Pictures 2005


Bob Marley King of Reggae

Jason and our cabbie with the Marley band!


Jason's first tuna and look how large it is!

Jezebel with the spiniker up!

Chris and Jason's fruits of their labor. They speared a grouper and caught two conch!

Karen and Chris one way to explore island

Jason pulling me in the dingy through shallow waters of salt flats. Karen and Chris ahead of us.

Karen eating heart of palm

Plane landing, flew right over our heads!

Chris and Karen on bike riding around island

Break from exploring so skip can play in the water and we can have a rum and lemonaide!

Jason laying with lizards all around him! He is brave in my book after one tried to bike my toe!

This is the only island these lizards live on. They are pink!!

After drinking, Jason had to save Chris' dingy!

In Nassau a destroyer with a cruise ship behind her!

Monkey's Business at sunset in Allen's Cay

Jason in the dingy

Rooster on Chub Cay!

After storm surge boats ended up on shore

Across from us the boats hit eachother

Jason dropped the dingy line and had to have someone bring the dingy back to us on the boat!! Ha!

The boat behind us after hurricane Wilma past. We were lucky, as you can see a tree crashed on a boat behind us.

The hurricane hole monkey's business hid in during hurricane wilma

Dinner with Rachael, Claudio, Abu, & Natalia October 2005

laticia,Rob,Paul, & Natalia September 2005

Carol's Visit to Stuart August 2005

Doug and Laurel Denver visit August 2005

The Buddha August 2005

Tomayo August 2005

The Girls at Tomayo August 2005

Dinner at Tomayo August 2005

Julia and Laurel August 2005

Marissa and Jason Denver August 2005