Pictures Easter Island2006


Anne in front of moi and Monkey's business in backround on the water.

Jason and Laurel in front of moi.The most in a row are in the backround.

Anne in front of moi our boat in the backround behind the mois.

Only Moi with knee/legs our boat in the backround behind the mois.

Back of a moi

The squid,check out those eyes!

Anne and Oliver by cave

Jason's picture.

The strangest tasting sweet potato I have ever tried. Not my favorite.

Anne and Laurel on hike

They had this road sign in town it shows the distance to all kinds of countries from Easter Island.

Anne with moi.

A ceremony going on at the beach.

more moi

One that was never finished.

Oliver took this one.

the fallen moi in front of the row of mois.

Anne and Laurel by the moi.

Fish we caught on the way to Easter Island. Big teeth, but not tasty