October 1, 2005
Our shake down sail turned out to be on a day with 3-4 foot seas. Quite choppy. We were able to work out a few kinks and test the new sails. Unfortunately Jason wasn't feeling very well and Natalia was suffering from some seasickness, so we only stayed out for a half day. Our new sails looked great. And the inside is looking beautiful as well. I will try and get some pics of the interior up before we leave.

October 5, 2005
Well, it appears we may finally leave after all. Our stove comes in on Monday or Tuesday. Whichever day the stove comes in, we will leave that evening. This depends on weather as well of course. We have decided to wait to head to Central America until the weather settles down a little. We are heading to the Bahamas for at least a couple of weeks. We have talked to a few people about good hurricane holes over there and feel pretty confident it is as good of a place as Florida to wait out hurricane season. This also gives us some time to refine our skills, since we haven't really sailed to much while fixing the boat (which seemed neverending and draining in more ways than one). We will leave in the evening and arrive in the Bahamas by morning. We have heard this is the best way to make the passage in order to arrive in the morning. I think we are both ready to get somewhere to recharge after all the stress of planning and getting the boat ready. We haven't sold Jason's truck yet (it has been 2 weeks) but hopefully with any luck Jason's truck will sell by the end of the weekend. We have moved everything back onto the boat and have it provisioned for 30 days (actually a little more). We finally sold our tandem, cruiser, and the old stove from the boat. We are going to try and take the boat out for another test and tune sail on Saturday or Sunday to "dial in" the autopilot. I can't wait to just enjoy a sail! I need to do some cooking also before we leave. I want to have some yummy stuff that is easy to just microwave if we do encounter bad conditions.

October 6, 2005
Today I ordered flags of most of the Countries we are going to visit. They should be here by Monday. My letter from Dr. Cooperman also should arrive then. Things are coming together. Paul, Natalia, Ema, and Abo are in Puerto Rico this weekend, so Jason and I are on our own. I guess we need to get used to it being just the two of us again. The house is sooo quiet without Ema screaming Ti Ti in the morning. Jason changed all the filters in the engine room today, all six. Jason usually doesn't like to come home unless he finishes a project, but last night he gave up at 7pm When he couldn't start the engine. I guess that is what he'll be working on today!

October 7, 2005
we tried to get our sailmail up and running today without any luck. Every time we tried to send an email we failed. I guess Monday will be troubleshooting with Sailmail customer service!! We bought a bag to hold things on top of the boat for alot of the outdoor stuff we don't need while sailing. We filled it up and actually still have room left for more stuff if need be. It looks soo much better than having chain, anchor, extra line and ect. just hanging out in a crate! We also rolled up the dingy and put it inside the 2 covers we had for the bikes that came with the boat. (We threw them away). Now our dingy looks great on the back of the boat. It matches our dodger in black. Latica (Natalia's sister) and her boyfriend Rob came by the house to show us his new Viper!!! It was beautiful charcol silver with chestnut interior. It was so nice to see a viper engine again!! It made Jason and I miss ours soo much more. Actually, Viper days Finals are probably happening anytime. This is the first one we have missed in 5 years I believe. Sad. I am hoping Rob will give me a ride on Monday when we all get together for Abo's (Natalia & Latica's mom) birthday! Last night after admiring and hanging out around the viper(you know how much Jason loves to talk about viper engines and everything viper for that matter), we went to Mexican for dinner. We walked to riverfront. It was nice.

October 9, 2005
Today Jason and I went to the boat races and the Brazil festival for a half day. We needed a break. We came home and worked on our will and other administrative things left to wrap up. Brian Furer drove up from Miami to have dinner with us. We had the 2nd tray of lasana I made and some yummy red wine. It was great to see him and get to say good bye.

October 10, 2005
Its Monday and Paul, Natalia, Abo, and little Ema came home from Puerto Rico. They had a great time. We went to the boat and worked to try and get our sailmail working. We also realized we forgot to turn the house power back onto the refridgerator and freezer. Oops. Needless to say our freezer is now behind schedule on being ready to actually freeze anything. We had to work in the heat all day since we didn't have that charging last night. We had a party to go to at 4pm. It was Abo's birthday party! It was at Latica's new townhouse. Her place was beautiful. We had empanadas, finger sandwiches, hummus, and gnocchis. The cake was soo sinfully delicious dulce de leche with peaches. Yum. Ema was a little "firecracker" as Natalia would say. She was exploring everything. Our stove hasn't come in yet, but hopefully tomorrow.

October 11, 2005
We got up early and headed to Publix to finish our grocery shopping. After shopping I went to confession at St Anthony's. Then off to the boat to put away the groceries. I went back to the house and Jason back to the boat. Natalia is taking me to the swap shop, a flea market that has a farmers market. I got all kinds of fruits and veggies for the boat. We are definitely not going to need any food for quite some time. It was so cheap too. My parents came over tonight and Abo. Natalia made homemade eggplant parm, bread, and sponge cake with berries on top. We opened a vitner's reserve from Kenwood and had another goodbye dinner. Oh, our stove came in today!! Hopefully we will be leaving tomorrow or the next day!

October 12, 2005
Today I spent all day in bed recovering from my injections and doing my scuba online course. My body seems to be going through some major changes. Which I hope is really good. Jason got the sail mail going and finalized everything on the boat when low and behold our alternator belt is now showing some signs of problems. The joys of sailing!!! Hopefully this is only a small issue. We are hoping to leave by Friday morning.

October 13, 2005
Today I am finishing my scuba online testing and Jason is fixing the alt belt. We are also still trying to sort through the check fraud that we had on one of our business accounts. But, it looks as though tomorrow may be a go ahead for departure, weather permitting. Off to Miami we go. Depending on weather we'll leave for the Bahamas as soon as possible. I put some pics from my brothers camera in the photo album section so that you could see some pics of Paul, Natalia, Ema, Abo, Laticia, mom, and dad. Hope you guys enjoy them.

October 14, 2005
Well it is official we are leaving tomorrow. We are almost finished getting the boat ready for the trip. All food is in the freezer and fridge, all personal affects on boat, and crew just about ready for departure. We haven't killed eachother yet so that is a good sign (ha). Whatever anyone tells you it is 100 million times more stressful getting ready to leave on a circumnavigation!! I think if our relationship manages to stay together during this period, we can handle about any stress that comes our way!!! Jason is still trying to get the refridge belt to work correctly, but we are leaving whether it is ready or not tomorrow. I am finishing up my neverending to do list from the delagating master!!(you all know who that is) We will update the website when we get to the bahamas to let you know how the journey goes. We head to key biscayne first then we'll cross the gulf stream as soon as the winds aren't coming from the north! Tomorrow I am going to don my Monkeys business tee shirt complements of Megalicious from Minisota and say bon voyage to Paul, Natalia, and Ema!! Lots of love to you all.

October 15, 2005
Well we are leaving this morning. We are very excited! I got up early to make sure I hung out with Ema for a little while. I am going to miss her. I wanted to let you all know that the first folder in the photo album has our pics from the keys and ft lauderdale. I also put on the main page some pics of the interior of the boat for all you who requested it. It is raining right now, hopefully it clears up so we can have a nice sail. The winds are supposed to shift from the north to coming from the southeast. That will make for a nice sail to the Bahamas. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Keep us in your prayers. Again, I'll be updating the website with our daily logs when we get to the Bahamas. Bon Voyage!!

We had a tearfilled goodbye as wel left Natlalia and Ema this morning. It was raining out so they didn't come to see us off. Paul came though, and he was the last thing I saw as we sailed away from the dock. The seas were a little rough for our sail to Key Biscayne, 4-6 foot swells. But, we were very excited to be finally off. It was a smooth sail down. It was a little soggy and thankfully cool, but otherwise uneventful and relaxing. I think we can handle this for the next 3 years! We arrived at 3:30pm and opened the bottle of champaign my parents so sweetly gave us to christen the boat with. We went to the bow of the boat and poured a little on the boat and made a toast!! Now we are just relaxing. Jason is playing xbox and I am working on the logs and cooking our dinner. Well, we may cheat a little tonight and have cabbage rolls compliments of my wonderful mother. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get lucky as today and be able to leave for the Bahamas. (could this be due to Pauls good luck he passed on to me??)

October 16, 2005
This morning we slept in until 8ish. It is beautiful out. We relaxed all morning had pancakes for breakfast and read. Jason put up the hammock and blew up the floatie for 2. I made homemade herb and garlic bread, marinaded the chicken with jerk marinade and made some sponge cake to go with the peaches my mom gave us. I can't wait until dinner!! Jason is working on little projects and drinking a beer. It is so weird to be just hanging out on a weekend. Seems like we haven't had a weekend where we weren't working on the boat in ages!! It is so nice! The weather is supposed to shift directions in the next few days so it looks like we'll be here for a few. We are going to dial in the autopilot tomorrow.

October 17, 2005
Today we decided to go to dinner key. We practiced our skills on the way down. Did a man over board practice (hmm I wonder why Jason was soo keen on my practicing that technique). It was a great day for a sail. We were cruising along and the weather was perfect! The anchorage is a little to be desired. There are alot of sunken boats here. Under water and on the shore. the boats that are anchored here and there are alot, seem to be just livaboards. Alot of them don't even have sails on there boat. There was one that had another boat next to his "home" that was just holding junk. I was thinking I bet he has a part for everything!!! Needless to say this isn't as pretty of an anchorage as yesturday, but we are in Coconut Grove. Last night we were dingying around to see what was here and we ran saw this bar on the water. I immediately recognized it as Montys. It is a bar my brother and I used to go to when we lived in south miami. During Pauls graduate school days. It was fun to go there againl. We ordered a drink and had a couple of oysters. The drink was super strong!!! We were a little buzzed negotiating our way home!! We can walk to Coco Walk from where we are, so tomorrow we are going to go to the library and upload the website, then go to coco walk. Jason has never been there and I think it is well worth the 10 minute walk to see it. We had skirt steak and cayanne pepper baked fries for din din. Yummy. I need to get a pizza stone so I can make some homemade Za when we can't get any good on shore!!! I am almost done with Harry Potter. I had better put it down for a while!! No new books on the horizon!! Christy, I will let you know when we have a place for you to send that stuff!! If you have any old paperbacks you think are great you can send those too if you like. Love you guys.

October 18, 2005
This morning I woke at the crack of dawn literally!! Jason had a hard time sleeping last night so I am leaving him to sleep. It looks like we are going to leave for the Bahamas sometime in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. We are thinking maybe 3am. We should have winds from the southeast so it should be as good a time as any to leave. We are heading into town now to upload the website and to double check the weather at the library on the internet. I put on my monkeys business shirt in anticipation of leaving today!!

Just a note. Our float plan has been altered. We made a detour and are heading to the Bahamas. We are going down the Bahaman Island chain to Turkes and Cacos where we will probably spend Thanksgiving. We will cut through and pick up on the float plan timewise when we hit Panama canal. We will be spending our Birthdays, Christmas and New years most likely in Costa Rica. Then we will go through the Panama Canal. Well we went into town are checked out what is going on with Hurricane Wilma, needless to say we won't be leaving for the Bahamas any time soon. A funny thing happened today though that at the time annoying but was a blessing in desguise. We were leaving to go into town to the library and look up the hurricane latest, when our dingy wouldn't start!! It was very frustrating, but we decided to start to row to the dock. All of a sudden this guy in a dingy pulled up and offered us a tow in. His name was Chris. Chris has lived here most of his life and grew up on sailboats. He said he would stop by later that night and say "hi". Well it ended up that Chris helped us find a great place to take our boat for safety during the hurricane. We spent the day walking around Coco Walk, went to the drug store, had some ZA and best of all some gelato!! Over all a pretty great day!

October 19, 2005
Since we have chosen 2005 for a departure year, we are learning how to prepare a boat for a Hurricane very well. More than I ever wanted to learn and there are NO books on the subject. A brief dingy ride to see chris set up our day in a hurry, he was moving to the canal and invited us to follow. After perparing our boat for departure and chris picking up some beer for us since he was going to town, up with the anchor and on to a new spot. With a few words of advice on the way to the canal from chris and into the mangroves we went. Tying up to mangroves is a new learning experience and right now we are following the locals an we will see what happens. I wish Fred Flintstone would call wilma home and leave us alone! Once tied up, we thought it a good idea to spend the rest of the day with Brian Furer since he lives around here. Simple meet him with our dingy and we are good to go, WRONG. After 2 hours boating in the dark, a 20 min phone call (thanks Karen) with good directions, and a 75' scramble up the bridge bank (good thing one of our first dates was rock climbing) we were with brian. And a well deserved pitcher at hooters.

October 20-21, 2005
Waiting and sweating in the mangroves, in hoping this is all for not, but Wilma must think Pebbles is in Florida still. Well since it was Saturday and all we went into town to the library again to check emails and to meet up with brian to have drinks and hang out. Which of course lead to drinks, more drinks, and lots of dancing. We stayed at Brian's house, but needed to be back at the boat by noon to start the final preps for the hurricane.

October 22-24, 2005 Hurricane Wilma
Back to the boat by 3pm and we got it the rest of the way ready and decided to stay with the boat in order to adjust the lines as need be during the storm. Unfortunately, Wilma has decided to grow back to a class 3 hurricane. chris and Karen came over for dinner tonight and we stayed up chatting until the 11pm hurricane update. Jason went and helped Chris finish getting his boat ready while I cleaned up and got ready for bed watching the news. We finally went to bed at 2am and it was still fairly quiet. We didn't sleep long. It was going pretty nuts out there starting around 4:30, I didn't actually get out of bed until 6am, but Jason was out there checking on the boat here and there. Don't worry, he had his life line on and I was watching him the whole time. We more like yelling for him to come in most of the time. I think men have a fasination with danger!! But it is now noon and it is calming down. I took some pics of the boats around us before during and after the hurricane. We were pretty lucky no visible damage as of yet. Well, we definitely know what to do in case of a hurricane now!! Funny how I planned our entire trip around the best possible weather and hurricane season this year in Floirda is one of the longest and worst since the 1920's!!

October 25 - 26, 2005
Well the day after the hurricane we just got our boat all ready to move. We moved it back to dinner key. We went into town to try and make a few phone calls but as usual no pay phones that worked. We wanted to invite our friend Brian to stay with us. He obviously is out of power because we haven't been able to get a hold of him. We finally heard that everyone was ok. I guess Florida is trying to make us Coloradians feel at home, since on Sunday it was 90 degrees and sunny, then for 12 hours hurricane weather (just generally unpleasant) then nice for 6 hours, then 50 degrees for 3 days! It is really cold down here and while I love it, Jason wishes for the warm weather already. I think it is a welcomed change from the constant 90's!! It actually is getting into the 50's at night!! Yipee!! I am sure it won't last though. We went into town again in search for a phone to get ahold of Brian. We went to the bar we hung at the other night and the bartender let us use his phone. But to no luck in getting in touch with brian. Communication has been difficult here, we have been spending our energy trying to get what we need to leave FL with the assistance of Brian and have not had the ability to really communicate with everyone else. During the storm we did not feel unsafe in the boat, but I thought rubbing the trees was horrible. It turns out that many many boat met their doom, and I was suprised to see how well some faired and they were beat up by the storm. See the pictures in the gallery. October 27th 2005 Finally we are going to connect with brain!! Our dingy motor needs a part and the wind is not the best (along with 5-7' seas) but we are still planning to leave for Bahamas as soon as we get the last few items.