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Sept 1, 2007 Sat
Jason and Ross went spear fishing today. It was raining so I decided to make empanadas and cookies (peanut butter chocolate chip). Jason came back midway through the day and had a huge cut on his finger. He speared a big fish and a shark came around so he started to reload his spear gun in case he would need it tore open his finger. Of course it only took the shark moments to smell the blood. Jason swam back to the dingy with his hand out of the water. They went trolling in the afternoon and caught one fish. Jason and I stayed on our own boat tonight and watched a movie and ate empanadas.

Sept 2, 2007 Sun
We went snorkeling today. It was so great. We saw tons of huge fish even schools of big fish. The coral was really nice too. We spent over 2 hours snorkeling. After we got back I made bread since Ross and Laura are coming over for dinner. We cooked up the 2 fish they caught. They were ok. Then we sat around drinking port and talking until late.

Sept 3, 2007 Mon
Sailed over to Crab Bay but it was terrible holding so we anchored but decided to skip going crabbing and just watched a movie and went to bed early for our sail tomorrow.

Sept 4, 2007 Tues
We sailed over to Luganville. Had sushi and played poker

Sept 5, 2007 Wed
We spent all day walking around the town of Luganville. It is pretty small but they have a nice meat store that we took full advantage of it. We were excited because they had good meat and lamb. After the market, we walked to see the dive guide. - He was closed so we went into a little shop and acted like tourists. Laura bought two sundresses that were super cute. We had lunch at a little cafe in town, hamburgers they were so delicious. We went to customs next but stopping at different shops on the way to see if they had things that we could provision with. Customs did not take long. Jason had to go to our boat to show them our sealed Items. I stayed with Laura and Ross to do the shopping. They bought the President Coolidge vessel movie. It tells you all about the ship very large ship wreck. We did some shopping and then Jason met us at the dive shop. Laura and I went ahead to get our shopping done. The boys met us afterwards and we went to the market to get some fruits. We were exhausted when we got home. We walked a long way today. We went to Ross and Laura's and brought left over sushi and we watched the coolige film. It was very good. They had diver’s video the wreck. We left shortly after the movie we were so exhausted.

Sept 6, 2007 Thurs
Rained all day and not the drizzling kind of rain, it was a torrential downpour. Not only was it raining it is also incredibly hot. I decided to take a down day and just do a little cleaning before I watched some of the new movies I have yet to see. Jason and Ross went on a deep dive which should better prepare them for their two dives tomorrow of the President Coolidge. We had dinner with New Dawn that evening.

Sept 7, 2007 Fri
Today I dove on the USS President Coolidge, a 685' long 80' wide transport ship from WWII that sank in 1941 (I think). The first dive was a check out in the morning. A walk off the beach and head into the water, we dropped to about 60' to the bow of the big ship. This was followed by a stroll through the Promenade deck where we played with machine guns and 5" mortar shells. Saw some huge grouper, trevalley and a tuna getting there. A swim lower got us to the lounge to see stained glass windows then to the hold 1 at 110' for some jeep and track truck action then it was out and up for the safety stop. It was a very nice dive. That afternoon we hit the wreck again with diver masters choice, which involved head along the starboard side of the ship to enter a hole in the side at 80' and a into the crew quarters with toilets and tile tubs, from there the dive went crazy, we started working our way by flashlight only through holes just big enough to squeeze through, over and under pipe, beams and toilets working our way down levels and further toward the stern (the deep end of the ship at 210'). I was totally amazed at how we slipped our way through the tight areas, as feeling a bit euphoric. A check of the depth gauge and we were at 130' and I was getting a bit narced!! A hand signal to the dive master to alert him and the three of us, worked down another half level to an amazing tile wall at 139' and up a few feet to "the Lady" (and her unicorn). After the dive master and Ross kissed the lady, I kissed the horses Arse!! Laughs were had by all and I dropped my regulator and a quick reality check in recovering it (with little distress). up a little and more twisting through the tight passages into a cargo hold with 10 or so jeeps (willies) all stacked on each other, a sad site for an old jeeper like me! We worked our way out a side hole and began our safety stop routines as my computer told me we hit the limit of non deco diving!! That was the most nerve racking fun one can have breathing out of a bottle! So Ross and I are signed up to do the engine room at 8:00 tomorrow morning at 160ish' and what ever other surprises occur on the way!! While Jason was dropping his regulator and was so narced that he forgot to put it back in his mouth right away, I was working on the pictures for the website. I have neglected it since leaving Fiji! It took me all day to get through them all, edit them, resize them, and post them on the website. Laura had stopped by and gave me all her pictures as well so it was quite the job going through them all. After I was finished with the pictures, I straightened up the boat and then watched a movie which I was unable to finish since Jason came home earlier than I expected. We went over to New Dawn after we had dinner of seared tuna with a soy ginger dressing and played dominos. It was pretty fun but we did not stay too late since the boys have 2 dives tomorrow.

Sept 8, 2007 Sat
I was cleaning all the wood on the boat and polishing it all the while dripping from the heat in the boat since it was raining outside again and could have no windows open!! It was stifling. After the boys came home, we all showered and changed and took the dingy to shore. We walked all the way to town and all through town looking for a place to eat! After walking up and down the length of the town we decided to take our chances with the hotel by our boats for dinner. We could not find the pizza place and all the restaurants were closed except Chinese which Laura and I are not in love with. When we got to the restaurant we ordered our pizzas with beers and Jason bought a chocolate shake that he asked for super think and showed them how he should be able to turn it upside down with out the shake coming out! Well, it came out think and delicious! We polished it off in no time. The pizzas came out one at a time since they only have one oven. We were glad we had our shake first! The pizzas were very good though! It was late by the time we finished eating so went back to the boat and crashed.

Sept 9, 2007 Sun
We all went to dive Million Dollar Point, which is where the US Army drove all equipment into the ocean after WWII. It was raining out when we left so it was a wet and cold ride over to the point. It took us a little while to find it without our GPS with us. We finally asked a man snorkeling for directions. We had passed it so drove back over to the location and dropped anchor. We dove down to 75 feet using our hookah system and saw a wrecked boat. We also saw various other equipment as well as jeeps. It was my first wreck and I believe Laura’s as well. They were diving using tanks and went down 80 feet. We saw lots of huge fish too. I was goofing around climbing the latter in the wrecked boat and was not paying attention and cut my foot. We decided to still stay down and checked out the huge fish that were down there. Jason and I did our ascent and everything went very smoothly. Unfortunately, Ross and Laura came up a little too fast and both their ears were bothering them. They went back to the boat while Jason and I decided to try and dive the reef. The current was super strong so Jason dove down to see if it was strong down at 40 feet as well and it was. We decided to just snorkel it and let the current take us. It was like an underwater Chinese garden. It was so beautiful. We were getting cold so we headed back to the boat. Laura and Ross came over and we played Joker and then some poker while we drank some wine and port. It was fun; especially playing poker with the mini poker set Megalicious got us when she was on the boat in Panama!

Sept 10, 2007 Mon
It was raining again this morning, what a surprise! Jason and I watched an episode of 24 in bed before getting up. It was just too depressing that it was raining again! It seems to never stop here. We decided to take advantage of the rain water and cleaned the dingy out so it could collect water for us. We also put buckets all over the deck to catch it as well. We did laundry the rest of the day in buckets and the dingy. It was great fun. It even cleared up in the afternoon to let our cloths begin to dry!! There is something very fun about playing in the rain and that is what doing laundry in the rain feels like! We had taco night tonight at our boat. Laura and Ross came over and brought stuff for fish tacos and we made the ground beef taco meat. Laura is a vegetarian (but eats fish) and Ross loves meat, which is why taco night started! Laura even had some salsa left from the states!! We drank beers and then after dinner had some port. We were going to play cards again but ended up just talking until midnight! It really is fun traveling with them.

Sept 11, 2007 Tues
Jason and I decided to go into town to walk around. Luganville to pick up some things we needed which was mainly ketchup for our hamburgers tonight! It rained on us a little but not too bad. I think this is the first day it has not rained all day. We had to go to customs as well to see about checking and what happens if we leave and try to head for New Cal but end up back in Villa. We found out we would have to re check in which means we would have to pay the fee again. It is a hard decision whether to leave from here or from Port Villa, after all there is no duty free in Luganville only Villa and we need some supplies! Jason and I exhausted ourselves by checking out every single store in Luganville in preparation for our shopping for stores. It started to rain just as we made it back to the boat! We had movie and hamburger night tonight. It was really fun. I made some awesome baked fries with cayenne pepper!

Sept 12, 2007 Wed
Finally the laundry is completely dry. It really is hard to dry things when it is raining all the time. We decided to spend the day preparing the boat for our big passage but were still debating if it will be the big crossing to New Cal or just back to Port Villa. We are also still waiting for the weather to clue us in on that question as well. It seems it is never going to give us a weather window! I made a cake today and Jason and I had nutty martinis for happy hour. This is the first time I have made them and Jason and I keep wondering why we never thought to make them before. If we go back to Villa we will definitely buy more frangelico. We had tacos for dinner again and watched a movie! Hopefully the grib files will give us some good weather information tomorrow.

Sept 13, 2007 Thurs
Woke up and started my day with my Pilates. I have been seeing an improvement in my back finally so decided to start the therapy! It felt great. Jason and Ross went into town to check out with customs while I finished getting the boat ready. I also cleaned the floors and carpet. I vacuumed the whole boat down as well. Jason took the garbage in with him; it costs $2 a bag which is not a bad price. We left for Port villa and made water while underway. We stopped in Crab bay on the way down to Villa to stop for the night and also to get some crabs. We arrived late and when we went to one of the 3 spots that the book says to anchor (and a boat that was already there) we hit bottom! We decided to pull up anchor and warned New Dawn not to come into this area and anchored in deeper water. New Dawn also hit the sand bar while dropping their anchor. We decided to just keep our dingy on deck and have a nice dinner and go to bed early so that we can just make a straight overnight sail down to Villa.

Sept 14, 2007 Fri
We had a great sailing day today with good winds, mild seas and most importantly we were sailing at 5-7 knots. While we were underway, I made bread, gnocchi and soup. We ate well and I had a great nap before my night shift! My night shift was going great. It was a perfect evening with so many stars that you could distinguish the constellations and I must have seen at least 20 shooting stars! It was so beautiful. I was just laying on the companionway staring up at the sky when I hear this voice on the VHF say “hello” “hello” finally we answered the call and it was a boat leaving Port Villa and just wanted to know our position and which side, port or starboard, that we would pass them. It was no problem, buy I remember for a brief moment it looked like he had changed course towards us and for a second Pirate ran through my mind. I know it is silly, but ever since Jamaica I am still jumpy.

Sept 15, 2007 Sat
We arrived in Port Villa at about 6am. We dropped anchor and decided to head into town. We noticed that Dutch Touch and Pelican Express were at the dock so we stopped by. Bill from Pelican Express was still at the boat but everyone else had gone into town already. It was nice to see them. We haven’t seen them except in Fiji months ago! Last year we would run into them every location we went since we were on the same route, they also went to Easter Island. We walked around town to buy some provisions we needed for dinner. It was fun just to walk around town. Jason took me back to the boat and I straighten up the boat from anything that had shifted or fell during the passage. We watched New Dawn arrive; they had stopped for the night in a bay outside of Port Villa. We made steaks up that we purchased in town today. We ate the steak so fast and all of it then Jason decided to wander over to see if Dutch Touch was back and to say hello to the New Dawnians. I decided to stay behind and take a shower. It was such a glorious day out not a cloud in the sky. After our say in Luganville it was a much welcomed relief to the rain! I figured we would head in later for drinks on Dutch Touch. Time was going by quickly and I was having a beer and listening to Black Eyed Peas dancing on deck when I started to think about the fact that Jason was still not back. It had been 3 hours. Finally, he came back and of course I had the radio off. They had been trying to call me to come over for drinks they were all on Dutch Touch. We left Monkey’s Business and went into town to stop by Dutch Touch and Pelican Express. I was excited to see them. We are going over to New Dawn’s for fish tacos since they caught a huge albacore tuna today! I walked past Pelican Express and saw Gene on deck and decided to stop to give her a hug hello. Jason went straight to Dutch Touch to resume happy hour. It was so good to see Linda and Peter. We haven’t seen them since New Zealand! It was fun catching up. We left shortly after that with plans to have pofergies on Monday morning. They also invited us for coffee tomorrow but I doubt we will make it up in time. It is at 10am and after our overnight passage I have a feeling we will be sleeping in until at least then. The tacos were fabulous at New Dawn. We ate outside and after the sun went down we adjourned to below deck and watched another of the Japanese cartoons. It was great.

Sept 16, 2007 Sun
We ended up oversleeping. We did not wake until 11am and the radio was down too low to hear anyone calling. We got up and ready and went into town. We did our provisioning today with New Dawn. We walked around to the market and then up the hill to the nice grocery store. We are able to buy tortillas here which seem a miracle. We walked back down with all our groceries and back to the boat. We are going to leave next week sometime for New Cal. .

Sept 17, 2007 Mon
Pofergies day at Dutch Touch! My favorite breakfast get together. It was New Dawn, Pelican Express, of course Dutch Touch and us. I brought some Champaign and OJ for mimosas along with my pofergie pan and mix and toppings. When I arrived Pelican Express showed up and Bill was making his famous Bloody Marys!! He makes the best ones I have ever had. It was such a fun time of eating and drinking! It of course lasted almost all day. After we left Dutch Touch, Laura and I decided instead of walking around town to head back to their boat and watch a chick flick while the guys work on a project that they need to complete. It was fun we watched some BBC movie. Complete chick flick and it was not just girly but good! We just hung out all day. After the movie we watched the extra features of the “Pink Panther” which we watched a few days ago. The outtakes were hilarious. We stayed there until late and finally went home to bed!

Sept 19, 2007 Tues
We met New Dawn (Laura and Ross) and Pelican Express (Bill and Gene) at Jill’s Café for lunch. Jason and I just got the San Diego big ice cream with 16 scoops and toppings. It was melting faster than we could eat it!! It was good though. Laura helped us a little by having some of it in a glass as a milk shake! After lunch, we walked around town getting our last minute errands done. Laura and I went off to go in a few stores and then to the internet café while Jason and Ross went to check out. They were going to meet us at the internet café afterwards. I was able to download financial stuff as well as upload the website. It was a completely successful business day which is not always the case when trying to upload in these other countries! The boys finally arrived and we went on our merry way to the Duty Free store. We walked all the way to the other end of town where the best choice and prices of liquor are located. We bought Frangelico, Vodka, Vanilla vodka, and Rum. I was looking at the perfume when one of the store clerks came up and asked me where I was from. I told her Colorado but that we were on a sailing boat touring for a few years at least 2 more years anyway. She was interested to talk to me about the people in her country. She was working here away from her village which is on a different island altogether to make money for her families schooling. The only thing in which the people in villages have to pay for is schooling. For a people that live off the land and trade with each other or rather just help each other out, it is difficult to have currency. There is no much on the other islands. So it is typical for kids to come and work in Port Villa for a while to earn money for the rest of the families studies. She was on holiday from school. I asked her if she like being in the city better than her village and she said “no, I would prefer to stay in my village.” It will be interesting to see how Vanuatu does with their changing economy.

Jason, Ross and I started back to the dingy. Laura never showed up but I suspect that she was tired and is at the restaurant by the dingy dock waiting for us. On our way back to the dingy we ran into some girls that are working on a big power boat. They were out and about for the day. They have no one on the boat until next week so they have some free time. They had been to New Cal already so we were asking them all the fun places to go out. When we arrived at the bar, Laura was sitting talking to some other cruisers. We sat down and had two beers before we realized we were starving and went back to the boat to eat. We are leaving tomorrow so we just watched a movie tonight and went to bed early.

Sept 20, 2007 Thurs
We woke up early for us around 7am and started to prepare the boat for departure. We took the motor off the dingy and put it on deck and pulled the dingy up on the foredeck. We received a hale on the radio from New Dawn telling us they are at the fuel dock and we should head over. We motored over and docked the boat. We filled up with water and fuel. Our drifter was dropped off (we had it sewn to fit our boat it was a little too big before). Since we are expecting light winds for our trip to We, in New Cal, We are very excited to have the drifter and that it now fits our boat perfectly. Jason also ran into town to see if the camera we saw is cheaper here or in the US. Of course it ended up being cheaper in the US. Yes, I know you have read several times in our past logs that we needed a new camera since ours broke and yes again we have need of a camera. Right now we are using the one that Jonah found. Ours broke in New Zealand and it should have been a warrantee fix and yet somehow they managed to say that we dropped it when I know we did not, so here we are again buying a camera! We also have to buy a new TV. Our TV was slashed with salt water during a passage in Vanuatu and now it does not work, which means we have had a whole lot more power! We have to watch movies on the computer now if we watch them at all, therefore our batteries are always charged!! Long story short we will be buying a new camera when we come home. We said goodbye to Vanuatu and sailed away around noon. We are off to We which is in the Loyalties in New Cal. We had not wind leaving Villa but were still able to motor sail. When we made it out of the bay we had a little more wind and put out the sails going only 3 knots. My first night shift was nice. There was a perfectly clear sky and all the stars were out on display for me to enjoy! It was great.

Sept 21, 2007 Fri
Woke up on the bottom of my bed which told me we are beating hard! We were heeled over pretty hard. This was much unexpected since we were not supposed to have any wind! I made chocolate chip cookies this morning and for lunch we had lamb chops or popsicles as Jason calls them. They were delicious and it was a feast!! We have to finish all our meat before we arrive to New Cal so we will be eating well on this passage! We saw some whales and dolphins on our sail over. There is always something so exciting about seeing whales! We listened to our French lessons for the whole day! After all we are entering a French speaking island. I was having another perfect night shift when the winds shifted which caused me to have to tack the boat. I turned off Mario (our auto pilot) and started to steer the boat, but the boat was not turning even though I was turning the wheel. At first I was starting to realize that shit our steering is broken!!! Luckily we have a fix for it so we can steer manually but you have to have on person on deck and one below steering!! I woke up Jason calmly and told him I thought the steering was not working. He immediately looked under our bed at the steering and noticed that all the steering fluid had leaked out. We had not more steering fluid so had to put some trany fluid into it instead. It worked and we were on our way again!! It lasted all the rest of the shift and Jason’s shift.

Sept 22, 2007 Sat
Our steering held and we arrived today in We in the Loyalties. New Dawn arrived a half hour before us so they helped guide us into the marina. The slips were very tight. After we took our showers, we went to customs. We filled out all the paper work which took about an hour. The customs officer, who was really just the port captain, faxed our papers over to customs in Noumea on the main Island of Terre. They immediately called and informed the port captain who in turn told us that we must leave tomorrow morning to check into Noumea, since we have arms on our ship. We were a little dismayed to learn that we now have to leave tomorrow morning for another over night sail to Noumea. We went to the store and picked up steering fluid for our boat and items to fix it. We went to help Pelican Express get into their slip afterwards. They invited us on board for a beer. Jason declined and went to fix our power steering. He finished it after an hour of work. Ross went to help him. They opened some wine and I ran back to our boat and brought some cheeses over for us to snack on. We all decided to go out to a French restaurant for dinner. A truck came and picked us up from the restaurant and we sat out by the pool overlooking the water and ate some yummy dinner. We had a lot of fun. We crashed right after since we have to leave in the morning.

Sept 23, 2007 Sun
It is significantly colder here than in Vanuatu by about 20 degrees! On the passage I was wearing long underwear under my cloths. We needed to be at the Havana Pass by low tide since the current is very strong and it will be very slow going if you try to enter it during high tide. This is why we left us this morning by 8am so that by this morning we could be at the entrance by 10am. We made by 10:30 and speed through the pass. We were making almost 9 knots. The islands along the way to Noumea are incredibly beautiful. Nickel is mined here and it is apparent as soon as you look at the big hills on the islands they are full of red. The red against the green pine and coconut trees is just stunning. I found myself taking so many pictures trying to grasp the beauty. I can’t wait to come back and hang out on some of these islands and bays off the mainland of Grand Terre, the main island in New Caledonia. We arrived to Noumea at dusk so we decided to anchor out rather than go into the marina tonight. There were lots of boats anchored here so it was difficult to find enough room to anchor safely and without being in the channel. We finally dropped anchor between 5-6pm. I made up some dinner and we sat outside watching the sunset eating dinner overlooking the city of Noumea, which is just beautiful. The city was alive with lights in houses and restaurants.

Sept 24, 2007 Mon
Today is a holiday in Noumea today when we pulled into the slip we could here the activity from the holiday, Noumea day. Jason went into the office and filled out our paperwork again. Quarantine came over to the boat by 10am and after she finished with us she informed us that customs should be here before 11:30 but if they do not show up we do not have to wait for them any longer. I went to take a shower at the facilities here which were surprisingly clean. After I arrived back at the boat, Jason left to shower and we were ready to go check out the festival by noon. It was a little chilly here buy I wore my new red sundress anyway. The festival was pretty crowded with people, mainly indigenous locals. We realized that we did not have enough money to buy anything so we walked to an ATM. We tried empanadas, pineapple on a stick, and a kebob. We also bought some awesome bread! All the food we tried here was very delicious. We decided to go back to the boat to drop off the bread. When we arrived there, we saw that Dutch Touch had arrived and is in the slip next to us! We went over to welcome them and were caught up talking for a while. We grabbed a drink to take with us to the festival and off we went. When we arrived back to the festival there was a cultural dance being preformed by men and then later women? It was very fun to watch and very much like the dances we saw in Tahiti. We continued to watch and after all the dancing was done we went to the grocery store in search of ice for our happy hour with Dutch Touch. The store was closed so we walked back to the boat and stopped at a little café in the park for ice cream. I had a chocolate ice cream and we sat looking at the park. While we were eating a little girl walked over to the grate on the ground with a big sarong around her and all of a sudden pea came down into the grate!! We started laughing at the sight. Here we are having a nice time at a little café overlooking the beautiful pond and park and we get to watch a girl pea right in front of us!! Before we left the café we asked the waiter if he knew of any store that was open because we need to buy ice. He could not think of one so he put some ice in a bag and gave it to us. We tried to pay but he would not accept it. We have encountered only nice people so far in Noumea. Off we went back to the boat to put on some warmer cloths and get ready for Dutch Touch to come over. When we arrived back to the boat Dutch Touch said that customs was coming by and that they had to wait for quarantine, customs and immigrations. So we postponed our happy hour until tomorrow. Jason and I had some treats and snacks ready so we just opened a bottle of wine and snacked until customs arrived. They cleared us pretty quickly and took our arms. Off we went again back to the festival. Now they had bands playing. We stayed until late and decided to walk to McDonalds to have dinner since it was so crowded you could not even get close to the food vendors at the festival. I know, I know why McDonalds well it is close and it is a reminder of home even if I never ate the stuff when we lived in the States! I was also craving a hamburger. We of course made a spectacle of ourselves there by asking for extra pickles. The manager came over and Jason and I had drawn attention and in the end did not get any pickles at all! The manager was trying to appease us but we realized it was a lost cause and kindly told him everything was ok. Nothing like being the annoying Americans we make fun of!!! As we ate our burger the table over from us was sharing their pickles! Jason realized that they did not understand the word pickle and later we learned that they call them gherkins. Oh the language barrier affects even the small things! We need to get better at our French and up the hours of our lessons! We went back to the festival and danced until the music ended then went back to the boat.

Sept 25, 2007 Tues
This morning we left early to go to the grocery store to pick up some items we needed, mostly meat and fresh vegetables and fruits since they took the ones we had left when we arrived. The outdoor market was big and had everything that we could have wanted as well as fish. But, we walked to the grocery store since we needed other things besides fruits and vegetables. We bought just enough items to fit is our large back pack and we still carried a few bags. When we arrived back to the outdoor market they had already packed up for the day at 11:30. Apparently they are not opened until noon as we were told. We can come tomorrow anyway. It was nice to have some grapes and apples again that were yummy. They were hard to come by in Vanuatu. When we arrived back to our boat we met with Dutch Touch and left straight away to go to lunch. On the way we ran into Lizzie and bought their internet card off them for $30 unlimited time. Seemed like a great deal. We walked back to the place where we went yesterday at the park and had an incredible delectable meal. I had the tuna and crab salad and Jason had the musaka. Both were outstanding. We ended up getting two crepes for desert and ice cream since the waiter confused our order by giving us the extra crepe. We ended up getting it on the house. We walked to the grocery store with Dutch Touch and picked up a chocolate bar and we all walked back to the boats. At 5pm we went out to the bar with Dutch Touch and Cool Bananas. We had a free drink coupon each and had a couple of beers. It was good fun.

Sept 26, 2007 Wed
This morning we went to the park to get online and try to download skype so that Jason can call his mom. We had no luck with our internet card it could not even open a page. We decided to walk to town to buy all the equipment we need to use it and also to get an antenna that will help us to have internet on our boat. We walked all over town looking for these items and still ended up with just the headset! It was getting late so we went to the internet café and just called Jason’s mom. After we spent another $30 on internet we left and walked back to the boat. We stopped by Dutch Touch before taking the dingy back to our boat. It had been a long day of walking all over town.

Sept 27, 2007 Thurs
This morning we decided to try getting online again at the park. I went into the market while Jason worked on the computer trying to download Skype again. When I got returned Jason still had no luck. We packed up and walked to the internet café and bought a $50 card for 5 hours of internet time. We called Jason’s mom again and then I called mine and my brother. We left and walked over to Dutch Touch where we left our dingy. They were not there when we arrived earlier but they were there when we arrived back. They could not understand why the internet was not working for us so we tried to get online at their boat using our computer and sure enough it worked!! We had just wasted $50 or more for no reason. It was very frustrating but we were happy to call Doug and my sister as well as my friend E who just got engaged in Brugge Belgium my favorite and the most romantic town. It was so nice to talk with friends and family on the phone. It had been since we were home that I had spoken to any of them except via email. We spent all afternoon on Dutch Touch using the internet. We decided to have dinner together so Jason and I went home to defrost some meat for dinner. We took out some steaks and one hamburger for me. We had wine with dinner and Peter made up some sausages to eat prior to dinner. After dinner, Linda, Jason and I walked to the park for the Cultural festival. It was nice we saw another dance and walked around to all the booths. We went back to Dutch Touch afterwards and sat up drinking and talking until late.

Sept 28, 2007 Fri
Jason went into town this morning while I prepared our boat for departure. He sold our internet café time left to another boater for a steal. When he arrived back we sailed to Bay de Uie to stay for the night. It was a nice a calm bay. We slept very well. It is so beautiful and peaceful out here.

Sept 29, 2007 Sat
We stopped at a red sand beach on Point Oue Koa. It was a pretty beach and a beautiful island with its palm trees and pine trees. The mountains were big on the island and full of red and green. We left here and while we were sailing to another Bay, we saw Cool Bannanas leaving the Bay that we were on our way to. Jason called them on the radio but they did not answer but he blew is new trumpet shell and they called us on the VHF. They said that the hot springs were just look warm and we decided to skip them for now and follow them to Rade du Norde where there is a natural slide as well as some ruins from the old prison settlements. We arrived and anchored the boat. Daryl came over and asked if we wanted to play cards this afternoon since we can’t go up the river until high tide tomorrow morning. I made a cake and we went over to their boat and spent the entire time talking until it was dinner time. We went back to our boat to eat crab dip and cheeses (love the French for their cheese). We went back to their boat an hour later and played asshole. It was super fun. We had rum drinks and then Irish cream with the cake. Again, we could not believe when we arrived on our boat and the clock said 12:30.

Sept 30, 2007 Sun
We went up the river to check out these natural slides. We hiked up the river but never seemed to find the slides. There was no discernable trail to follow either. We ended up just walking up this road to get a great view of the bay. It was breathtaking. I was able to get a good picture. You could see Casey Island with all its pine trees in the distance as well as the mainland with the windmills spinning. We stopped on the way back to walk and see the ruins. They were really neat brick buildings. It is a wonder that the locals never learned to build their houses with brick. They would have lasted through everything. When we got back to the boat we said our goodbyes to Cool Bananas. They are heading back to Noumea to fill up with water, fuel and supplies before they leave for the Loyalties. We sailed over to Casey Island to do all the hikes that are on this island. We hiked for a few hours and noticed there was a much better anchorage to go to. We went back to the boat and left for the other side of the island. We grabbed a mooring ball and we were set for the night. There were 2 other boats here and a little resort. We made up some pad Thai for dinner. It was delicious and had some wine.