dinner.

March 26, 2006 Sun
Today we dropped off our last laundry to be washed and headed to the fish market. They have a place to eat lunch upstairs and everything is soo fresh. I had the sauteed calamari it was soo good in a garlic sauce and Jason got the seafood soup. It was great too. After lunch, we went to finish buying the liquor and some food for the boat. We spent about $500 on rum and beer. We had soo much stuff only Oliver and I could fit in the taxi and barely at that. Jason and Anne headed to the store to get the meat for the trip. They were having them seal it and freeze it for us. We are picking it up tomorrow. It took several trips in the dingy to get all to the boat. Oliver and I unloaded the taxi and then moved it to the top of the ramp, then down the ramp, and one load to the boat before Jason and Anne showed up. Jason took us girls back to the boat to start putting stuff away while they finished bringing over the food. We are going to have beer everywhere since we really don't have room to put it away somewhere. We will be happy though, when we get to the Polonesian islands and a case of beer is $60 and we have our $6 a case beer plus the 2 cases of rum. We met the family at the pizza resturant for dinner. I was doing very very bad after carrying groceries. I was having spasms all over my back and si areas. I am looking forward to resting and working on the website tomorrow. It was a tearful goodbye for Jason's mom. They said they will meet us in New Zealand for Christmas we'll see.

March 27, 2006 Mon
I worked on the website today and found locations for some of the food. Jason split with Oliver and Anne so as to divide and conquer our huge list of things to get done before we leave. Hopefully we will be off tomorrow and with our new sail cover. Jason and Alex are heading over there today and if he isn't there they are going to go to the police station. I hope that doesn't have to happen. I stayed back at the boat to work on the website that has been neglected for over 2 weeks. All day I was going up on deck to check to see if we were dragging. We have been having a little problem because our old chain does not fit with the new windless. We ordered new chain and will receive it in a day or two. The chain we have now is less than what we have been using in the past. Jason returned after waisting yet another 1/2 day looking for the guy that is doing our sail cover. We have so much to do and were unable to accomplish it due to this guy jerking us around. Looks like we will be leaving Wed now. Right after Jason returned we started to drag anchor and had to move the boat again!! Very frustrating. We put out more line so that all of our chain would be on the bottom. This seems to have worked. Jason left to continue with his errands. Our French mates still are out working on their list. Jason arrived back around 6:30 still no sign of our French mates. Finally around 8pm they made it back. The had much success on their end. Jason dropped Oliver off on the rocks and he went to get us some pizza for dinner. We ended up eating at 10pm. We crashed there after.

March 28, 2006 Tue
We woke this morning nice and early to get a start on the final preparations for our departure. Oliver, Anne, and I were to head to the ourdoor fruit and vegatable market. Jason joined us in the cab and dropped us off. The market was huge. We had a lot of fun shopping. Oliver and Anne taught me an important word "Regalo" which means present or gift in spanish. Everywhere we went we would ask for a regalo after we finished purchasing and paying. It was super fun. Most of the time we would get one. For example an extra pineapple. I loved it. We spent the day laughing!! We found a cab to drive through the market with us while we picked up all of our purchases. We spent a little over $500 on fruits and vegatables. We bought 9 pounds of potatos, 7 pineapples (one a gift), 6 pounds of onions, and much, much more!!! We will eat well. Papayas at the beginning and then the pineapples as things get ripe we will be ready for a new fruit and sick of the ones that we have been eating that were ripe!! I went to the Balboa yatch club after we finished washing all of the fruits and veggies in a bleach water mixture to help the keep longer. I had to upload the webiste. Of course I was not able to do so. Jason and I could not get the software to work on our computer that christy gave us. I guess tomorrow we will purchase it online and hopefully get it uploaded then. I spent 4 hours online getting all of our bills paid in advance and downloading our financial information. Life is so easy now you can just right click and download a months worth of activities into quicken. Now remembering what we acutally spent that money on is a whole different story!! HA! I decided to have a happy hour rum drink they were only $1 while I waited for jason to come with the power cord. I ran out of battery time!! When he arrived we had some food or rather he did. I was too stressed to eat but always room for another drink. We have alot going on back at home to take care of while trying to get ready to leave for our big voyage. We finally left here around 7:30. We had Oliver pick us up and we had Namaste over for a drink and to eat leftovers. We stayed up until 10 chatting.

March 29, 2006 wed
Alright, we are leaving today! Can it be?! I came over to the Balboa Yatch club to once again try to update the website. Jason downloaded the software and paid for it. We need to wait for them to send us the security code to our email before we can activate it and it can take 4 hours. Just what I wanted to hear, not! I was working on other items when I finally received an email from them 2 hours later saying that our credit card didn't work. I don't have a credit card with me and I am sure Jason must have put the numbers in wrong. What to do now? Once again Christy to the rescue. She logged on to my account and paid for it for me. what a saviour. Now the question will I get it in time to upload the sight before we have to leave!!! The clock is ticking. I think I will be sending the logs at least to christy to upload just in case I do not get it in time. So, if you see photo albums for Panama (there are two) then I was able to upload if you only see logs then Christy uploaded them!!