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May 1, 2009

May 17, 2009

Our travels back to Bunde were c challenging. Our first flight was to leave at 3pm and ended up leaving at 7pm which basically took up all of our 4 hour layover in LA so instead of a leisurely walk to In &Out Burger for dinner we were rushing to check in and then run to our next flight to New Zealand. That flight was luckily late as well so we had time to get there. Air NZ was an amazing airline. Every one is so friendly (just like Kiwi’s in general) and we had a choice of 20 movies and also TV shows. Dina, you will love this we watched Flight of the concords!! It is a NZ TV show that is incredibly funny I highly recommend you check it out. We had mimosas on the flight. We had a whole middle row thanks to the check in person and we slept so well with our Slanket (thanks so much Jeff!!). We awoke in the morning to good breakfast and landed in Auckland. Our next flight was delayed but again that was good since we had to rush to make it. The flight to Brisi was uneventful but it was late as well and so when we arrived we were again on a time crunch. Customs was pretty fast but our bags took a while, immigrations took away my raw almonds (I was so sad), but let me bring in my trail mix??? I of course was honest since he asked me what I had and I got them out for him. Then we had to check in again on a different airline (Quantas) for our tiny plane and took the train over to the domestic terminal. All went well on that flight as well. We arrived in Bunde and grabbed a cab and off to the B&B. The B&B was very nice. It was the best option since the hostels as well as all pensions are full due to the fruit pickers being in town for the harvest. The owner brought us some good old English tea and cookies before we even went to our room which was so appreciated since it was raining and cold out. The owner drove Jason over to look at our boat while I lay down for a while. The flight was too much for me. When Jason returned and informed me that our boat was still floating but he could not go inside since they could not locate the keys. We figured best to just see together tomorrow. We planned to have it towed into the marina in the morning at 10am. We relaxed a little before we walked into town to have dinner. We ended up at a fish place and had a hamburger in traditional Aussie fashion complete with a beet and egg. It was yummy, we also bought a dark and stormy as well as a lemon bitters with rum and had a nice dinner. When we arrived back at the room we crashed!!

May 20, 2009 Wed
Day 1 - On the Biz

Breakfast was nice and we packed up and the B&B owner drove us to the marina. He was super nice and friendly and we told him if he would like to come to the boat for a drink he is more than welcome to just come down to the marina. We arrived at the marina and put our bags in one of their back rooms and took the boat over to Monkey’s Business. We were both looking at her with tears of joy and sadness. She has really fallen apart while we were gone from lack of love. Our dodger is completely trashed (it wasn’t in the best condition to begin with but still of use). It was so muddy and dirty that I started to cry. We worked so hard on her in NZ to get her into good condition and now it is like starting out from scratch or even worse. Staying away for 1.5 years was clearly a mistake, but we have to know lay in our bed so to speak. Jason of course was as shocked as I was but was a little more calm (imagine that!!!) When we got her to the marina and opened her up the inside was not so bad at all. We had not bugs anywhere and hardly any mold apparently unless it rains here it stays pretty dry. That was a huge relief. The outside we can always fix. I started right away on washing our sheets and comforter and tackled the bedroom so we could sleep there tonight. Jason did an assessment on what exactly was working. Batteries were flat so we could not even check what else was wrong. First order of business was to test the batteries when we realized there was no life left Jason went to do some price comparison’s to see if ordering from the marina’s people was the cheapest option for getting FOUR NEW BATTERIES!!!

May 21, 2009 Thurs Day 2
Jason found out the 4th battery would not be in until tomorrow so we will not have power today or tonight. He hooked up the water straight to the boat so as not having to use our water pressure the pressure comes from the shore, since our water pump would not work without batteries. Jason helped me finish cleaning the last of the bedroom walls the one behind the bed so we moved the bed out of the way and scrubbed and scrubbed! It looked much better but we both decided that we will re glue the wall and paint it since a lot of the paint is coming off when we clean it with a brush! But, the bedroom is now done. I spent the rest of the day unpacked all of our cloths the ones that we had on the boat and the ones we brought. I ended up having the biggest good will pile.

May 22, 2009 Friday Day 3
We gave power!!! Our new batteries are all hooked up. Jason ran into town to email you all and get some things we need for the boat and I started to tackle the kitchen. Jason already scrubbed the areas that I could not get to, so I started with polishing the wood after all was scrubbed clean. It looked so good. Now I tackled the washing of all of the kitchen stuff: dishes, plants, flatware, cups, containers, mugs, etc… It took me all day to finish it up. I had to stop to rest occasionally since my back as you all know is not doing well. Jason had many frustrations today: The water pressure pump was not working. He thought the inverter and charger we bad but later in the day realized he just did not have the switch on. The alternator was frozen up on the motor. Jason installed all the batteries today. Organized main room so he can access things and find the filter so he could do oil changes on motor and generator that took him forever to find. He completely forgot where he had kept them. We found them last night. While looking for the oil filters, we found all kinds of liquor which was super exciting and a pleasant surprise as well as a bag of food. We also found gifts from Ross and Laura all over the boat as well. Thank you both so much for the things you left us we keep finding more and more items!!

May 23, 2009 Day 4 Sat
Started working on the engine. I worked on the bathroom and polishing all the wood in the bathroom and whatever I missed in the bedroom. We went to the stores today. We wanted to walk all the way to the big grocery store but there were ominous clouds filling the sky and light rain had already begun to fall. We decided to not chance getting caught is a storm and went to the other supermarket. We stopped at the target too. We needed a big bin for the bedroom and some new bowls. I effectively made holes in our plastic ones but still used them before we left but now it is time to get some new ones. We found some lamb on sale and bought some fruit and a meat pie for dinner. Our duffle bag was full and heavy for our walk back to the boat. I unpacked all the food and J went to get a block of ice to keep it all cold. Yes, our freezer and refrigerator are not working yet! It has definitely been a challenge getting back to the boat and also we were not expecting so many expenses. We estimated a few but it is turning out to be thousands of dollars!! Well, I am trying not to focus on the negative but on how incredibly happy I am to be back on Monkey’s Business and in Australia!!

May 24, 2009 Sun day 5

Ok I forgot to put the 24th so It is basically It is comprised of parts of May 23 and May 24th. I just put all the work on those two days. May 25, 2009 Mon day 6
Today I worked on cleaning the salon and doing some wood polishing. Jason started up the motor for the first time! Yippee it started first try! We washed the dingy and used a soapy solution to find the 2 leaks that of course the dingy had when we arrived back. That was fun. The weather was beautiful, sunny and cool. Jason took apart and cleaned the engine pulling system and washed the engine itself. He did the oil changes on the motor and on the dingy motor. Unfortunately, he asked me to help and had me hold a nut while holding a bucket and the nut just dropped right out of my hand right after he told me to be very careful since it would be hard to find and replace. I felt so bad!! Jason also brought over his last bag from the marina and we unpacked that. I made some sweet potato in the oven and J made some lamb on the grill that we found on sale. It was so yummy!!!

May 26, 2009 Tues day 7
Went internet café to get information about passport but the office was closed due to Memorial Day. We set up some bill pay. Jason contacted his kite surfing school and ordered his kite or rather tried to. It seems our password has changed for compass and of course we did not have it as well as his PayPal account. It was a mess, but I was able to talk with my parents and that was super nice. After the internet café we walked over to the pharmacy to pick up some Prilosec for me but apparently you need a prescription for that in Australia, bummer. We went over to the bulk food store and bought a few items we needed for the boat and tried some to see if we liked it since it was cheaper than buying cereal at the store or nuts and such. Then we went on an exploration to find a few items one of which was the bolt that slipped out of my hand and went into the river. Jason only found one that was much longer so he will have to cut it down. Nothing like the feeling of making him have to do more work!!! When we got back to the boat it was afternoon already. I took all of the canned goods out of the lockers so that we could wash the lockers take an inventory and clean them before putting them back away. Jason had to go out again to get a replacement hose for transmission, pulley for water pump, pick up some more solvents and some various other materials. When she arrived home it was 4pm and we decided to go shower earlier today so as not to be showering at dusk their version of biting bugs are awful. I was covered the first day on the boat. You have to stay in at dusk and dawn. They are bad like Roatan. Our showers were great. Jason just dropped off his stuff to the boat and left again to go find out about radar options and if they still sold the charts for our chart plotter. I cooked up some peanut soup with the canned goods we had on the boat and we watched a movie. We were exhausted and passed out around 8 or 9 like every other day.

May 27, 2009 Wed Day 8
Inventory of the food we found in the forward cabin and putting it away.

May 28, 2009 thurs Day 9
Jason filled out all paperwork for his passport to be renewed and we went to the post office. After the Post Office, we started towards the big grocery store to check out the provisioning options and picked up meals for three days and a whole week of breakfast and lunches. We also stopped at the local market for local fruits and veggies. We are now connected since we purchased a new phone, which was more than a little frustrating since we left the exact same phone on Siren's Song. Oh well it happens. We had a long walk back which was nice. The Post office here is like a hallmark card shop they even have tables for you to sit down and write out your cards with pens as well. It is all so civilized. We walked by the movie theatre and checked out movie times not that we will go, but it is nice to know just in case. Back at the boat we went through all new information for the Rally. Apparently, the Indonesian Government is not making it easy or cheap for us to visit them. We decided the rally was our best alternative given the changes that seem to be happening to the requirements and fees on a daily basis. This way we are guaranteed the right to go to all the places we would like to visit. Not to mention the benefit of not having to deal with all the headache of it all and there is the safety factor as well. We filled out all the paperwork for it and tomorrow we will send the money and application. We usually do not like doing rallies but, given the situation, it seems the best choice. We also can go our own way once we enter the country. They have a rigorous schedule of islands to visit which is very aggressive, but it would mean we would see a most of the islands in such a short time and we think that maybe that would be better than just seeing a few. since returning from our journey in town, Jason is working on the engine. He washed the engine, chemical cleaning off all the rust and then he will paint it. He figured out why the microwave was not working, simple just the outlet was not working which he already fixed. Right now something is shorting out and causing problems and frustration for Jason so our electricity is off and of course, it is my boat today and most days he is working on it!! I have been working on the website. We were invited to have happy hour with a local boater tonight, but it is not looking good given the current situation. We did not make the party, and heard fireworks going off but we were too exhausted to even go explore.

May 29, 2009 Fri Day 10
Jason pained the engine. Jason went up the mast to put the lines back on in preparation for putting the sails back on the boat. While he was up the mast he put our new radar reflector up, attached the boots, repaired the lazy jacks and ispected the rigging. We put on the mailsail today as well. This took us almost all day. Went to the store to pick up parts. We were exhausted at the end of the day but found out it was a local holiday today for the stock show and that there would be fireworks tonight. Around 6 I made some snacks and we had some with a drink before we left the boat to go check out the stock show. We walked there and they were having a carnival as well. It looked pretty fun. It was late, though and the fee is for all day. We decided not to pay to go since we missed most of the festivities and were exhausted and would not last too long anyway. We walked to get a fried milky way for Jason and on the way back it was 8pm so we decided to try to watch the fireworks. We waited until 9pm and there were none. We were falling asleep while we sat so we decided to head back to the Biz and have a snack and head off to dreamland. After our walk back to the boat which took a half hour, we heard the fireworks begin. We were bummed because we waited an hour after the time it was supposed to start before we were sick of waiting and walked home. This always seems to happen! Another day in Australia is still a great day!

May 30, 2009 Sat Day 11

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY oLAF AND ELIZABETH!!! Jason had to walk to the auto junk yard to find the pulley. It was a long walk. After trying to hitchhike, he gave up and started walking. It was a lovely walk through the outskirts of this suburban town past the school, over a bridge, down a valley with a swamp park, and finally 45 minutes later arrived at the salvage yard. I found 3 pulleys that might work and the guy there gave them all to Jason at no charge. After his walk home he was in such good spirits that he instantly told me of his good fortune. He started trying each of the new pulleys. And after some modifications (including drilling) was able to get one of them to fit!

May 31, 2009 Sun Day 12
May 31st Jason put the engine back together. He went to buy the exhaust hose and ended up going to five different locations which took us 2 hours of walking and talking. We finally found it at the last location that we almost did not stop at since we were sure they wouldn’t have it!! Good thing we stopped. Since we changed the pulleys we had to find new belts. We went to the auto parts store first for those and their brands were super thin which Jason did not like. We ended going back there 3 times to try and find the right size. We also stopped at another store to try to find better quality ones that would last longer with no luck. But, we finally had it fitted correctly and that was very good. I was spending a day in Jason’s adventures to find parts and was his little assistant.

Drum roll please, we started the engine and it ran nicely!!! Yippee!! We continued working on the rigging today. Jason went up the mast (he climbed like a monkey) and then I tied him off