Pictures Galapagos Islands and Panama 2006


One more picture of the cute peguins

Mother feeding the baby!

Jason playing with a baby sea lion. Spraying it with water, the baby was very curious

A sea lion playing with the white tip sharks you should be able to see two of them under the sea lion.

Four penguins hanging out with 2 blue footed boobies

Picutre from the top of the volcano on Isla Isabella

This is a view of the crater on the way to the volcano on Isabella in the Galapagos Islands

This is a volcano hole. You can still see steam coming up from the hole even though vegetation grows here.

This is Jason in front of the steaming ground on Isabella

The rock is so light here I can lift it so easily.

This is one of the views from the top of Bartolome

Jason and Laurel with the big turtle on our taxi tour of the island!

monkey with the black lizard

Jason with black lizard

Oliver and Anne with black lizard

Monkey in the tunnel

Oliver and Anne with the turtle

Jason kayaking

Oliver playing turtle

Oliver and Anne in Tunnel

About to enter the tunnel

Laurel with turtle on Darwin tour.

Jason and his inside out tuna roll!


We had fruit and vegatables hanging all over the boat even outside! Look our very own banana tree!!

Oliver & Anne our new crew and friends!!

Laurel, Sasha and Jason out on the town

Doug working on Monkey's Business, looking a little like a shot out out of "cliff Hanger"

Doug fixing things on the top of the mast for Monkey's Business!!

Laurel, Jason, and Megalicious.

Jason, Doug, Sasha, and Carol on Monkey's business

Rob, Mike, Laurel, Jason, and couple from Belgium last lock before we reach the pacific ocean.

Laurel at one of the forts overlooking the bay.

Laurel Crossing the river on the way to Boquette from Cerra Punta

Jason finding his favorite flower while hiking in Cerra Punta

Jason Jason in the ocean at Bastimentos beach

Jason Jason hiking over Bastimentos to the beach

Sailing from Bocas to Bastimentos

Bocas de Torro