Pictures Fiji 2006


View of Monkey's Business from their home on the hill!

climbing up the coconut tree for coconuts for our trip!

That is not a picture of a beach but of pummus stones!!!

Jason on the hike up to the waterfall

Laurel by the waterfall we hiked.

View of the beach at our friend's home.

Jason with our new friend's home on Kadavu.


Can you tell how excited I am for micro brew? I had to take a picture of it to show all you micro brew fan's there is micro brew in Figi and it is delicious!!.

Jason and Glen at the microbrewery.

Jason shooting.

Laurel taking aim, man is that gun hard to hold steady with the wind blowing so hard.

Jason talking with some of the guys and checking otu his results.

Our Large Pizza from our day around town. I think we took half home!!

Jason coming across the bridge.

This was the line in front of us to get tickets to the ruby game.


Jason waiting for me in the dingy.

The village by the hiking trail

Monkey found a vine on our hike through the rain forrest.

A crab on our hike.

View from the top of Taveuni

Jason at the first waterfall.

Laurel at the second waterfall.

Laurel swimming by the 3rd waterfall.

Laundry day in the village. Everyone does their laundry in the river on Taveuni.

The grocery store in Taveuni.

This is the market in the major village on Taveuni

on the bus on the way to the waterfall hikes on Taveuni.

This is the dateline, Laurel is on yesterday and I am on today.

Jason and I went down right after eachother. Jason is in front taking pictures while we are on our way down the slide!

On my way up to the top of the natural waterslide.

Jason exiting the waterslide pool. It was so beautiful and fun~!


Shaleem's parents

Jason after being shown again how to shuck the coconuts

There he is in the tree kicking them down!

You can see the orange of his pants. He climbed up this big tree and kicked down the coconuts!

Just the men having cava now.

Laurel after Shaleem's mom dolled her up with Shaleem's sister and nefew.

Jason with the family partaking of cava and snacks after the ceremony.

Diwali is the festival of lights. Laurel is outside of the house in front of all the lights.

Shaleem's mom by the altar

Laurel copying recipes!