Pictures of adventures on Siren's Song

Jason, mom and Margie on the way to Coco View Resort. You can only get there by boat.

lunch on the water it was fabulous

Margie and mom on the beach

Lobster dinner the huge one in the previous pictures

Fantasy Island beach the waters were so beatuiful

Fantasy Island Resort Beach

Spotted moray eel is our neighbor at the marina

Sunset on sail over to Roatan

On our way to Roatan we caught two Barcudas they were yummy.

Jason with his huge red snapper he speared today in Vivorios cay

Laurel with the huge Lobster!

>happy hour with Almondo(a local), Ugett and Douglas(from Canada)

Another Cannon

MiltaPoint on Catalina Island

Not one but a family of 4 on the scooter cruising around town.

On our walk we encountered a horse on the side of the road

The Sunset after a fun happy hour on Siren's Song in Isla Provedencia

Another Great view of Isla Provedencia

Views from Morgan's ass

Laurel and a local on Morgan's ass

Hike to the top of Morgan's ass

Jason and Laurel out to see the band

a night out to see a band at Roland's Bar one of the cruisers joined in playing the sax

Jason on the scooter overlooking another island

Laurel at Roland's bar one of our many stops while we rented the scooters

This is functional art shows the wind direction as well as looks good. It is a baracuda

Siren's Song from top of Santa Catalina

View from the top of Santa Catalina

Jason with the cannon

The cannon's on santa Catalina

Siren's Song in Isla Provedencia

On our way back to San Andres we took this picture of the city

Harvey's Cay- a small island for snorkeling and hanging out

Laurel on way to Harvey's Cay in San Andres

Island near the airport in San Blas. All the islands are small and beautiful.

All the kunas singing and dancing

The male Kuna Musicians

The Kuna's decending on Siren's Song

Jason having sailing school

Jason at the helm in the San Blas Islands

Christmas in the San Blas

Dinner with friends Jamie and Casey in San Blas

Mom, Margie, Jason and I out to dinner in San Blas your choice of chicken or fish!

Jason having fun with the crab

The beautiful crab dinner

Jason and mom enjoying the trap

Mom, Margie and I enjoying the water in Isla Grande

Champaign to celebrate

Margie and Mom

Jason and Mom at the helm station

Jason's Mom's new Boat Siren's Song