Our last brew pub in Sydney

bridge in Sydney

View of Opera house from above

At the Opera house


cool sculpture

by another waterfall

Love Sydney

Great tree!

chinese gardens

bamboo garden area

Hear no, see no, speak no evil pub

chinese Gardens in Sydney, the waterfall

So many sailboats in Sydney

Manely Beach

outdoor entertainment

the famous Australian instrament

An out door cafe that looks like masts on a sailboat!

Welcome to Sydney

one last look at Melborne as we leave!

mom and dad

Our favorite waitress that always had our lemoncello glasses full!

Hanging at the casino

night on the town

J having a poolside drink

Lounging by the pool

Our second after the pizza, Icream bar!

Melborne, how beautiful

Again artwork!

Melborne is such a great city

more jail pictures

Jason in Jail

Old prison tour

Loved the faces!

Love the art work all over Melborne

Yes, you are seeing Krispy Kreme in Melborne!

Welcome to Melborne

I have not had a picture of my dad and I together dressed up so nice since my wedding!

Me and my mom

Mom and dad formal night

Jason and I listening to some music

formal night, we do not clean up so bad.

mom having a go at slot machines waiting in line for our visa to Australia

koala bear, very cute.


Mt Field's Tallest? Tsmania's swamp gum Eucalyptus regnans is the talles hardwood -and the tallest flowering plant in the world.

View from above

Second tier waterfall!

nice family photo, I guess they did not think we wanted the waterfall in the picture!!

Waterfall in Tasmania

On the Eco tour in Tasmania

They had wine too!

on the land of the ranch we visited

A view from our bus ride.

Tasmania on the way to see the sheep and winery

mom and I on Champaign night

Champaign night!

sculptures of food

mom and dad at lunch

Another dinner then a show

Out to the usually empty Night Club

Night on the "Cruise town"

Dinner on the cruise The various pictures of the Sounds: Milfred, Doubtless and Thomas in New Zealand South Island (they say milford is the best but I loved Doubless just the same!

Mom Jason and I freezing while checking out all the sounds. Very different than when we saw them on a much much smaller boat!

Doubtless Sound

Great view of mountains too

Thomas Sound

mom and dad by castle


jason on roof

view from top of Castle

Castle in Duneden

on the way to the castle

Cathedral in Christchurch

Green lip mussels

mom and me christchurch

Winery in Christchurch area

Another winery by christchurch

Grounds at the winery


Winery in Christchurch

mom,dad,Jason and I

J and I clean up nice huh?

mom with kiwi's

fire show for Auckland festival fire show from france

more fire show

Mom,dad and I at fire show

E, mom, dad, Jason, and I at Irish pub in Auckland

Boat show

view of Auckland city