Malakula roasted coco beans

Malakula, On our hike up a waterfall in Bannon Bay

Dancing the custom dance in Bannon Bay, Island Malikula, Vanuatu.

Laurel and Laura were invited to dance the custom dance.

Men playing the instruments for the dance

More dancing

Men's custom dance performed in Bannon Bay

Jason's crab he received from locals after helping them fix their generator. yummy.


Helen, Ross and Laura with all the kids at the celebration dinner.

The beauty of the table. They pay very close attention to presentation when eating here!

All of us before dinner

We were honored by receiving clothes to wear, a plant necklace and a blessing before dinner.

Lunch on Monkey Business with Laura and Ross (New Dawn) and Adus Jack and his family!

Bay that had amazing diving and beautiful beach! The evil officials are the reason we are here. Not so bad!

a beautiful white sand beach!


One more picture of the San Diego before we demolished it!

Four very happy travelers, we ate real american hamburgers and fries afterwards!

"The San Diego zoo" ice cream 16 scoops with chocolate, Caramel, and mint topping and tons of whip cream to boot!finished it and ate hamburgers afterwards! Tasted like home!

Great swimming hole at waterfall

Swimming by the waterfall

Jason Laurel and Laura at the waterfall that keeps gettin prettier.

more waterfall

Laurel, Laura and Ross at waterfall.

Waterfall in Port Villa, Vanuatu

There were so many waterfalls along the river!

Laurel & Jason playing in the river


Laurel and her namesake.

Jocelyn and family at Independence Day Celebration.

famous local band at independence day celebration.

Independence Day parade.

Hanging out with Sam and Jocelyn for Independence day on Tanna.

Jonah griding the cava with Ross's help

We are speechless as we watch this incredible display. This was the best picture I could find that could give it justice. New Dawn actually took it! Imagine if you were there in person to see the lava slide downward as it fell! By the end of the night the whole base was glowing as the lava was oozing and slide back down into the pit. Just outstanding to be able to experience one of natures force.

Laura, Jason and I were able to get very close!

Another great photo.

I love this picture Ross almost looks like heat miser!!

Yasur Volcano at dusk

Jason and I are were in awe and full of delight.

Yasur volcano at dusk

playing hacy sac after lunch

Laura with our hosts for lunch


New Dawn and Artic Fox

Jonah holding the plates

The table buffet for lunch

Very dangerous but beautiful flowers, you need to avoid touching the powder on the inside. The Trumpet of angels is what they call it.

A typical home in Tanna.

little pigs crossin the road. They really keep their villages beautifully manacured.

circumcision ceremony

More dancing.

The big Circumcision ceremony! They dance all day and night!

Jason and Laurel by the wreck

Sam & Jocelyn and family at the birth celebration

Laura and Ross by ocean

Sam, Jocelyn and family

Jason with our Tanna family

jocelyn and kids and her niece. The little girl was very cute she would sit closer and closer to me each time I came over!

We were greeted by Brian when we arrived. He brought us fruits and vegatables all week as well as hung out with us at the bonefire on the beach we had.