September 1, 2005
Well September is proving to be a little of a hurdle. We found out that we needed a new sail, a new roller furling, and 2 hurricanes happened. But, we are working away to try and get ready to leave by the end of September. Jason has put more insulation into the refrigerator/freezer so those are working at top efficiency. We decided to replace the electric stove with a propane stove and while attempting to take it out of the boat we realized that they must have installed the stove before finishing the boat. So, we had to take some extraordinary measures to modify the boat in order to get the stove out. Jason Installed the SSB, remodeled our bed to fit a new battery underneath, tomorrow he will be installing the autopilot and the propane system for when our stove arrives (hopefully soon). Man, I really did marry MacGyver!!! Our sail mail is ordered and the paperwork for the boat finally arrived. Things are finally starting to come together. We took a weekend off from the boat to recharge. We went to hang out with Doug in Key West there was a poker run for bikes. It was a super fun weekend. We left just in time for hurricane Rita. Maybe this is a sign that we will be able to sneak out before the next one!! Dave Marcus came into town yesterday September 20. Natalia and Abo cooked a feast of homemade gnocchi’s for us all. Dough left today and David is here for one more night. Jason is back to the boat today working to finish the last of the items on the list and hopefully by Friday we will be taking the boat out for a test run to make sure everything is working fine. Only 2 weeks until take off. September 30, 2005 Natalia made a going away Thanksgiving for us. It was really nice and yummy. We are hoping to leave next week, but are still waiting on our stove. Tomorrow we are going out for a “test and tune” sail with Paul and Natalia. Should be fun.