Pictures French Polynesia 2006


The mountain we hiked in Bora Bora.

Our friends on Shoestring. Mark, Alysia, and Peter.

the bottom of the trail by the banana trees. It was so lush and green.

Laurel being a monkey, with Mark and Alysia. Alysia is on one of the rope parts and this was one of the more easier ones.

Laura and Ross on the boat New Dawn from the top of the mountain on the hike.

Picture of us at the top after a completing the last of the ropes. It was not an easy hike!

View from the top of the mountain in Bora Bora.

Jason scaling the mountain on our hike.


view from top of Mo'orea, Laurel & Sheri.

Sting ray under water.

sting ray being fed by Jason.

Sting ray underwater.

Laurel with Randy & Sheri from Procyon.

Randy & jason in the waterfall.

Laurel crossing the river.

Jason in the bamboo.

What a view from the pool at the Sheridan Resort.

Jason in the Sheridan Resort pool.

Landscape of Mo'orea.

Jason calling Serge.

Mo'orea as we approach from Tahiti.


Laurel and Jason last night out in Tahiti

The outdoor show.

Laurel after eating her waffle at the out door eating places.

Another view of Tahiti from our boat.

Picture of down town from dock.

Black pearls being sold in the shop.

View of Tahiti from our boat. Pictures from our circumnavigation.

Jason on the "Truck" in Tahiti.


More dancing at the school show.

Band getting ready for the procession to arrive.

church before the procession arrived.

Ashley in the school show!

The school show

The big tuna Jason and Serge caught their first fishing trip together!!

The view from the hike to the rocks of Riketea the big town on Mangareva.

The Island of Mangareva as we approached.