After a little squall there was this beautiful rainbow. You could see both ends over the water.

May 01, 2006 Mon
Well it appears that I may be right with my assessment of 19 days. There was no wind when I came on duty. I did an assessment and since we were going to motor, I wanted to see if we could motor sail. It would be a close one. If the genoa does not stay full I'll have to pull her in. I ended up pulling her in. Yesterday we had similar conditions and I was able to leave her out. It gives us an extra knot usually. No such luck today. Today I felt very tired. I am working on burning a cd of hip hop songs. We have alot so it is a lot of work going through each one to remember if you like it or not. I think it could take me a few days. We are moving at 4.8 knots today yippee.

May 02, 2006 Tues
Well we had to motor once again most of today. We watched a movie on my night shift and I stayed up to watch one on Jason's. It was fun. It was a pretty uneventful day.

May 03, 2006 Wed
My back woke me up early for my night shift and I could not go back to sleep it was 4:30am. I laid on my massage chair and worked on some emails and the website. When I took over for Anne there was wind!!! I was so excited I went down to tell Jason right away. He was excited too. We put up the sails and were finally sailing!! I had to hand steer the entire time. It is pretty exhausting. After my shift my back was in need of a rest and instead of making bread I watched a movie with Anne. I started cooking dinner before it ended around 2pm. We have been eating our main meal at round 3, it is easier to see and it does not interupt anyones resting time. We caught a fish last night and I cooked it up and made mixed veggies in the oven to accompany the fish. I started feeling very sick and ended up not being able to eat dinner. I promptly threw up. The fish we caught wasn't very tastey according to everyone who was able to eat. We are not sure what fish it was but it was super long and had very sharp teeth. Not a baracuda though. The meat had tons of bones. I laid down until my shift. I ended up having to hand steer again auto just wouldn't hold. I was very happy when my shift was over! My back was spasming and I was exhausted. I couldn't sleep and when I finally did at 11:30 woke up again at 1am. I spent some time on my massage chair and watched "pride and Prejudice" the rest of the night until my shift. I was going up for my shift and Jason made me go lay down instead. He is so bossy. But, in the end I slept from 7am - 2pm. It does not look like we will arrive until tomorrow night sometime. That makes 18 days.

our first anchorage you can see our boat in the backround behind the mois.

May 04, 2006 Thurs
Well when I took over after Anne's shift there was Easter Island!! I was so excited. I told her when she awoke we should be there!!! As it turns out we were 10 miles off shore dealing with winds at speeds up to 43!! I took a nap around 1pm and so did Anne. I did not awake until we were anchoring!!! It was calm and when I peaked my head out the smell of Easter Island was so beautiful!!! Our view is of a beautiful beach with 7 Moi's on it! We could not be luckier!! We were so excited to be there. It was dark by the time we finished setting the anchor and we ate dinner and went to bed early for our exploring tomorrow.

Exploring the Island our first day!

Hiking around our first day.

May 05, 2006 Friday
We woke up ready to explore the island!! Immigration came out to see us on our boat in the morning. We filled out the paper work and gave them our passports. I gave one of the guys a tour of the boat and gave them all of our honey as well as our limes. They liked us so let us squeeze our limes before we gave them up. That was super nice. They were really cool. After they left we all piled in the dingy and went by Dutch Touch to say hello. We ended up hanging out there for a hour. I Was so excited when we got on land! There were 6 moi's all together 4 in tact 1 missing a head and another half his body. There is another one off to the side much bigger. We are at the nicest beach on Rappa Nui. We hiked around for most of the day it was awesome. Jason and I decided to go into town to see a concert for the president of Chili. She was visiting the island and was returning a moi. Jason wasn't feeling well so we almost did not go out. But, in the end he insisted on going. We negotiated a cab or rather a girl was nice enough to do it for us Patricia. The cab was for the night. The estimated cost was $20. We made it downtown after traveling on a beautiful road. There were horses and cattle right on the road. Our cabbie stopped on the road and turned off the car put it in neutral and the car started going backwards. We were on flat ground. He said that it is the magnetic force that pulls the car. It was cool, whether it was real or not is another story. We made it to the concer area there were lots of people out and about. There were kettle corn and cotton candy vendors. We purchased some kettle corn and it was good. We sat on the wall and waited for the band to start. Jason started feeling really sick and was super cold. It was cold out but he was actually more cold than I and had more clothing on. We decided to catch the cab early it was 11:30 at this point about 1hour after we arrived. On the way home he fainted. I thought he stopped breathing. It was scarey and we went to the hospital. He was just dehydrated. We iv'd him up and went home. He was sick for the next few days. What an exciting night. .

Our approach to the anchorage

Our second anchorage had these Moi's there.

May 06, 2006 Sat
This morning we got the boat ready to move. Apparently, the winds are changing and the sea swell. We ended up moving it around noon, following Pelican Express and Dutch Touch. Anne and Oliver went in to walk around in the morning and we got the boat ready for departure. After we moved the boat we went ashore. We were in another great anchorage as far as Moi's are concerned. There were 15 plus mois. It is amazing!! We ran past them though trying to catch a ride into town. Whoever was sightseeing here was walking back to the car and it was our only way into town. We were hoping that they could call us a cab so run we must!! We started waving at them frantically, and they stopped!! How incredible. There were 3 guys in the car the cab driver and two guys from Chili here on a visit. After they heard we were heading to the hospital they told us to squeeze in and they would give us a ride. They were unbelieveably nice. They were on there way to the volcano next and if they took us into town they would not have time to go there. How lucky are we!! We went to the hospital and the nurse told Jason what he needed to do and where the pharmacy was. Oliver came with us into town to help us if we couldn't understand the nurse. Which was a great help. We walked to the Pharmacy in town. We stopped at the internet cafe to try and call Jason's mom but we only heard the answering maching. Jason being a silly boy did not leave a message. I was worried about his mother being frantic about Jason. So, we emailed her as well. Then we left and stopped for an empananda and tried to have them negotiate our cab ride back. We still ended up paying $26 for one way!!! ridiculously expensive. I picked up a few apples, oranges, stick lighters and garlic. I was so excited about the apples they were big fuji's my favorite!!! I ate one right away. When we arrived back it was still raining. Jason rested the rest of the evening.

Jason the good patient at the emergency room in Easter Island getting hydrated.

May 07, 2006 Sun
It rained all day today. Oliver and Anne went in for a walk but Jason and I just relaxed and slept. I cooked Scones, lentil soup, and home made bread!! I wanted to make sure Jason ate enough even though he was still so sick. We also watched a movie. I was feeling a bit frustrated as well as Jason over the fact that we could not sightsee. Mostly because of Jason's being sick, but the weather wasn't so great either. I guess it is rainy season, but more importantly in is May the month of the most rain. Oh well. This is why it was important that we got here in early March. Such is life. What is a little rain when you have these incredible Moi's to look .

We all went to the volcano that they carved most of the moi's from.

A fallen moi.

May 08, 2006 Mon
Jason and I went ashore to walk until we found a cab to take us to town. We needed to go to the hospital again today to drop off some stuff and consult with the doctor. We met two men on the beach and started talking with them. We said we needed to go into town now and they said they were heading there and would give us a ride!!! How fortuante!! They were super nice. They are both from Santiago and were here on holiday camping!! When we got to the hospital Jason had realized he forgot the items that we needed to come for. Oh well. We walked to town again and went to the fruit market and purchased some stuff. She was going to hold it for us until we were ready to leave. My tooth broke last night and I needed to go to the internet cafe to send an email to Dr. Matt. I wanted to know what he would do in that situation before I saw a dentist here and they pulled my tooth. After that we decided to rent a car. We got some groceries and picked up the fruits and veggies and left in the car to go to the international police. They have our passports and we needed to pick them up. After we picked those up, we noticed we were right by the volcano and decided to stop by and see it. It was super cool. It is a lagoon and has all kinds of vegatation thriving there from food trees and vines to bushes. It was beautiful. We then walked over to the excavation sight. There we saw the houses they had built into the groud. It was amazing they way they built these arcs for ceilings out of rocks and the walls out of rocks. They are super small living space. The men used to scale down the cliff and swim to the little island out there and wait to get an egg. After they got the egg, they would swim back with the egg on their forhead and scale back up the steep cliff. Not all survived doing this. It was to prove themself to the clans. Sounds like an iron man to me! After we left there we went to get some empanandas to go. I gave the guy that owned it a regalo of a scone, since yesterday he gave me a regalo of a treat. We went to pick up Oliver and Anne and went to the volcano that they carved all of the Moi's from. It was so cool there were like 500 Moi's there. Some not finished. We hiked around there for an hour of so. Then we dropped off Oliver and Anne came with us into town to get our first load of Deisel. We had dinner at this nice resturant, but ate at the bar where you could order off a cheaper menu or the expensive one. We also ran into Patricia there. She helped negotiate our first cab out of the harbor. She was super nice and a wealth of knowledge on the island. We had a super nice time and had piscos (a chilean liquor) mixed with Guava. It was so yummy. They also made these steak sandwiches that had avacado salad on them and a bunch of other stuff. So delicious!! Jaosn ordered on of those to split and I ordered the tuna ceviche. Anne just ordered a steak. We had fun.

the best deal in town, steak sandwiches. Oh so delicious.

Patricia stayed to hang out with us the whole time. We bought her a drink. She is in her 20's and lives with a group of people in town. We took our gas home filled up the tanks and went to bed so we could get an early start tomorrow morning We needed to sightsee and get more deisel and stop by the hospital all before 1pm.

Jason in front of Moi with white eyes.

These are the places in which the villagers stayed.

May 09, 2006 Tues
Today we woke up early and left for town. We took the back way that was longer so we could see a few more sights. I really loved the moi with his eyes painted on. It was cool. Also there were more houses. We went to the hospital to drop off his sample and they said the results would be ready tomorrow. We paid for the visit and left to get our deisel. We also bought some chilean wines there as well. I really do not like the boxed wine we bought so was excited to get a few bottles. They were still cheap by us standards. The owner purchased them all so gave me some good choices. I can't wait to try them. We stopped by this bakery/corner store and bought an empanada for breakfast and picked up some more groceries. The guy that worked there after we finished paying gave me a regalo, banana bread!! He was so nice. I was in a great moood. For lunch we stopped by and got another of those meat sandwiches..yummy. We drove back to the boat and gave the car to oliver and anne. After working on the boat for a while we went to shore to have a picnic with some of our new wine. We couldnt' really eat the wind was too great and it was cold. We ended up going back to the boat and had a picinic there.

May 10, 2006 Wed
We worked on the boat until about 11:30 and then we waited for Oliver and Anne to come back so that Jason could leave on the goped for town. We got to see a ceremony by one of the Moi which was nice. While Jason was in town I worked on our finances and then went on a hike. Oliver picked us up around 4pm.

Another angle of Mois where our boat was.

Moi's right outside of town.

May 11, 2006 Thur
This morning at 4am we had to move the boat again. This is the 3rd time. How frustrating. I was at the helm and Jason was pulling up the anchor with our new windless. It took us 2 hours to get over to the other location. Anne and Oliver went to land first today and I did pilates and worked on the boat. They were to arrive at noon and when they did not we started to read while we waited. It started to rain and they came back around 1:30. They were waiting out the rain with the fisherman. It started raing even harder so we decided to skip going in. I know we are baby's for not going in but we were just going to go see something we have already seen and it was gusting up to 45 not making for a pleasent day to be wet. I made some potatos and Anne cooked the last of our tuna. It was good. We all chatted fora while and then off to bed.

This is the location with the most mois in a row, we anchored here a few times.

moving the boat. You can see how rough the anchorages are.

May 012, 2006 Fri
We woke again at 4am to move the boat back to the other anchorage. Another day of little sleep if any. Now we found out that a big low is coming with a huge storm. We are going to try and leave today. Pelican express and dutch touch actually veered from going to Pitcairn and are on their way to the Marquesas!! We now need to decide if we will try to make it there or go somewhere different. We went into town to buy a few more provisions, check on the weather, pick up our sheets (we could only afford to wash our sheets which cost us $10!!), get more deisel, check the weather, and get our zarpe. I went with Jason to find out the weather. There is a depression building heading our way I think 4 days out. There are favorable winds to leav for Pitcairn today and tomorrow. Sunday we are supposed to get a weather system with winds as hight as 45!! We are hoping we can get far enough ahead to miss it, but if now we will be ready. After much debate we decided to just leave tonight and take advantage of the good winds while we can. There was no end in sight for a window (if you can call 2 days a window) again. Jason stayed and finished the formalities for the Zarpe, they will meet us at our boat at 6pm. I walked into town with Oliver and purchased some papaya, avacados and green beans. The woman gave me a regalo of 3 bananas. How sweet I did not even have to ask. Oliver tried to get the guy that sold us the papaya to give us a small one free since they were so expensive. He got shot down!! But, alas we received another regalo of some avacados that were over ripe. But, as it turns out were delicious!! I went to the internet cafe to upload the website and Jason met me there. It was a little after one and he ran down to the super market to see how late they were open. Apparently, they close from 1-5pm and reopen from 5-8pm although, we went there one morning at 10am and they were closed as well. Who knows. Jason got there just as they were closing and he purchased a few things for the boat. I was a little bummed I wanted to do it. No lechuga(lettuce) for us Jason couldn't find it in the grocery store and at the market they were out. Bummer, the lechuga here is amazing!! We ate the last of it for dinner tonight along with some pasta with marinara. HMM. We finally found a cab that would take fuel in his car and we went to the gas station/wine store. We also stopped and picked up 4 empanadas for me to take with me and Jaosn got this amazing steak sandwich I mentioned earlier. Both so incredibly delectible!! Now we have food, deisel, our sheets and it is time to head back, not to mention we are all out of cash and do not feel like going to the bank for a couple bucks. On our way back we wanted to stop at this warehouse place to get some soda, and there was Oliver! He was supposed to have been at the boat. He was only coming in for a few things and said he would be back 1.5 hours after we left. Never works out that way. I was happy that the weather was nice so Anne woudn't have to deal with the boat all on her lonesome. When we arrived back Jaosn and Oliver took the first group of things. They pulled the dingy onto the beach and had to make it out. They were clobbered by a wave~!! Poor guys got soaked and it is not that warm out and salt water sucks in your cloths!! After we were all on the boat, anne asked me if I wanted to go for a quick trip to the beach to play in the water a little. We went over and man was it cold I think it is barely 69 degrees. But, we swam around for 20 minutes enjoying being in the water rather than on top of it!! It was nice we were swimming around with the view of the Moi's on the beach. I think to myself, this is why I am putting up with all the work of a boat for the occassional 20 minutes you get to enjoy your boat!! I made dinner, we ate, and off we went sailing away from Easter Island!! We had to motor sail until we were out of the lee of the ilsand and then we had beautiful winds and easy sailing!!

May 13, 2006 Sat
Well our radar broke!!! Apparentely, everything has to break on our boat!! We will have to sail with out one now until we can buy a new one. The earliest location for that would be Tahiti. Another great day of sailing today! We had good winds all day. I ended up sleeping after my shift from 10-3pm. I was exhausted from all the moving the boat at 4am while we were in Easter Island. We are supposed to get some bad weather, a cyclonic depression. We are trying to go North to get above it. Hopefully we will miss it. My watch was easy tonight and off to bed early. Tomorrow we will be getting the boat ready for heavy winds and big seas. We are all trying to get our rest for the big event.

May 14, 2006 Sun
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY mOM, MOM, CHRISTY, SAM, AND NATALIA!!! Hope you all had a wonderful day! You are all wonderful mothers!

Today my shift was nice as well. I had good winds and we were sticking to the plan of heading north. After my shift I made 2 loaves of home made bread, arroz con pollo, and grandma's oat meal raisin cookies with Cranberries. All was yummy!! My bread was perfect this time I used a lower temp. Inbetween the bread and the other things I did my pilates. It is so calm out here this morning. Well that did not last too long. When I was finishing up the rest of the food the winds really picked up and the seas. To top it off we have water coming in. After an investigation, we found it was a broken through hole. We did a tack so we wouldn't be heeling over on that side and it stopped the leak. Seems like something is broken every day!! After my experience of Easter Island and getting there I have realized how much sailing is not about where you go but how much patience you have to deal with all the work involved with your boat. We are really looking forward to getting to the Gambier Islands so we can relax for a month!!! It will be pure heaven. It is definitely a love hate relationship with your boat. Easter Island was wonderful, but it really was quite an endeavor leaving the trade winds and taking the path much less traveled. Now we understand why people do not want to go there by boat. It completely makes sense. I am happy I saw it but was it worth it? Hmm. I think so, but I would venture to say that Jason is not sure. We may skip Pitcairn now due to this depression and head straight to the Society Islands. We'll see where the wind takes us. Jason is repairing the sail right now, yes we need to repair our main sail again. I believe this is the 5th time? We've repaired the mizen and head sail at least 3 times each. So many things to go wrong. I am really happy to have the extra help and definitely would not recommend anyone going to Easter Island with out crew to help or you would not get to see anything or barely anything. Tonight we will run the generator to charge the batteries. We want them at full charge for the storm. I like that because it means we get to watch a movie on my watch!! Yipee! It is a nice escape from the boat. Looks like we may have some crew from Colorado coming aboard sometime in July/August. We'll see though, I won't mention who just in case they change their minds. I can hope and dream right?! It would be so nice to have someone you love on board to chat with all the time. I think it would make things a lot easier. I think that these long passages are very very difficult, but that once we get to the islands and can just have short day trips between, that we will be renewed. I hope.

Well, on my shift the winds picked up, meaning that the winds went from staying in the high 20's and jumping to 30 mph occassionally, to staying in the middle 30's jumping down occassionally to 26 mph. Finally, I called for Jason, because we were hitting 39 a lot and we hit 40! Jason and Oliver both came up and reefed in the main and head sail. Jason's new reef he made looks amazing. Our sail looks like it belongs on our boat now!! Kudos to Jason, my little mcgiver. It wasn't too bad to sail during these huge seas and huge winds, but it is exhausting because you must hand steer the entire time and constantly be checking wind for changes and the seas. It is important to turn up wind when the wind hits over 40 and to watch the waves to try and avoid them crashing over your boat, luckily they were more behind me so I could steer so that I sort of surfed them. But, when we were beginners (ha ha ha), and I said I understand the book "Old Man and the Sea" I certainly have a better feeling for it now being out here in the pitch dark helmsing in 40 + plus seas that are 10+, you get a little bit of vertigo. Lets talk about vertigo. I never experienced it in my life except for on this boat. Jason has also experienced it. Of course it is always at night. You feel like you are spinning out of control and it makes you very very dizzy. I think the movie "vertigo" shows it quite well now that I think back!! Another thing that the sailing books fail to mention. I think I am going to have to write a book when we finish!! All the things that sailer's do not tell you. Sailing around the world, while sounds very romantic (and it can be), is not most of the time!! It is challenging though. When we reached Easter Island we felt like we accomplished on of the hardest things to do, that most people do not even attempt to do (aren't they the bright ones!). There is something to be said for that.

May 15, 2006 Mon
Well we were awoken by Anne's yells this morning at 4AM. The main sail was reefed down all the way and tore. A big tear too. We went on deck and pulled it down. Looks like today will be fun trying to sew it, if that is even possible, we may be sailing with just the head sail now. We reefed that in a bunch more as well. The seas are even bigger now, they are not crashing over the boat too much and that is very good. Unfortuntely, the winds have changed and we are having to head more sw so the waves are not behind us anymore so we are rolling about quite a bit. No sleep for me I guess. I am on duty in 30 minutes 6am. The winds are hitting the high 40's now on occassion not just young 40's. I hope that this is as strong as they get. It is crazy up there. This will be a long 3 hours.

May 16, 2006 Tues
It was nice out I put out all of our clothes and towels to dry after all the raining yesterday. Jason decided to take our old main sail that was torn way back in the Bahamas. Jason decided to put it up. He was able to put it up as if it was double reefed. He tore all below the double reef point. It worked great!! It was nice to have another sail balancing us out. I tried to take a nap on my break, but was unable. Jason and I just hung out cuddling and playing games. It was nice to spend a little time together. On my watch there was tons of lightening. There were bolts everywhere. It was very very beautiful, but also very scarey. We turned off all the power. That means no GPS, no auto pilot and every other electronic was unplugged. It was really so incredible. At one point I woke up Jason to see. The clouds would light up when the bolt struck. It was only about a half mile away.

May 17, 2006 Wed
Anne was unable to sail all her shift due to no wind. After 10 minutes on my shift the wind started to pick up. It started to drizzle too. I had Jason help me put up the head sail. It rained a little more on my shift this morning but nothing to hard and by the end of my shift it was pretty sunny. It was nice to be sailing. On Anne's and Oliver's shifts it was raining so hard!! It was more like a storm. I put out my pants

Jason stitching the sail.

May 18, 2006 Thurs
Today was a glorious day!! My shift was amazing. It was a beautiful sunrise and nice out. I was so tired though. I have not been sleeping my back has been keeping me up even with my zanaflex. We are on some food restrictions now. Such as butter, milk, olive oil, eggs, and sugar. Our 10 day sail is going to be 20 days at the least now. I need these products to make bread so we must reserve some for baking. Hopefully we will be able to get some items in the Gambiers but there is no garentee. Luckily our boat is fully stocked and we do not really need anything in order to eat well. I was so exhausted after my shift I went into the bedroom to distract myself, as many of you know my need for that, while I waited to fall asleep. It did not take long. I slept all day until 8pm. While I slept they put up the main sail after finishing stitching it back together. Our cockpit was finally empty of sails. of course this did not last long, the mizzen was quick to replace the main. They spent the day taking turns stitching the mizzen sail. I got up and sat on my massage chair for a while before my shift. Jason insisted on me skipping my shift and the others were nice enough to offer to take some of it as well. As it turns out, Jason ended up taking mine and Oliver's shifts because he was working on another tear in the main sail. No luck for us. While I was sleeping, Jason caught a squid. A pretty big one I think over 14 ft. I can't wait to eat it.

The squid.

May 19, 2006 Fri
I was in and out of sleep all night due to the heavy rocking. We lost wind during the evening and we have been floating and rocking like mad. It was aweful. I laid on my massage chair for about an hour this morning before my shift. We decidd to run the engine during my shift. We headed west and a little northwest. Trying to get as far West as possible. It is the one way we won't be able to go for a while, we will be having prodominately westerlys. I watched some of Wives and Daughters on my shift to distract myself from my current situation. I had to take a lot of medicine last night and this morning to just get up. Not so encouraging, but I feel better this afternoon. Jason put up the hammock for me to lay in since the sails are down anyway. It was so nice. I felt like I was on vacation lost from the rocking of the boat in my hammock. I read for a while. Everyone was up much later and they made pancakes. I was full from my shake (thank you Carol for those!!) but they were good, Oliver is good at making silver dollar pancakes. They cleaned the squid so we should heat it for dinner tonight. I had some left over arroz con pollo for lunch and wrote the logs. I heard the engine on and went up to see what was happening. They saw a buoy out there in the ocean and were driving to see what it was for. Boredom at its worse. Jason put back up the main sail now hopefully for the last time for this journey anyway. We all had to dry out our matresses. I guess we found out we have a leak in both cabins. I think we found them though. It was a great time to get everything that has accummulated under the bed back into its correct locations. I also cleaned out our lockers. We are all enjoying a beer today as well. Only one though, the winds are supposed to pick up tonight!! Yippee we will be able to move towards our destination!!! Right now we are going less than a knot in the wrong direction - east. We have been a week at sea and we are not any further from Easter Island than we were 2 days out, well not much anyway. We hired Ocean Pro Weather, Bob Cook, to help us with the rest of this journey. He is really really good!! We wish we could afford him all the time!! I hope the winds start up soon. the mount for the hydrolic steering ram for the rutter now broke. Jason was tightening them all and this one was tightening alot more than the others, of course it was because it was broken. Ah, we have wind of 12!! We are sailing. We've got our main up that has a nice design made from duct tape on it!! Nice job Jason!! The mizzen is up as well things are looking up!! We are on alert though, if the wind picks up to 20 we need to reef in order to make sure we do not tear another sail on this trip!! Bed is made with our dry sheets and we are ready for the evening. I am on in 1 hour so I am going to rest for a bit on my heating pad! We ran the generator this evening on my shift. We were working the water maker pretty hard all day so the batteries needed charging. We watched two episodes of sex in the city it was nice. It is fun watching from the first episodes. I do not think I have ever watched them all the way though to the last episode. My shift was nice the winds stayed under 20. They are to pick up tonight. We need to drop the main sail if they go over 25. Our fix is not that good.

May 20, 2006 Sat
Seems the winds have picked up over night. I have to watch the winds very carefully. If they go over 25 I need to head up wind to take the pressure off the main sail. I am having Anne wake me up 40 minutes before my morning shift so I can lay on my massage chair before my shift. I hate rushing in the morning. I was in the deepest sleep this morning though, usually I am up on and off during the evening. It sounded as though the winds had picked up but in reality they did not pick up as much as it sounded I found out when I took over the helm. After my shift, I went straight down to bed and was fast asleep in moments. I slept until I heard Oliver yell something to Anne, around noon. It was a little rough out to cook,so I decided to make a garlic and herb baguette rather than the white bread resipe that is more difficult to make. I am going to make the squid into a delicious meal I used to go eat with my sister is Chicago. I am marinading it in a little olive oil and lots of fresh garlic, almost an entire head chopped up. We are having the calamari sauteed in the garlic with the fresh bread and some cheeses. I also opened some wine and Anne and I had a 1/2 glass each. It was so yummy. It is so rare to catch a squid out at sea, according to Oliver, it is quite a gift. It was really really yummy. The day was beautiful and we were sailing along with a wind speed of around 20. It was so pleasant. We all sat around on deck reading. Imbetween work that is. Anne sewed the mizzen sail, Jason worked on various projects and I cooked. I laid on my heating pad before my shift tonight. My shift was pretty easy. Nice wind it stayed under 25 up until rigth before Jason came on shift. We were able to keep the main sail up all night. Why can't sailing be like this all the time.

May 21, 2006 Sun
Today is Sunday. We were supposed to get strong winds last night, Anne informed me that we have not had anything over 23 and this is at 4am. I am laying on my heating pad and then massage chair while I write the logs before my shift. It seems to be a good time to get the writing done. I seem to sleep after my shift and then it is time to cook/bake. Jason, I think, is exhausted. I hope he takes a nap today as well. He took a little one yesterday, but could use a long one.

May 22, 2006 Mon
I slept through my shift today. Jason said they called for me but I did not wake up so he took my shift. I think he like letting me sleep. I woke up at 7:30 and the sky was just a little light and I knew it was after my shift started. I turned to tell Jason and then I realized he was up there on my duty. I was kind of mad because he gets mad a me if I do not wake him up for his shift and yet he does not wake me up for mine! I went up straight away and took over. Jason went back to sleep. I worked until 11am and then made a cake and some pudding for later. I was really tired so I asked Anne to make the bread today. It was calm out so she could be below deck. I thought they new how to make baguettes but she ended up using my garlic and herb recipe but did not put the herbs in. We ran the generator and Jason and I watched a movie. It was nice. It was raining out this afternoon, so Oliver and Anne were hanging things out to get them unsalted. We have so much laundry because we did not do it in Easter Island. It was super expensive. I do not think it will be much better in the Society Islands and we will have a ton by then. Although, when you sail you seem to wear the same thing over and over. Why get more than one outfit salty? Jason fixed our door so it could latch open again and changed the lights since they were all out in the bedroom. I think we may have found the leak in the forward cabin, we just need a really calm and sunny day to fix it. Lots to do on a boat. Jason made wraps for lunch out of the skip jack we had caught. It was good. Anne and Oliver had the rest of the ceviche Anne made out of the squid. I do not think this squid was good for ceviche, it was too tough. But, the flavor was good. I fell asleep after the movie. I almost fell asleep during it. I was so exhausted. My shift was uneventful, and I was happy when Jason relieved me so I could go to bed. I finally had the books all dry and it started raining. Unfortuntely, Oliver did not notice them and have me bring them down until after they were soaked all the way through again. What a pity. Boating really is frustrating.

May 23, 2006 Tues
Up at 5:15 again so that I can lay in my massage chair before my shift. Fun stuff. It seems pretty calm out there. I am looking fowrad to a nice relaxing shift. Sometimes you are so tired from your non shift time it is nice to get on duty and just read a book. After my shift, I moved around some of our food stores to consolidate. We need the exra space to put other things that have been left out on the journey so far. Today Jason made Anne a lee cloth for her bed so she does not have to sleep in the main cabin anymore. He also fixed their shower head and door. Now he is fixing the shelf over our bed so that everything does not fall on us anymore. I am making tacos for dinner so I have started the black beans and the salsa. The guacamole is already done. We are all listening to the R&B cd I made. It turned out really good. I am resting now before I finish dinner. We have been trying to eat our big meal in the afternoon sometime so that we can snack on our shifts if we want. We still need to fix the leak in the forward bedroom. Jason fixed the leaks in the main room and our bedroom I believe. We have been out to sea now for 11 days and still have quite a few more. At least 8 to get to Pitcairn and at least 10 if we skip it. We haven't decided. Jason and I were talking this morning and we decided that since we have the crew we are going to try to hit all the remote islands like the Austurals while we have them to help. We will be dropping them off in Tahiti in July. We are looking foward to having some time to ourselves again. We even contemplated heading straight there and doing the fast track through the Gambiers, but decided to take advantage of having crew while we can. It definitely adds a stress on the trip and takes away from our adventure. It is not like having friends on board or having hired crew on board. I think it was easier having the boys as crew because they were eager to do work all the time, so you felt like they were more crew.

May 24, 2006 Thurs
This morning my shift was pretty nice. The sunrise was pretty, but I had to hand steer almost the entire time and that can be exhausting. I was very eager for Jason to get on duty so I could go back to sleep. I slept good last night but it is still only 7 hours and with my back and added medication I feel my body is needing more sleep again. I went back to sleep and slept until 3pm. It felt so good. Jason had to wake me up at 3pm, I am not sure why but he did. We had a meeting during dinner about chores and responsibilities on the boat. I think we have been treating them more like guests than crew therefore, Jason and I end up doing most of the work. I know if we asked them they would help, but it is hard to ask all the time sometimes it is easier to just do it yourself. I think that is why he had the meeting so there are no questions of duties, everyone has them and they know when they need to do them. It works out better for everyone. We were heading west all day today maybe a little north west. Before my shift we did a tack and we are heading mostly north a little northwest. We watched 2 episodes of "Sex in the City" with Oliver and Anne. We are on season 1 disk 2 already. They are really enjoying it. We also decided this morning that we are not going to go to the Austral Islands. They are just too far south. We will try to go to Pitcairn and if not just head straight to the Gambiers. Pitcairn would be nice to go to because the only way to go there is by boat, but it depends on the weather when we are close to there. After my shift tonight, I stayed on an extra 45 minutes to let Jason nap longer before his shift. All of a sudden the auto pilot stopped working. I woke up Jason and he went to investigate. Aparently, the belt broke. Jason had bought a replacement belt just in case of this happening. Hopefully, it lasts as long as the first one.

May 25, 2006 Thurs
During my morning shift I maded peanut soup and some beer bread for breakfast. They both turned out very good. Especially the bread though. It is nice because it is made with baking powder instead of yeast so it takes less time to make. Jason loved it. I think I will make it again tomorrow morning. Finally after 14 days we are going west, the direction we have been wanting to go this whole time. I think this will improve the morale on the boat, even though we have to hand steer during the day since we are at wings and Mario can't be trusted since there are also big waves. To make things even better, I noticed a large spot of grey water I almost ran over, a shark! wait, no a whale! What we believe to be a Minke whale hung out with the boat for about 2 hours surfing the waves next to the boat, breaching almost all the way out of the water. Everyone was very excited, since we have seen NOTHING for many days. We ended up changing out the sail set up during my night shift. It made things a little easier since we could use auto pilot. If we started going faster than 6 knots though we needed to hand steer.

May 26, 2006 Fri
I made beer bread on my shift again. I hit the switch for the propane though, and midway through I turned off the oven. I had to reheat it and finish. It isn't quite as crunchy as it was before. Still yummy though. We went through 2 squalls on my shift, the winds stayed pretty steady but towards the end of my shift it started to pick up significantly to around 28 and our speed was getting as high as 7 knots. I turned off auto and hand steered until Jason came up to help me pull in some of the jib and take down the main. We were able to put the main back up after about a 1/2 hour. It is much better now. I think it is going to be one of those days when the winds are going to be changing and we will have to hand steer a lot if we want to continue going over 6 knots. I worked on the website on my time off and did not take a nap. Not the best idea. But, it is finishede and I have all the pictures on the webiste from Easter Island. All the lovely mois. jason came into the bedroom and hung out with me for a couple hours. It was really nice. I made dinner with the skip jack we caught a while back, it had defrosted so I had no choice. It was not yummy unfortunately. The fish was too strong for the stir fry. I hate when I cook and it sucks. Oh well. We all hung on deck talking for a while tonight. Spirits seem to be up now that we have a recongnizable and realisitc end date to this leg of the journey. We should arrive in the Gambiers in 6 days. Unfortunately, Pitcairn isn't looking good, our weather guy suggests skipping it. Normally we would just go for it, but after this last journey everyone is weary and ready for a break from tough times. It is a shame because the only way to get there is by boat. I really wanted to get a stamp from there for our friends Jason and Sara. Oh well. My shift was an hour later, we turned the clocks back one hour and Oliver took the first hour of extra shift time. We are going to do an hour a day and each of us takes up the extra hour. The Gambiers are 4 hours behind the time we are on now. That means that the sun will set there at 5:30pm. That should be strange. It is pretty rough out here the seas are pretty big today and tonight. At least Mario can do most of the steering, but it is a rocking and rolling ride. I tood a dive tonight I was having Jason smell the milk to see if it was ok, and we went over a huge wave and I flew across the kitchen into the stove, milk went everywhere on the floor!! You would think by now I would be a little more careful, but every once in a while I just loose my balance!! It hurt too, but not too bad. Jason was sweet and cleaned it up for me and ordered my sorry butt to bed.

May 27, 2006 Sat
This moring I made some garlic and herb bread at the end of my duty. I would come down stairs to get the ingredients and go back upstairs doing 3 minutes down 3 up. It worked out ok. Took longer but it was nice out and I was able to. It turned out very very good. Jason redquested meatballs, so I made meatballs and homemade spagetti sauce. They also turned out quite good. After all the cooking, I laid down for a while. Jason joined me and we did our French lesson together. Then we just worked on the computer together until it was time to eat. We seem to eat around 4 or 5pm so that I am done before my duty at 6pm. I had to hand steer for an hour of my shift but then Mario took over. I stood on the back of the boat, do not worry I had my harness and jack line connected, and watched the stars. It was very very clear out and you could see so many. It is truely amazing. I had a very very difficult time sleeping tonight.

May 28, 2006 Sun
I did not sleep much last night. I was up and on my massage chair early. When I got on shift I noticed that the winds had changed and that the head sail was still flapping too much even though Anne had adjusted Mario (auto pilot). I woke up Jason and told him what was going on. We changed out the sail set up, putting the main sail up and putting the pole on. We were heading on a run at wings. It was tough, I had to hand steer my whole shift. Poor Jason, on my shift I also had to have him give me my bikini, it was so warm out. I sat on deck during Jason's shift reading a book enjoying the sun. After Jason's shift, I decided we should have a nice lunch together as a picnic in our bedroom and have some quality alone time. I got some bread that I made, some peanut soup from the other bed some of my oil from spain and reggiano parm and headed for the bedroom. It was super nice. In the middle, of course, Jason had to leave to change the sail set up to the other side, but after I had his full attention until it was time to put on the generator. Movie time! We watched Charlies Angels. It was nice to watch a movie. It has been a while. After the movie, I cooked some picadillo on the stove and made sweet potato french fries. Some cajun and some not. I cooked the sliced beef the way I learned from the guide in the galapagos. The meat can be so tough, but it is so tender when you cook it for 30 minutes. My shift was nice last night. Anne did an extra hour for the time change. Jason did yesterday and Oliver the day before. Tomorrow is my day for the extra hour in my shift. I find the time change difficult, 4 hours is a big change. My body is used to the old schedule. But, it is only for a few days anyway. I am not sure we should have even done it given we will be at land in 4 days and we could have just done it when we arrived like you do on a plane. Next time. Oliver insisted we do the time change. He wanted a change for his duty, any change would do. I took more medication today in hopes that my back would be better. I hope so.

May 29, 2006 Mon
I once again barely slept last night my back does not like all this rolling action. Poor Jason, he doesn't sleep much when I do not. Oliver has been sleepingin the main room so I have been trying to stay out of there when I cannot sleep and so seem to wake Jason up alot. I am exhausted this morning. I had to drink a sobe to stay awake. I was able to take a 3 hour nap today which was much needed. I put the bread in the oven to cook and was off to my nap. When I woke up the swell had gotton bigger and we hare having to head south a little more. We are still at wings though, and making around 5 or so knots. That is encouraging!!! My night shift was all hand steering and it required much concentration. Jason was sweet he checked on my 2x to ask if I wanted him to take over my shift because of my back. Finally, around 10 minutes before my shift ended I called Jason to come up. I was dying and needed to get horizontal. I laid on my massage chair for 1/2 before going to bed to get my back to calm down. I also used my ball to stretch. I love it!! I am so happy I brought that massage chair for our trip and the excercize ball. What a help they have been.

May 30, 2006 Tues
I slept a little better tonight. My back didn't wake me up as much, I must be taking the right amount of medicine now or at least close to the right amount. My shift was a hand steering shift again this morning. I was feeling a better though so it went by fast. This time change of 4 hours is messing up my eating schedule, I was so hungry by 8am (old time was noon)I had to have Jason watch the helm while I scarfed down a chicken wrap. Jason made the best chicken salad. He used canned chicken, mandarin oranges, and chopped almonds. HMMM!! I put some avacado on it and wala!! I ate it in two bites though! On Jason's shift today he spotted 3 whales. I ran up on deck with the video camera right away and was able to get tons of great footage!! Their bellies are white so when they flip in the water while still under it looks soo light blue. It is incredible. They were wave surfing and jumping out of the water straight up!! It was quite a sight. I can't wait to watch the video. These whales were a little smaller than the 15 footer we saw last time. Times like these make boating just paradise!! To see whales in the wild playing around. Just incredible. Tonight I am going to make a light curry dish (no coconut milk) with the mahi mahi we caught. I can't wait until dinner now. Life is great today. We should be arriving on Friday if all goes well. It is funny, the grib files said we were going to have calm winds today, and it turns out that the winds are quite the opposite. The seas are pretty big as well. We are all in great spirits since land is coming soon!!

May 31, 2006 Wed