Pictures E's Wedding 2008

Day at the salon with much champaign for prewedding hair!

Monkey kissing the bride to be!

The Bride already loves it!

All the girls with the bride decked out!

My personal favorite, after I took all the pins out of her hair before she arrived home, she looks like grease!!

Friends out to dinner at Thai Basil!

Prewedding barbie. J with E's brother and sister in law to be!

Angela, friend as well as hair and make up godess with bride

wedding day perfect hair!

Monkey with the bride

Doug with the honored guest Tucker!

little beautiful flower girl and my personal favorite, Gracie!

E and her dad!

The look of a man deeply in love!

E and Olaf's vows

Brian, Curt, and Jason

Doug, Sasha and E

Jason and Gracie ripping up the dance floor!

Everyone having a blast

Everyone seems to be dancing to great tunes for a wedding!

more fun!

monkey and Nan

Monkey with my best J

Blythe,Dina, Laurel, and Angela

Fun is had by all

night rolls on