Pictures of adventures on Roatan in February of 2008

Jason is feeding the big baboon!

MOnkey observing little monkey.

The little Monkey is curled up on mom enjoying the almonds we fed it.

LIttle Monkey trying to excape to Monkey see below it is in a much happier disposition!

Monkey and the little Monkey

Jason with the little monkey

See this bird's colorful wings below! He is resting after his excape to the trees.

The above bird in flight to the tree top. How incredibly beautiful are the wings of this parrot in flight!

It likes Jason's head to perch on!

Can you believe this is the parrot below? How beautiful the wings are when they are spread in flight.

This is the bird you see flying above!

Mom by my favorite plants!

Pirate scared by mom's deft use of the sword.

Jason saving Laurel from Pirate?

Laurel with Pirate

Mom with her Boat documentation that finally came in after 3 months!

pontoon boat that takes us back and forth to the mainland of Roatan.

This is what it looks like, not much huh; But, it is much much more than it looks!

Jason is having street food from a crab chef Goddess

Jason in West End, Roatan

Mom out for drinks with us!

Out for Drinks

A Spotted Eagle Ray under the water

Siren's Song next to a Morgan Outisland a sister ship to Monkey's Business. What are the odds one would be in Roatan at this Marina at the same time as we are?

Jason by the pool

Hotel Marina we were staying at when we arrived in Roatan