ukapuka island view where we had the lobster trap.

Jason walking up from the ocean

at the beach surfing and hanging out

wine and cheese break

At the Cheese factory

Raukawa falls

E made Mussels we collected with a dynamite sauce

E and Laurel hanging around

ukapuka Island tramp

ukapuka Island views

Ukapuka Island

Red Head Island

Bay of Islands

E and Laurel in Bay of Islands

Rachael relaxing after her trip down the dune

Bythe's wipe out

Jason and Blythe

Jason's surfing

curt and Laurel bike riding Ragland

Blythe on Russel island

Cape Reinga

Jason, Curt and Rachael

Jason and Curt surfing

Bythe, Jason and Curt

Blythe cooking up clams

Rachael, Blythe, Curt, and Chantal out on the town.

Jason surfing down dunes

Laurel surfing down the dunes.

Burke with the scallops he collected.

our new friends we met on the tongariro crossing with Burke.

Everything was so coloroful on the crossing

Jason and I on Tongariro crossing