Pictures Tonga/Cook Islands 2006


more fun pictures of Michi and Laurel

the boys out

Laurel and Michi fairly early in the evening

one of the band/cava guys with his kids.

Michi loving my shoes!

Jason on the cliff overlooking the water.

on our hike the water crashing on the cliffs.

At the Tongan Feast with our new Moorings friends.

A bird I spotted on the island

monkey's business at an anchorage in Tonga.

Jason and Lynn from Wind Pony with the view from the cliffs of the island

A view of our dingy from inside Mariner's cavep>

The cave within Mariner's cave

Laurel inside Mariner's cave


Jason with Peter, Jeremia, and John, the warden of the island.

Linda, Gene, Veronica and I at the bonfire.

You can walk the coral from the main island to Monkey's Island. This is a view of Monkey's Island at low tide with all the coral exposed.