Sail to Australia From New Cal

Monkey's Business with 4 sails up the 4th being the drifter

New Dawn sailing

Jason just woke up from his nap on our sail to Oz


Cultural center New Cal

Cultural Center Neaumer

Outside pics of Cultural center


Great sunset


Monkey's Business in Isle of Pines

Laurel on dingy ride into town

On our way to the main island in New cal we stopped to raft up for the night.

MOnkey's Business and New Dawn rafted for our little party.

Another incredible sunset in New Caledonia

The fish Jason and Ross struggled to bring in on a line trolling

Another picture of the enormous fish it took them a half hour to get this guy in the dingy!

Jason with the fish

Another beautiful sunset

Same one just another pic

Monkey's Business

This northern bay was so beautiful with clear blue waters and white sand beaches. These are homemade canoe style sailboats the locals made.

The water was so clear blue in this bay. The picture does not even give it justice!

Ross crossing the water not knowing the depth

Ok had to put this one in. It is such a nice pose. Although, it was a precarious situation with the water in the cave being so dark you could not see how deap it was. They were taking a short cut back after their exploring.

Jason and Ross exploring the cave.

Another cave picture

More pictures of the cool Stalagtites hanging down.

Jason exploring the cave

Jason and Ross before heading into the water.

Jason and Ross realizing how cold the water was trying to decide whether to face the cold and explore.

Jason with the stalagtites.

Getting their first impressions of the cave water that you can dive. Ross brought his emergency tank in case they decide to dive.

Laura in the center of the cave

The initial decent into the cave

Perfect sunset that night. While in this by we were so lucky to see 2 green flashes!

Boogy board all the way in

Jason finishing his wave in on the boogy board!

A picature of Laurel in the hammock and our little beach set up for our vacation day!

Usining the boogy board on our "vacation day"!

Jason getting ready to play on this perfect powder white sand beach

A view of another beautiful Bay

From top of mountaina vivew of Kuto Bay you can see our sailboat in the distance

Another great view fromtop of mountain on Isle de Pines

Jason on beach in Kuto Bay.

View top of mountain in Isle de Pines

Great sunset while sailing

Casey Island on the beach

Jason hiking around Casey Island

the sand and soil of Casey Island

Hiking around Casey Island all the colors are so pretty.

View from Casey Island

The old prison ruins on Terre

We hiked up the river to find the waterslides were no where to be found.

We missed the slides but found an amazing view on our hike on Terre.

another great view

Jason walking along the river

Fly catches. We found 2 that were open. I never realized how prettyt they are.

All the views are good in New Cal. This is an island we sailed around. It has so many pine trees.

I as able to get some red sand from this island.

I was so shoked by these views while we were sailing!

I just loved the bright red and greens in the landscape.

We had a beautiful sunset in this bay.

It was sunset in the bay and look how red the sun was making this landscape and with the windmills it was just breathtaking.