Jason kissing the Komdo Dragon

Best sunset

I loved this little island

After a day of kiting

Jason pumping up, look at his poor repairs!!

Wicked air!

This is our boat view!!

Great coral here so colorful!

J and I diving down.

puffer fish I would not have guessed, but dive operater knows best

Fun Turtles!

Another great Island this is a great snorkel/dive site this is where all these great underwater pictures are coming from!!

This was the best turtle, so big!

The graceful Manta!

This is my First Manta Ray!!

Me and the dragons!

Map of Komodo National Park

Anny on watch through the reef system

Night out with our computers(of course internet did not work!)

My first sunset in LBJ!! It was so red and beautiful.

Mother and child.

J, Monkey, Anny, Bill and crew.

See the biz.

He is posing for us!

Looking tough here!

Jason over the dragon poo!

I liked this monkey

Here are all the monkey's hanging out.

What a great shot from the top of the mast

Laurel being overwhelmed by many people trying to sell her something.

Another great shot

Ary who helped us get water and fuel

fishing village up close

Jason at the helm

I love this shot

The fishing village

What a stunning view

Jason a view from the top!