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Nov 5, 2007 Wed

Nov 6, 2007 tues
We went into Bunderburg today to buy a few things and to check out the town. Afterwards it was back to work on the boat. Super fun.

Nov 7, 2007 Wed
Worked all day on getting the boat ready to be left for 6 months. It is definitely the most work I have ever done on our boat.

Nov 8, 2007 Thurs
We worked all day on the boat to get it ready to leave. We moved almost everything downstairs from the deck. We only have a few to finish bringing down in the morning.

Nov 9, 2007 FRi
We closed the boat up for our trip and the marina picked us up and dropped us on shore where we walked with all our bags 5 blocks to the train station. We checked our bags and waited until the train arrived. It was a nice service but I was glad we brought our own food to eat. They had 2 movies on which were nice. We arrived in Brisi and took another train to the main train station where we met Rob and Ben. They in turn took us by foot to their dingy in which we rode over to Salicorn. Of course we stopped on the way to pick up some beer!! It is Friday afterall. We sat and caught up for a couple of hours before we got ready and went out to a Belgium pub. It was cool. We continued to bar hop the rest of the evening. It was super fun.

Nov 10, 2007 Sat
We did not get home until the sun was rising this morning so we slept until noon and then just lounged around. We decided to take it easy tonight and just go see a movie. We saw the new Tarentino movie which was excellent. When we got back to the boat they boys watched another movie and I crashed.

Nov 11, 2007 Sun
We went out for a little while after dinner and had a few drinks at the bar. NOt a late night since we had to leave for the train station early in

Nov 15, 2007 Thurs
the morning.

Nov 12, 2007 Mon
We took a train to the airport and then we flew into Sydney. We then took a shuttle to a hostel in the center of town. We checked in and went walking around. We decided to have Thai food one last time before we left and it was amazing. We went and sat up on the top deck of the building and had our last Rum and ginger beer drinks. It was nice. We crashed pretty early since we have a long day tomorrow.

Nov 13, 2007 tues
We had 4 hours until we needed to leave for the airport so we walked all around Sydney. It was nice to check out the sites. We had lunch by a fountain and saw that our van was early. We hurried back to gather our things to take to the airport. We checked in and were at the gate in no time. Our flight was uneventful and exhausting. We arrived in La with enough time to make our connection to Colorado. We arrived in Colorado at 2:30 which funny enough is exactly the time we took off from Australia the same day!!! Christy picked us up from the airport and we drove back to her house to spend some time with her and Aric and the kids before they left to go to Florida tomorrow. It was a nice time and we had Salmon for the first time in so long. It was the salmon that Aric caught in Alaska. We stayed up late chatting.

Nov 14, 2007 Wed
Christy drove us down this morning to Denver. We arrived at our house around noon. It was great being in our place again but also sad that we are selling it. Curt was super sweet and insisted that we sleep in our bed even though he is renting the place. We spent the entire day going through all the stuff we have in the closets upstairs. It is amazing how much stuff we did not get rid of. We ended up throwing away several boxes of items. Jason and I went down to Dougís to get the key for the upstairs closet so we could go through it all and decided to go to dinner at a Mexican place Elisabeth, Brian Burke and Curt joined Jason., Sasha, Doug and I. We had margaritas and E and I split fajitas. Everything was yummy. We drove back to our place. E said she had to stop home first but would be right over. After she walked in she said I had to see something so I came into the hall to find Megalicous there!! I was so stunned I could not speak for a few seconds which is a miracle for me!! She had training in another state but somehow managed to get it moved to Denver!! I was so happy to see her!! We stayed up late talking Megalicious finally had to leave (work in the am) and the rest of us thought it would be fun to watch a movie. We ended up staying up until 3am!! E stayed over on a mattress for anyone who wants to stay over.

Nov 15, 2007 Thurs
Everyone was tired this morning after last night. We all woke up early since Curt and E had to go to work. Jason was driving Curt to work so that we could barrow his car. He is so sweet. Jason ran some errands while I started going through the closets up stairs and decided what we definitely need to give or throw away. I cannot believe how much stuff we kept and did not just throw away to begin with. We worked hard all day until around 5pm when Jason had to go pick up Curt. When Curt got home he seemed a little stressed out that the upstairs was a mess. He has been keeping the place a beautiful condition since we could have people come to see it anytime now that it is up for sale. That night E and Dina came over and we all ordered pizza. While Jason got the pizza Dina and I went to the store to buy some wine. We had fun just sitting around chatting and catching up. Blythe came over as well a little later after she got off work. She wants us all to go to this snow boarding movie. She knows the film maker. By the time it was time to go though everyone decided to pass but Jason and me. We went and it was fun. The movie was good and we met the filmmaker and Jason even caught a new backpack. Overall it was a great evening. We passed on the after party since we have so much to do tomorrow.

Nov 16, 2007 Fri
Jason and I went over to Angelaís new place Indy Six after a painter came out to give us an estimate on how much it would be to paint the house. This of course depressed me thoroughly since I cannot imagine why anyone would not love the way it is. My hair cut put me in a much better mood and it was so good to see Angela again! I miss her so much. My hair cut was amazing and it was curly for the first time in all my time in Denver. Jason and I worked on the upstairs some more and then around 3:30pm E came over and we went to this little shop called pink that Angela recommended to pick up a pair of shoes and a cute hat. I found the best had and cutest pair of shoes that are also practical for the boat!! I was so excited. Megalicious called and it was time to pick up Megalicous at the car rental place at the airport. We then stopped to get some chow and a coffee before we decided to do a little shopping since E had to return some jeans. I found another cute hat that was super cheap and bought it. We went to several stores but very fast. At Macyís I replaced my jacket that Jason left on our van in NZ. We zoomed back towards the house with a stop at Argonauts to pick up some wine. E had to go home to change before going out. We had people over tonight as a pre party before going to Angelaí salonís sponsored party. Blythe, Megalicous, E, Olaf, Dina, Curt and Jason all made leftoverís before heading out to the club. It was a fun time we danced a little and just had fun being out. After she was done working, we all had a drink and then decided to move to another bar and closed it. We then decided to go to the after hours bar where we ran into Brian. We all got back to the house and were hanging out

Nov 17, 2007 Sat
We are having a girlís morning today. We are all going to see E try on her wedding dress and then go to lunch. She looked so beautiful in her dress I started to cry. I am so happy for her. She is so happy. The dress is just made for her. After the viewing we went to Le Central and had lunch and some Champaign. It was great. When we arrived back at the house the boys were busily making some barbeque ribs and pulled pork on the grill. The girls went home to get ready to for the dinner which started at 6pm. I helped the guys get ready. People did not show up until much later but loved all the food. It was excellent after all. Jason and Curt prepared it!! So many people came that I had not seen in so long that I felt a little overwhelmed. It was so good to see everyone. I do not think I could have been happier than to be surrounded by all of the friends I love so much. They are like my Denver family. Some of these friends I had not seen in 2 years such as Gary Stephanski and Barry. Plus one of our sailing friends came into town and was at the party!! It was also so fun to get to hang out with Sasha and get to know her. We had a girl toast of Champaign in the bedroom when all of them finally showed up and took a picture. When Dmitry arrived he brought me yellow tulips and ice cream!! It was so sweet. We stayed up pretty late drinking wine and chatting.

Nov 18, 2007 Sun
Today everyone was pretty tired. A lot of people crashed at our house. E and Olaf went home though. I awoke with Megalicious next to me and Dina upstairs. We had a nice breakfast and just hung out chatting. Dina drove Megalicious to the airport. Jason, Jonah and I drove up to Dougís to jump in his car to head up to Momís for early Thanksgiving. Jasonís Uncle and Aunt are in town too so we will get to see them as well. We could not have had better timing!!! It was a nice time up there and we had traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We were all exhausted so we left around 7pm and drove down. I slept the entire way down. When we got back to the house Curt, Bobby To and Dmitry were cooking dinner. We were all going to have movie night. Dina came over as well. It was a nice night.

Nov 19, 2007 Mon
Today I had to go to see Dr. Cooperman. Jason and I went and then picked up all of my meds for the next 3 months. After we arrived back to the house I packed up for tomorrow. E, Olaf, Dina, Burke and Curt were over that night and we all got had a fun time hanging out drinking wine and eating leftovers!! We decided to take a wine and Liks ice cream run. Jason, Burke and I just make it before they locked up for the night at 9pm. We brought back 3 pints for us all to share. It was fun. We watched a movie as well. It was a sad goodbye though since I am leaving tomorrow. At least I will get to see them before I leave since I have a late flight.

Nov 20, 2007 Tues
I woke up this morning realizing that I have to leave at 3pm for the airport. I was so sad the whole way there I was crying. I am going to miss everyone so much and my home. I am so sad to think that we may not own it anymore. I miss my bed and all my colors. Not to mention that I am going to miss my husband!! My flight was good and I arrived at midnight but my dad was sitting there waiting for me when I came out of the gate area. We waited for my bags and headed up to there house. I had a hard time sleeping and ran into my mother who was also having a hard time sleeping. We had some graham crackers and milk together.

Nov 21, 2007 Wed
November 21, 2007 Wed

Nov 22, 2007 Thurs
I awoke to Thanksgiving Day. The girls had to hold back not to come in to wake me up. My brother showed up with the family around 10am and we spent the day cooking and hanging out. We also started to decorate the tree since we plan on celebrating Christmas tomorrow. It is the first time we are all together in ages. Dinner was great and the wine was great. My mom opened some V Sattui wine for me. It was so great. We stayed up late talking and drinking wine.

Nov 23, 2007 Fri
We had a nice Christmas. The kids showed up and we took family photos before opening all the gifts. I was excited by all my gifts all great for the boat. Aric, Paul and I took a run to Samís Club. They did not have anything I needed but I got some M&Mís for Jason. Aric actually bought them though he would not let me pay him. Dinner was great we had filet and yummy sides. The kids got along playing. I did a lot of hide and seek over the last 2 days. I went home with Paul that evening. He said he wanted to go out to check out downtown one last time. When we got home I put on my jimmies and helped put Ema and Johnny in the tub and to bed. Then he came down and said lets go. I changed and we went out for the evening. It was so much fun. I have not been out alone with my brother in years. It was good just to talk with him and be with him. We went to so many different bars and had a blast. Tarp and Ben was the first stop and they had a band (the same old band that always plays there) playing 80ís music and rock. It was fun to hear the Outfield and ACDC. After a while we left and went to river walk. It was nice there and stopped for a black and tan at the bar. Off we went back to Tarp and Bens and then we went to a martini bar, a salsa bar, checked out the club hit another Irish Pub and then decided to go home. We watched the video of his new home when we got back and just talked about what life will be like in NJ! His house is beautiful. It is big and will be full of all the children they have. It also has a huge yard and is backed against a national park. It is ideal for raising a family. Especially since number 3 is on the way!! We finally went to bed around 2am which is when the real partiers are just heading out on the town.

Nov 24, 2007 Sat/U>
Woke up and had a really nice day with the kids and Paul. I played Dinosaurs with Ema and played with little Johnny. They are too cute. The day went fast though. We had a nice day. In the evening we had a dinner planned with Chantal and Bret and their little daughter Sophie who is really cute too. We had a wonderful dinner of Alaskan king crab legs and Chantalís famous and delicious salad and some really good wines. It was another super fun evening. I was enjoying playing dinosaurs with Ema when it was time for her to go to bed. She was so cute she did not want to go to bed and dad said no she must and all he had to do was say one and she was said ok dad lets go. She is such a good girl. She is quite the little active girl!! But it is all so excellent. Paul and Nat and I stayed up talking.

Nov 25, 2007 Sun
I woke up at Paulís home this morning with Ema and Johnny all excited that I was there. We had a nice breakfast and then went to church. After mass Paul drove me up to my parentsí house so that we could leave for Disney. It was a long drive up with lots of traffic but we still managed to make it in a decent time. We got to the condo before the Hilmasí had returned from the park. The condo was awesome 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with TVís in all the rooms as well as a full kitchen and washing machine. This place is truly a condo. Mom dad and I opened some wine and had a glass with some cheese while we awaited the arrival of the rest of the family from the park. The deck was nice as well and the weather was perfect. After our wine we walked over to check out the club house. It has a huge pool with a big waterslide. There was a gift shop and work out room. Pretty cool for $110 a night!!! Christy, Aric and the kids showed up to do some swimming and we hung out with them while the relaxed a little. We walked back to the room and had a nice dinner with lots of wine. It was a great night to catch up.

Nov 26, 2007 Mon
We had to get up really early this morning to go to Disney we had reservations for the character breakfast in which we would see all the Disney Characters and get to take pictures with them. The girls were all going and Justin of course. It was a fun time. They took pictures with all the characters and the food wasnít too bad either!! We met up with dad and Aric after breakfast and began our ride tour. Christy had a list of all the rides she wanted to go on and in what order. She is so organized!! We had an exhausting day. When we arrived back to the room we all decided to just eat dinner and put the kids down and have some wine.

Nov 27, 2007 Tues
Todayís adventure was at the Animal Park or safari park. My favorite part of this park was the Everest ride which Christy, Marissa and I rode 2 times. We used fast passes to ride the ride quicker. Aric and I shared a wheel chair today and I was glad since my back was doing awful after Disney yesterday. We did the Safari ride and I was really not so impressed with it. We got back to the room early and the kids went swimming while mom, dad and I had a glass of wine on the back deck after I finished my pilates.

Nov 28, 2007 Wed
We went to MGM today. It is going to be a long day since we are staying for the light show that starts after dark. Marissa, Christy, Julia and I went on the Tower of Terror they drop you several times. When the ride was over poor Julia started crying her eyes out. I think she was so relieved it was over. Marissa on the other hand was super thrilled and wanted to go again which we did!! We then went to the Aerosmith ride which was super cool it went upside down and twisted and was all inside and semi dark all while listening to the loud jamming of Aerosmith. It was sweet as. Marissa was just saying the whole ride how cool it was. She is quite the dare devil! She must take after her aunt and mother. We went on the back lot tour next which was cool. They show you how action scenes are done in the movies and we saw several shows including Buz Light Year and Beauty and the Beast. We had dinner at one of the nice restaurants in the park. I had salmon and they cooked it perfect medium rare for me. It was a yummy dinner. After dinner we walked over to the light show. It was pretty cool as well. When we returned to the cool condo we had a glass of wine and chatted. Christy wanted to stay up later talking but she was so worn out from getting up at 6 in order to get everyone ready to leave and running around the park all day that she fell asleep.

Nov 29, 2007 Thurs

We left Disney world today after 3 exhausting days at the parks. We had such a nice time and the drive home was nice spending some alone time with my parents. There was no traffic so it did not take long. We stopped at my parentsí house to pick up the rest of my things and then drove down to Ft. Lauderdale to leave me at Paulís home so I can spend some time with his family before they move to New Jersey. Mom and dad did not stay for dinner but Elsa made some yummy chicken. We all just kicked back on the couch and chatted. It was so good to spend some time with Paul, Nat, and Elsa. I miss them so much and miss living with them. We had so much fun together. I gave Ema her bath and played dinosaurs with her afterwards while she drank her chocolate milk before bed.

Nov 30, 2007 Fri
We went to Nataliaís ultrasound to see how the baby was doing. It was Elsa, Paul and I that went. It was a cool place they had a big flat screen to see the baby one. It was so cute the baby rubs his head just like my grandpa, dad, Paul and little Johnny! We all knew it was a boy at that point!! Later she showed us for sure! It was so cool seeing all his little fingers and toes. I realized though, when I arrived back to their house that I had left my book there and it was too late to go back. They were closed. It was a gift set of books that Paul gave me for Christmas and now I do not have the first book. I must find it somewhere. Elsa, aka Abu and I went out to have happy hour. Paul was going to work at home for the rest of the day and so we decided to just go for one or two while he finished up. We drove over by her hood and had margaritas at a great place right on the water. It was fun just chatting with her, we have never really had any one on one time since she showed me the best way to make linguini without a hand crank pasta maker. It is a difficult process but very rewarding when you are done. After our margaritas we went back to the house. We have plans to go out to dinner with some friends of Paul and Natís that I met at a party last time I was in Florida. They are very busy this week with going away dinners and parties. They move up to my parents on Monday and leave on a plane to there new home in New Jersey on Thursday. Ema will get to see her first snow fall!! We went to a super trendy Thai place that was very yummy. Afterwards we went to get some gelato. It was fantastic. After we returned to the house we gave Ema and Johnny their bath and put them to bed and watched a movie and chatted. It was a really fun day.