Laurel's God Daughter Ema with the dinasaur

Laurel and Julia

Laurel and Mom and Dad

Natalia, Johnny, Claudio, Islabella, Rachel, Ema and Paul at their going away party

Christy and Laurel

family dinner at Disney

All Laurel's Nieces and Nefews

Christy, Natalia, Elsa, Mom,Laurel, Justin, JuJu, Marissa, and Ema

Ppaul with My goddaughter Ema and Johnny


Blythe,Dina, Megalicious, Laurel, Sasha, and E

An early party group pic

Laurel, Sasha, and Doug

Jason, Sasha, and Doug

Laurel and Dmitry

Action shot at the house

Laurel and the guys

big dinner/party at our house all the girls

Dina, Megalicious, Laurel and E

Jason and Angela

Jason, Meagen and Curt

Megalicous,Angela, and Laurel

The girls out for the night

having some wine at our house

first night party at the house

first night with the girls

Curt with the girls