November 1, 2005
Brian came down today and was sweet enough to pick up our parts that were missing from something we purchased from West Marine. Good thing we checked before we had left the country!! Brian then came down and we all went to lunch at this pub we liked. We went to the store to get the fresh produce for our journey and some beer. Brian came back to the boat to go on a little ride with us to the fuel dock. Unfortunately, Brian's cell phone took a terrible fall right into the ocean. Luckily it was at the fuel dock. Megalicious, I was going to call you back before this unfortunate event!! We tried fishing it up with a net, but alas Jason was "fearless" and jumped in with a mask to the fuel filled water. (remember there were alot of sunken boats after the hurricane and this water was full of fuel) Thankfully, Brian was ablet to recover his phone or more importantly his sim card!! We then went out to pizza before parting with Brian. We watched the end of "Brotherhood of the Woves." It wasn't the best movie. We leave tomorrow!! Yippee!!

We were over budget by $2000 in August and almost $3,000 in September. This was due to my injections that weren't paid for by my insurance company. Since I hadn't budgeted for it, I left it in. I didn't include July & June since they were scewed due to medical bills and extra costs for our boat.

Bon Voyage from the USA!!

November 2, 2005
This morning I donned my monkey's business tee shirt and we left at around 1pm from Coconut Grove, Dinner Key. The winds were nice and we were averaging around 6-7 knots. The seas in the gulf stream ended up being 7-9 foot seas which was pretty rocky. It was definitely not scarey though like it sounds. Jason took dramamine before we left in anticipation. He felt a little off, but no seasickness. As for me, it didn't bother me in the least!! I cooked down below and everything! It was a beautiful sail. We arrived around 11pm by the time we anchored. I was lucky enough to see 2 shooting stars during our journey. I believe they were my first ever! There were soo many stars, just beautiful. After a while we just put it on autopilot and just enjoyed the view!!

November 3, 2005
We awoke this morning to the beatiful clear light blue waters of Cat Cay. We need to head over to Bimini to check in sometime today. Should be a few hour sail. Finally our journey is beginning!! We went to bimini a 3 hour sail to check in. Then sailed back to cat Cay. In our way back there were about 8 dolphins swiming together in front of our boat. They were playing with us. It was so cool. We were exhausted last night so just watched "Dude where's my car" and went to bed by 9pm. The water is soo beautiful down here. We are going farther south. It wasn't very warm here. High in the 70's maybe.

November 4, 2005
Well neither Jason nor I slept very well last night. It was very very windy and we were worried about dragging anchor. we set the gps to warn us if we moved too far and it seemed to go off all the time and we never did drag anchor. We got up at 6am we had to stitch our jib sail before we left. We finished the sail and put it back up,then pulled anchor and we are on our way to Chub Cay. I don't think we'll make it there today, so we'll probably drop anchor somewhere along the way. It is a good 60 miles away and that is a 10-11 hour sail But there is supposed to be a great place to stop at that has beautiful reefs on the way. No sense in killing ourselves to make it there. We'll do it in 2 days leisurely. We are still hanging with Karen & Chris, but really haven't done to much together accept sail. I am looking forward to when we arrive at chub Cay so we can just relax for a few. Well, I must say we were little prepared for this journey as it turns out, mentally that is. When Chris said there was a sandbar that will give some protection and we can dive around the reefs, we believed that it would be a nice relaxing sail down to Chub Cay. As I said we were not mentally prepared for the way the day went. It started out that the seas were a little rough 4-5 foot seas which was ok. I made some homemade bread and roasted garlic for lunch with a glass of vino. So far the day was pretty good. We ran into Chris and his sailboat around 2 pm and realized that there was never going to be a good place to stop. The weather slowly got worse, about 6 foot seas and some rain. They only are under sailpower and have a more racing style boat, needless to say, the rest of the day and night we didn't see them again. About 6ish we decided a 12 hour day was plenty and we started to drop anchor. We needed to add more chain and a bigger anchor. We finally were done around 7pm. Jason was having a hard time fighting off seasickness. He couldn't even eat any dinner. I put in Sex in the City to take his mind off of it. We went to bed around 9pm exhausted from the days work. we have another hole in our jib sail that we need to repair in the am before sailing. To sum it up we basically we dropped anchor in the middle of the great bahama bank in rough seas. No land in sight. We basically didn't sleep at all because we were worried our anchor would drag. Although it was a rough day, it was definitely good practice for us.

November 5, 2005
First off, Happy Birthday Mom!! We hope you have a wonderful day!

We got up around 6am this morning it was a glorious day!! Sunny and warm. The seas were more calm today as well. We got underway around 6:30 and had a beautiful sailing day! This is exactly why we bought this boat!! We were sleep deprived, but in fabulous moods! We put on the auto pilot so we could read, fish, sunbath and yes dance!! We even caught a fish today! It was a barracuda, we marinaded it in teriaki and had a yummy dinner!! We stopped around 6pm because we were exhausted and we didn't want to negotiate the channel in the dark. There were two sailboats around where we were. One ended up being Chris and karen. We went to bed really early. We knew we were going to sleep well the seas were very very calm!! We should make it to Chub Cay by tomorrow afternoon sometime!! Yippe!!

Jezebel on our sail to Chub Cay.

November 6, 2005
HAPPY BIRTHDAY D -LOVE! hope you are having fun in California celebrating! Wish I could be there too!

We woke up this morning at 6:30am. Who would ever think I could get up that early?! It was even more beautiful than yesterday! Warm, sunny and calm seas. Perfect wind for sailing! We are actually sailing faster than Jezebell(chris and Karen's boat) miracles do happen!!

We arrived at Chub Cay by noon. We anchored and then immediately jumped in the light blue clear water!! It was sooo beautiful. We went with our friends on their dingy to this small island to snorkle and Jason learned how to spear fish. We came back with 4 nice sized lobsters for our dinner tonight!! We ate outside under the stars with Chris and Karen. It was fun we actually stayed up until 11 listening to music and having drinks. I think that was by far the best lobster I have ever had. So soft and melted in your mouth. No butter needed!! Tomorrow morning they are going to go spear fishing again for more lobster and some fish too!!

November 7, 2005
Woke up bright and early today at 7am. Unfortunately, it was to the lovely sounds of construction!! I think we are going to leave tomorrow morning. The last thing you want to see when you are on an island is a bunch of construction. They are making this whole island into homes and condos!! It is crazy! I haven't even been able to find a place to buy an phone card to call my so sick mom!! Sorry mom!! Hopefully I'll be able to use a phone on the next location. Jason went spear fishing again this morning from 9 - noon. They speared a hog fish but it only injured it. The fish swam away. Jason and Chris swam after it to its hole and Jason looked up and there was a 4.5 - 5 foot shark. It had smelled the blood and found the fish and Jason. They went swimming for the dingy but the shark cut them off. They somehow managed to get him to swim another direction and hurried onto the dingy. Needless to say, I wasn't happy to hear that my husband almost was a gourmet Brunch for this shark!!! We went to the tiny shop again to see if they had a phone card. They were supposed to arrive any time. We waited, but they never showed up. We'll try again tomorrow.

We are planning to do some work on the boat tomorrow and then leave for Nassau. We are just going to stop there for the night and leave early for Allen Cay!

November 8, 2005
Chris and Karen left this morning at 7am for Nassau. We will catch up with them at Allen Cay in 2 days. Jason is working on the boat and I worked on the float plan. Obviously I needed to make a few changes we are not in central america right now. We just went snorkling today. Nothing thrilling. Leaving at 5am tomorrow for Nassau.

November 9, 2005
Well we may never learn, we left at 5 am to strong wind and moderate seas. Once we left the lee of the island the winds got stronger (40+mph) and seas bigger (8'+ and tight). Better weather research is needed for even the smallest jaunts. Our jib is not well equiped for strong wind and running under main only made for 3 knot progress and 12 hours for a 36 mile run!! In addition, running so slow in that wind on the beam (ie. waves comming from the side) made the trip very rock and roll in a bad way, and lots of water on the deck, and in the face. That sucked!! But we made it to Nassau and into the huge harbor with its own control tower. Once stopped the monkey promptly fell through the companionway opening to end a most challenging day. We went to bed early in hope the new day would revive our spirit.

My 2 cents. I now really understand the "Old man in the sea," and the painting I own that reminds me of it. If you have seen that painting at my loft then you will understand what we were in.

Jason in the dingy to one of the islands in Allen's Cay!

November 10, 2005
We woke up to beautiful skies and calm waters. We went into Nassau to get a phone card and call my mom in the hospital. After that we went and updated the website, got some rum, and groceries. We got back to the boat by noon and left for Allen's Cay! We made it there by sunset. It was a perfect sail. We had fun.

Lobster cooking on the stove in Jezebel!

November 11, 2005
We went snorkeling and spear fishing today. Jason got a conch and dropped his spear by accident and we lost it. We tried to find it with no luck. We made some rum drinks and then the four of us went over to one of the small islands. We gathered hearts of palm. I ate it right from the tree. It was delicious even without cooking it!! Chris speared 4 lobsters and a grouper. We went over to their boat Jezebel for dinner. I took a pic of the lobster cooking on their stove!! We had a great time. The food was fabulous. Karen made a conch and lobster salad with hearts of palm and onions. More like a ceviche. It was a feast! We left around 8 to come back to our boat. We were exhausted and were out by 9pm. What a great day!

November 12, 2005
The cold front definitely came through last night. It is probably high 70's today. It was cold last night we had to close our windows. Jason went to the marina on one of the islands to get a new spear and then he and chris are going spear fishing again. I can really get used to having grouper, conch, and lobster every night!!

Jason, Chris, and Karen our rum day!

This lizard tried to bite my toe!!! He is mean lizard!! See pictures for a look at how pink they are!!

November 13, 2005 Sunday
Today Chris and Karen showed up at our boat with a bottle of rum. We all sat around having rum, swimming, listening to music, eating and meeting some new friends. It was a fun day!!

November 14, 2005 Monday
Today we left for Norman's Cay. We woke up and decided we were tired of the rough waters we were rocking in every night. Chris and Karen decided to leave as well. We were halfway to Normans's Cay when we noticed a small tear in our mizzen sail. We pulled down the sail and the pulled in the jib and decided to just use the main for the rest of the trip. The winds were blowing at around 20-22 knots. It was a little rough out here. We started on our way with the main up making good time when we noticed the dingy motor was gone! I hit the Man over board button on our GPS then I grabbed my St. Anthony Card and said a prayer to the Saint of lost objects. Luckily GPS makes a line on the screen of the path we took. We knew we had it when we put of the main sail so it was just a matter of following our line and snorkeling along side the boat. We were at it for about an hour when we saw Chris driving up in his dingy. I was having a hard time keeping right on the line. Chris took over the wheel, Jason in the water snorkeling, and I was in the dingy to relay info. and had my head under looking as well. Chris was having trouble keeping the boat on the line so he jumped in and switched places with Jason. We motored along with Chris snorkeling holding on to a line attached to the back of the boat. All of a sudden my St. Anthony card comes flying to me and lands in the water right next to Chris. Chris's head pops up and he screams I see it! And there you have it. We found a needle in a haystack!! Jason cleaned it and it now sits back on our dingy again, but tethered this time!! I guess we now have our MOB down too!! See how exciting sailing is, something new everyday!!

exploring island on goped!!

November 15, 2005 Tuesday
Another beautiful day in the Bahamas. It is still very windy out, but it should be a warm one today. We packed ups some drinks and snacks. Put the goped and the bike into the dingies and the four of us went for land!! We rode all over Norman's Cay. There are soo many abandoned houses here. The story goes that a drug lord owed this island in the 70's the americans busted him, but no one got the island. There is still the airstrip here, we saw a plane take off. There was supposed to be the best hamburger in the Bahamas here so of course Jason had to find the place. When we got there (it was next to the airfield), the woman told us the owner died in a plane crash. The new owner isn't opening until January sometime. We had alot of fun though. We had some rum drinks on the different beaches and ate hearts of palm!! When we got back I made some tacos and we went and had a bon fire on the beach with smores for dessert!! It was a super fun day!!

November 16, 2005 Hump day!
Well after all those drinks last night I did not sleep so well. First time on the boat that I didn't sleep through the night! Jason and Chris went spear fishing today while I just lazed around in the sun!! It was fantastic. They caught a huge grouper and 2 conch so tonight should be a yummy dinner.

This is what we were hiking through! Our feet kept sinking in the sand up to our knees at times!!

November 17, 2005 Thursday!
Today we decided to go exploring at Shroud Cay. We took the dingy into a waterway that was supposed to lead to this beautiful beach. Jason made a nice lounge chair for me in the dingy for the long expedition since my back was doing bad today. The beach was described as cocaine like sand it is so fine and white. We made it part way through and had to leave the dingy. The tide was going out and it was already dried up. We walked through the salt flats to get to this beach. It was a hard walk. Our feet kept sinking in the sand sometimes up to our knees. Along the way we pulled hearts of palm from the tree and ate them. They were soo sweet. I wonder what the nutritional values there are in hearts of palm fresh like that! When we finally arrived at the beach there was also a grotto area of water. It was incredibly beautiful. There were pretty big waves crashing into the shore. We went out and body surfed and played in the water for 2 hours. It was soo fun. We were exhausted and decided to head back. It was a long walk, such a workout!! When we got back the tide was completely out and our dingies were grounded. Since we had a soft dingy, Chris and Jason lifted it and carried it to where there finally was water. We all climbed in and left there dingy, we would come back for it later when the tide was in. We cooked grouper on the grill and had cajun fries. We had them over for dinner. While jason took Chris back to the boat, we watched sex in the City.

Drinks at the Yatch Club on Staniel Cay.

November 18, 2005 Friday!
Well today we are spending the day sailing to Staniel Cay. It is a pretty dreary day out. Looks like rain. We are going pretty fast though 8 knots. We decided to pull in the jib, we really shouldn't be going 8 knots. A good 6 is all this boat can really handle or rather our pathetic sails!! We arrived pretty early since we were sailing so fast. We decided to head over to check out What is here. We made it as far as the bar and had a few drinks and I got to call my mom which was a treat. We met a few more people at the bat and all hung out. The guys played some pool. Then we went back to our boat and made curried grouper that we had caught yesterday with basami rice. It was awesome!! We watched Undercover brother. Fun night tomorrow night we are going to go check out the bar/club here. Whoa should be raging!! Hee hee!

November 19, 2005 Saturday!
This morning we realized that the tropical storm is supposed to be heading toward us. Yippee another one!! We are guessing we'll get to enjoy all types of storms while at sea!! They love us! It is raining on and off today. We are going to go check out the island on our dingies and then go to the bar and check on the weather!

This is the swimming hole we found.

This is where the swimming hole meets the ocean!

November 20, 2005 Sunday
Today Jason and Chris left early to go spear fishing. They came back empty handed. We decided to go to snorkeling in the cave. There were sooo many fish!! They swam all around you. They were soo pretty. The cave was really cool too. I dove down with my snorkel for the first time so that I could swim with the fish. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!! After the cave we went to this really neat place to go swimming. Chris and Jason tried to spear some lobster but they ended up being too small and they didn't want to kill them. Chris got me a really cool sea biscuit. It is really pretty now that it dried up and is all white!! It was a little cool out so we headed back to the boat around 4pm. I decided since we only had one lobster to make gnocchi. They turned out perfect!! I made a red sauce with lobster in it with homemade bread to go with it!! I can't believe I cooked all that before 7pm. We opened a v sattui cab to go with it and had a fun time!!

November 21, 2005 Monday
Today Jason and took the dingy and went to Staniel Cay Marina to call Jason's dad and get some gas. Then we went to the store. It is strange here. You go to the store but no one is there and it is locked. It of course says open. You have to walk up to the house and knock for the person who runs the store. Then she finishes up what she is doing and meets you over at the store. This could be anywhere from 1 minute to 20. Today we bought bahama bread since Chris said it was awesome. It is a type of bread. Pretty good. I want to make some french toast out of it. Chris says it is the best french toast breat!! Chris and Karen came over that evening. We jammed classic hard rock from the 80's. The boys managed to finish almost a full bottle of rum between the two of them!! Karen and I had stomach aches from laughing soo hard!!

November 22, 2005 Tuesday
Today we had very very strong winds around 30-40 miles per hour. Very cold as well. We decided to make it a movie day! Well not exactly just because of the weather. Jason and Chris had a party last night and Jason had quite the headache this am!! Karen and Chris came over around noon and all we did all day was watch movie after movie!! It was a super fun and relaxing day!

November 23, 2005 Wed
On the move once again! We woke up this morning listened to the weather and decided we needed to get on with our float plan. I called Jezebel to see if they wanted to come along, but they decided to stay in Staniel for a few more days. It was fun traveling with someone, but now we are on our own. We made the trip to Little Farmer's Cay with ease. It was a nice sail down. When we arrived we hurried to go into town to the store before it closed. We had a warm welcome from Ollie. Ollie is the owner of the bar and his wife runs the take out resturant and sells some groceries! They were super nice greeting us at the beach. When we walked into the bar he just poured us some local rum. It was more like a rum liquor but it was delicious! I loved it! Ollie asked if we had a bottle, he has a big barrel of it and would fill up our bottle with some. Of course we had the bottle Jason and Chris finished off the other night. We hung out there for a while playing black jack with Ollie. I won almost every hand it was quite the anamoly. Then a bunch of people showed up. I guess these cruisers come back every year (it is a good overnight stop on the way to Georgetown. I can see why everyone chooses to stop here the locals are so darn nice on this island. We socialized with everyone for a while. There was a couple from Michigan that was super nice. They have been doing this for years. There was a couple from LA too. I think if she stared at me any more I would have thought she was hitting on me. I won't even try to explain how annoying she was. They left Florida and just sail or motor straight to Georgetown only stopping to sleep. They skip all the beautiful islands along the way. Sure enough they were gone early the next morning. They stay in Georgetown the whole season and head back for the summers. Jason was curious of what islands they had been to around Georgetown and asked them where all they go thinking they must take day or weekend sails to other places but they said that they just stay in Georgetown and take the boat our fishing. I can't imagine staying in one place that long when you have a boat and soo many islands to explore. Although, they say Georgetown has a whole little island that has volleyball nets and they have tornaments for all levels of skill all season. That would be a ton of fun to do all day long with our Denver Volleyball friends. I am sure my girls would be at the short bus net!!! Megalicious excluded of course!!

This is Farmer's Cay!

November 24, 2005 Thursday Thanksgiving!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Farmer's Cay is exactly what we were looking for on this trip!! Meeting locals and hanging out with them!! We decided to stay here for Thanksgiving after meeting alot of the people from town yesterday! We woke up and and went straight into town. Brenda, was making us a local feast to eat for Thanksgiving. We arrived early, she set us a table outside with a beautiful table cloth and flowers. She then Brought us Johny Cake, Chicken Sause, and finally Conch fritters!! Chicken Sause is what they eat during festivals. It is like our turkey in that they eat it all day long. The Johny cake was kind of like corn bread but with no actual cornmeal in it just flour. Brenda gave me the resipe!! the Chicken sause is boiled chicken cooked for 2 hours on the stove with vegatables. They use chicken wings and legs and is super spicy! The conch fritters were absolutely nothing like they are anywhere else we have had them. (Jason likes them and we have them everywhere they have them on the menu) They had tons of conch in them and were not the bready consistency that we've had before. They literally melted in your mouth and came with a spicy aoli sauce! We were so happy we decided to stay here and have local food rather than going to some place that made turkey! We sat there all day hanging out with the locals chatting and having a few beers. Everyone is so nice. It really was our best day yet! Even though we chose to skip the turkey, we certainly didn't skip the way too full feeling after turkey!! There are only 40 - 60 people that live on this island at any one time. You can only buy land and move here if you have a relative that lives here or marry someone who has a relative or lives here. Pretty cool. Definitely a quiant place to live. Although, they get plenty of visiters to keep them entertained during high season. We took a walk around the island. They have one school with one teacher for all ages up 10th grade. After the 9th grade they go to Nassau for the rest of highschool. The one police officer that is on the island changes every month so as not to become to close to the locals. Ollies brother grows all kinds of vegatables, fruits, and herbs to sell in the local store. He gave us 2 papayas!! We finally went home after dark. We had a hard time spotting our boat since we forgot to put the achor light on before we left! We had a tiny flashlight and it was soo dark out. There was no moon and so many stars. We had some eggnog liquor and watched "It's a Wonderful Life" to kick off the Christmas holiday season. Some traditions we tried to keep. It was actually Jason's first time seeing it! We are definitely going to be sad tomorrow when we leave here.

November 25, 2005 Friday
Well, I am very disappointed in myself! I took not one picture with the locals. They even asked me to and I forgot my camera yesterday!! What a bummer. We left this morning for Georgetown. There was supposed to be 10-15 knot winds, but unfortunately we are having to motorsail most of the way down. We are trolling so hopefully we'll catch some tuna or mahi mahi!! Well no luck. We arrived in Georgetown by evening. We went into town to go have some pizza at the local pizzaria. The Za was definitely nothing we have ever had before!! We should have just went with the local fare!! It was more like a tombstone than anything else. But, not bad. We walked around for a while to check out what was going on. Nothing too exciting!

November 26, 2005 Saturday
Today we spent all day doing laundry!! Jason got some parts and various items he needed to do some upkeep on the boat. It is so fun here doing anything. To get something sewed you go to the upholstery store. The little computer store is also a grocery store and an internet location. Everyone is very nice though. I had to pay for my new zipper and he left to go get change for a half hour. He had to go buhy something to get the change!!

November 27, 2005 Sunday
Well today I got to go to church at St Theresa's Catholic church. It was a very nice mass. Jason waited for me and we went spear fishing and snorkeling after that! We saw some lobster but they were too small to spear. Great coral reefs though so was a good snorkel day! It started to rain on us and we were freezing until we jumped into a hot shower when we arrived home. We went over to the chat and chill after that. We heard they had a pig roast going on. And they did as well as some Sunday football. Jason played a little volleyball with some of the other cruisers. Wade and Kristin came over later that night for a drink. Tomorrow it is Pam's birthday and they invited us to come to the beach party.